5 Tips for Building Your Marketing Career

“I am in marketing”, the average answer to hear when meeting new people and asking them about their field of expertise. One way or another we are all in marketing at some point. If at least once you were persuading your friend to ditch dairy and go for “non-milk” milk, naming the exact brand – my congratulations you are a fresh candidate for the advertising area. Jokes aside and let’s get more specific about this business field and what is required to proudly announce about your affiliation to marketing career.

5 Tips for Building Your Marketing Career 3

Marketing is a multifaceted and constantly upgrading sphere. Deciding on taking up on this  journey, you will never want to change the route – it keeps captivated with its never-stopping  pace, growth, novelties, creative perspectives, and, for sure, making the world a better place to live. Here are 5 tips for building your thriving career in marketing.

You live and you learn

Education is always a key to success. Learning something new all the time gives a person certain advantages and chances to settle well in life. If you want to do something new with little knowledge this might qualify for a bad idea. Let’s say you are already an acknowledged specialist in SMM ( social media marketing). Having gained some experience with all its pros and cons, you’ve felt like trying your skills at inbound marketing. It is still a branch of marketing and you have a general idea of how things are demanded to be done. Yet you need to dig deeper in order to avoid being called mediocre. Enhance your knowledge base through online courses, webinars, podcasts and tons of reading.

It is OK to start from scratch

It is totally fine to want a change in what you have been doing for a certain period of time. Being  in the process of a career change,  with  your previous occupation being far from the marketing realm is never an obstacle to tackle this sphere.  Marketing is many-sided. Once you’ve made up your mind about what suits you best ( either consult the career-counselor, or trust your heart next time it gets impressed with a piece of text, or the design of that newsletter you get every Thursday),  prioritise education over any new stuff on Netflix and do your homework well. Improve your communication skills,both verbal and written since they are popular among the interviewers in making decisions. Also, always keep up with the news and updates to increase your knowledge base.

Develop an appealing professional  image

Having the educational credentials at your disposal it’s time to start compiling your resume, where you will speak honestly about yourself but in a quite powerful, persuasive manner. Your resume for a marketing position may not be loaded with life-long experience, yet it should stand out and attract attention. We’ve all been drilled that resumes must look “highly-professional”. No arguing upon that for sure. However, it should not be plain, flavor-free and boring, deprived of savvy humor. Lots of graphic design software has your back covered by suggesting free resume templates to organize your crucial getting-the job-wise pieces of information in perfect appealing order. Do not be shy to use them.

Gain experience fast

Once again do not get upset by the lack of experience and your resume looking empty because of that. Your competence will be very influential in the hiring matter. To adorn the experience section in your resume, you will still need to have a real one. Try with some unpaid options – volunteering, internships, starting the  blog and bragging about the audience reading it. Let people know that you are ready to do work for free and the experience with practical cases will flow. This way not only you will have what to expose on the resume, but also you will achieve practice, enhance your network of marketers, get valuable recommendations, and help the world asking for almost nothing in return.

Warm up to analytics

The perspective of a marketing career usually entices the seeker with its possibility to expand creativity, and from then on the only thing you do is being creative. True! Writing catchy, eye-candy content, designing breathtaking visuals, making oscar-winning presentations, you name it. However, that is all created for the target audience. To define it you have to befriend the unromantic part: numbers, procentiles, statistics, charts, graphs…and so on. They are inevitable for generating the content that sells. Promise yourself to become a guru of analytics services and stand by it.


Choosing marketing as a career, be ready to become a member of the indisputably thriving community of specialists who tamed the market and made it play by their rules. Never-stopping education, professional image, enthusiasm to work even for free ( at the beginning) , expansion of your network and trust in numbers will have you right where you aim at being.


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