Top Applications Every Freelance Writer Should Have In 2020

Being a freelance writer has its challenges. Most people who have not yet tried out this ob think it’s an easy job. Writing depends on a couple of things like what you are writing and who it is for. Getting a writing project completed can either be an easy or a hard task depending on the situation. Some days you will wake up with the right moods and words will flow endlessly, and you don’t know what to pause, your active brain or the typing fingers. But on other day’s words seems to disappear entirely from you. You keep on typing, but nothing is making sense. For freelancers, words and time are quite essential. You have lots of papers to write, pressing deadlines to meet and a client who trust that you are going to deliver high-quality work. To keep your productivity, sanity and well, motivation together when writing a project then get these three topmost reliable apps meant for freelance writers.

Best Writing Apps

Zen Writer

ZenWriter is a writing application for windows. It helps the writer dismiss distractions and focus more on writing his or her project. The best part about using this application is that writers can customize the music and the application background according to what pleases you. This application has also been set in a way that reduces the noise you to let the writer listen to the best music. A writer will be able to get away from all the distractions in the surroundings and concentrate more on completing the project.


ZenPen is another top application that all freelancer writers should have. This app helps gets the writers to get entirely into the writing zone. The only thing is you will see the formatting option when you highlight a word. It is a minimalist writing zone as the writer will be allowed to concentrate more on your writing. All you need to get started is to write a text and then delete it. Fill the page with your own words from your creativity. Change the structure and the title of that project you are writing. You are allowed to use bold, italics, and URLs by highlighting the text and selecting them from that tiny box that appears above it.

EduBirdie Free Online Plagiarism Checker

It has never been so easy to check your essay or other types of paper for plagiarism as with this amazing and utterly free online originality checker. EduBirdie provides it for anyone without registration, and the best thing is that the mobile interface is as comfortable as the PC one. It helps to figure out the proportion of plagiarism in the text and provides an extensive report with all the necessary details. It is easy to use, just upload the file from your PC or copy the text in the box and click one button to get all the info on your essays’ originality. The software compares the text with all available online sources and provides the general percent with the details as the list of sources with coincidences. All the sentences or words that are the same as in other texts are pointed out, and one can simply edit their paper to be confident in its authenticity.

AResearchGuide Plagiarism Checker

There are free tools, but most of them are not reliable. However, you can find a good one if you do some research. If you are not willing to spend money on this tool, we encourage you to try plagiarism checker by It is as reliable as a paid tool, and many professional writers use it on a regular basis.

AResearchGuide plagiarism checker requires no registration, has an appropriate character limit, and respects your privacy. Another advantage of this tool is that you do not need to install any software. If you have a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, you can check the originality of your content in just a few seconds.

You will be able to use it even if you have never used this type of tool. The interface is almost intuitive. If you are a busy student, writer, or blogger, this free tool can make your life a lot easier.

Best Editing Apps


Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly for Chrome
Price: Free
  • Grammarly for Chrome Screenshot

Grammarly is a tool used by writers to help them communicate easily with the audience. Most people in the world use this tool to make their social media posts, documents, messages and many more. This tool helps to detect any common or advanced issue while you are writing. It checks for grammatical errors, subject-verb agreement, passive voices, irregular verb conjugations and many more. It also suggests synonyms to make your article more communicative and precise. This application gives freelancer writers the confidence to work and write online.

Hemingway Application

Hemingway editor is an application that highlights statements that are lengthy, complex or have standard errors. If you are writing a project and happen to see a yellow highlight on one or some of your texts, split or shorten it. A purple highlight shows you a shorter word instead of the one in use. The red highlight indicates that your statements are complicated and dense that your audience will not understand what you are trying to communicate. To remove the highlight, edit your sentence. Passive voices are shown using a green highlight while blue is for weak phrases and adverbs. One can paste his or her project and edit it directly and format it using the toolbar.  This app helps freelancer writers save time spotting hard sentences, and this gives them time to edit them fast and continue writing.

Best Time Management Apps


Toggl is a hassle-free time tracking application. It helps freelancer writers keep time and remind them whenever there is an event. This tool helps you plan on the work to be completed and when it is to be completed. You can also move your data into any format you want or use the provided public API. The application helps a writer handle their time allocation for different customers and projects. This way, one can focus more on the critical things to be done.

Rescue Time Software

Writers tend to get distracted, and this could lead to them getting scattered. It is a tool that monitors and helps you understand your everyday routine so that you can focus more on what is to be accomplished. The application runs securely in the background of your personal computer. It keeps track of the time spent on different websites and applications. This gives the freelancer a clear picture of how he or she has spent his day. Afterward, it gives you a detailed report on your various activities. These reports will challenge writers in case one is wasting their time on irrelevant things.


This is an excellent application software that has it all. It is a powerful time tracking application used by several freelancer writers. The app has a wide range of widgets from other popular software like Asana, and it is made from the unique capabilities of different companies. This software tracks where one is and how they are spending their day working. It even records the time spent in a car. It has a memory tracker that automatically records your work to a very tight and private timeline. You only need to download and install the app on your mobile phone or computer, and it will do the tracking for you.

Miscellaneous Apps

Qwilr – Business Proposal Template Tool

When you have a very important potential client, or there’s a big contract up for grabs – it might be time to use something a bit more professional than a PDF or Word document. With Qwilr’s tool, you can create amazing looking proposals, embed things like presentations or videos and it has a host of advanced functionality like 1-click project acceptance.


Thanks to the advanced technology freelancer writers have now been able to do their tasks efficiently. Most of these writers work in online writing custom services where they help students tackle their assignments. In case you need dissertation help, or assignment help contact one of these companies. As a student, you will give the freelancer instructions on how to complete your assignment and then pay a fee. This is great as it helps students complete their tasks on time and attain better grades. All freelancer writers should try out these applications to assist them in their work.


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