About Twitgoo

Twitgoo is a quick, easy, reliable, and safe way to share images for Twitter.

Upload your pictures here or from hundreds of applications.
  1. Twitgoo is a third-party service built on the Twitter API . When you log into Twitgoo, you are using Twitter's OAuth login process. Posts to Twitgoo are meant to go straight to your Twitter account.

  2. Your Twitter password is kept safe by logging in with OAuth. Twitgoo never stores your password, but with OAuth, we're able to still post to Twitter while you upload via email!

  3. Twitgoo uses Tinypic for super fast and efficient media hosting.

  4. Post to Myspace, Facebook and Yahoo automatically when you connect via Gigya. After you connect, every post you make to Twitgoo can be broadcast to your social networks.

  5. Twitgoo is powered by jQuery, PHP, MySQL and Zend Framework. This allows us to run our high performance site with huge flexibility and little cost.