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Third-party app stores are one of the most required applications needed for Android devices. Unlike the native app store, third-party App Store offers several premium applications in games for free along with those APK files which are not available in the app store. Among various alternative app stores for Android devices, AC Market is considered as one of the best third-party App Store.

Most of the application is modified or hacked in the third-party app store. The usage of the AC Market is similar to the native App Store available in Android devices. This is one of the most used third-party app stores around the globe on Android devices.

What is ACMarket?

ACMarket is a worldwide used third-party App Store with more than 20 language support allows you to download cracked apps, games, mods for free. As most of the major languages are supported by this third-party app store and still counting, this application is also having one of the largest communities on the internet. Most of the third-party app stores are having security issues, but the developer of the AC Market claims that the check all the applications for security issues before uploading them in their server. AC Market is one of the highest rated third-party App Store with a large library of games and apps.ACMarket App

Most of the games and apps are available in the cracked version or modified version. The application is having their own server, so you can download all the apps and games in super-fast speed compared to other third-party app stores. The user interface of the AC Market is mostly similar to the native App Store of your Android devices, so it is easier to use and download apps and games in your smartphone device.

You can even get all the apps and games with fully unlocked features for free in this third-party app store. So basically, you don’t need to use any cracked apk files from unknown sources, it is much safer to install and update apps and games directly by using the third-party App Store like AC Market.

ACMarket App Features

These are the key features of the AC Market third-party app store before installing it in your Android devices.

  • Almost each and every apps and game available in the native Android app store is available in this third-party app store.
  • It is a multi-platform third-party app store which supports Android, IOS, and PC.
  • Download and install each and every premium apps and games for free.
  • Fully unlocked games are available in this third-party App Store library.
  • Almost each and every action game are available in a modified version for the hacked version.
  • Easily block annoying ads in each and every application and games download it from AC Market.
  • You can even choose the version of the application before downloading and installing it in your Android devices.

How to Download ACMarket Android APK

Use these following guidelines for downloading and installing AC Market third-party app store in Android devices.

  1. Launch any web browser in your Android device.
  2. Copy the link provided below here to download ACMarket and paste on the URL or address bar of the web browser.
  3. Now open the URL which will redirect into the download website of the AC Market for Android devices.
  4. After the website opens up, click on the download button to download the AC Market apk file in your Android devices.
  5. Wait for the apk file to get downloaded in your Android device. The duration is depending on the internet speed of your Android device.
  6. After the AC Market APK file is downloaded, open the device settings and enable the install from unknown sources option to continue.Enable Unknown Sources
  7. Now you need to locate the AC Market APK file by using the file explorer application and go to the download folder of your internal storage. You can also go to the downloads section of the same web browser which you used to download the APK file.
  8. Tap on the ACMarket App file in order to get it installed in your Android devices.Install AC Market App
  9. Follow the instructions showing in your Android screen and get it installed in your device.Installing ACMarket App
  10. Now, wait for a few moments to successfully let the AC Market APK file to be installed in your Android devices.ACMarket Installed Android
  11. After the application is successfully installed, you will get to see the app icon in the app list of your Android device.

How to Use ACMarket to Install Apps and Games

These are the following steps need to follow to use the AC Market for installing apps and games in your Android device.

  1. Go to the app list of your Android device and tap on the AC Market app icon in order to launch it in your device.
  2. After the application opens up, search for any apps and games and download it in your Android device.
  3. The process is similar to the native App Store of your Android device.
  4. You can also update installed application and games using the AC Market, similarly how you do it in your native app store.ACMarket Apps Store

Pros and Cons of AC Market App

These are the Pro’s and Con’s of AC Market, read the complete information carefully before installing this third-party app store in your Android devices.

Pros Cons
  • Download and update any apps and games for free using this third-party app store.
  • Application is safe and secure to use in your Android devices compared to other third-party app stores.
  • Application size is rather larger compared to other third-party app stores in your Android devices.
ACMarket App FAQs

Read these FAQ’s on AC Market, these are the common questions asked by the users before installing the application.

Is this application safe to use in Android devices?

A: Yes, the developers of the application scans for the safety of the users before uploading it in their server

Can I download and install multiple apps and games at the same time?

A: No, most of the features are similar to the native App Store of your Android devices.


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