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Just working is one thing and working productively is another. And, we all know the latter is the one that makes you reach places. Well, productivity gets lost with a lot of factors, and when you are working on a computer, social media distractions and disorganized folders are just enough to woo away from productivity.

Well, if you are a Mac user, we have good news from you! You can get tons of productivity apps all in one place, “Setapp” Setapp is a hub for hundreds of applications so that you don’t have to get every single application individually. Particularly, Setapp has dozens of applications for products that will boost your productivity hours for sure!

Productivity Apps on Setapp

With over 200 applications, Setapp has set its foot in almost every department when it comes to serving Mac. Setapp comes with the best collection of apps for productivity, and that too just in few bucks. Here are some of the useful applications that everyone should have on their Mac:


Social media can be a great distraction and a hindrance to productivity. But not anymore! With the Focus app, you can block pages and applications that consume most of your time and get your productivity bars high. Focus features targeted blocking; that means you can also temporarily block specific pages of the website rather than the whole website.

Focus also allows you to see the usage report so that you can keep an eye on how much time you spend on any specific application. Also, you can set up a schedule for blocking apps according to your work schedule so that you don’t have to spend time blocking apps daily.


Not going to lie, MindNode has to be one of the best productivity apps for Mac that I have ever used. It’s like brainstorming, but not in the brain! You can make visualizations and plan projects on your machine using MindNode. Well, the features don’t end here! It has got an interactive and simple layout that will help you make any planner or mind map in no time. So be it a guest list, project milestones, to-dos, or random brainstorming, MindNode is here for you.


In Corona times, the laptop has become our new work desk. And, just how we like our desk to be tidy in order to work productively, it is very much important to clean out Mac to bring out productivity when working on Mac. Well, that can be a wholesome job to do manually. Therefore, SetApp comes up with Spotless. That helps you declutter and organize files and folders on Mac in no time. All you have to do is drag, drop, move, or delete with a few clicks!


Just like the name suggests, Slidepad is a small iPad-like browser for your Mac. You can slide in or out of this small browser while multitasking or working. We all know how hard it gets when there are tons of tabs running in a browser; therefore, if you need a quick search or video streaming, don’t mess up your tabs; just slide in your Slidepad while working.

One Switch

Spending so much time configuring your Mac settings daily? Get One Switch with Setapp. One Switch handles almost all of the Mac features just with a toggle on the screen. So whether you want to turn on Screen Saver or put your Mac in the dark/light mode, it just a toggle away from the screen. Rather than managing your WiFi and Airpods connections through settings, One Switch allows easy connectivity without going through overwhelming settings.


Tired of getting promotional emails in your inbox? Well, important work emails can get lost in tons of unnecessary subscriptions and promotional emails. And, to solve this problem, Newton is a Mac exclusive small inbox that jots down only work emails for you while sends the rest in a low-priority folder.

Moreover, ever wanted emails to have the same read receipts as your social media instant messenger? You asked for it; Newton got it for you! Newton displays little blue ticks and notifications when your email is read. How cool, no? It’s like a WhatsApp for emails!

Some other useful features of Newton include keeping the emails on snooze so that you can read them at the right time later, suggesting and scheduling the perfect time for sending emails according to the recipient’s email routine, and reminding on what you’ve missed, and what important deadlines are approaching.


If you ask my personal opinion, Setapp is undoubtedly a steal! You are getting 200+ applications in as low as $8.99 per month. And, not to kid you, these applications, if bought separately, will end up costing hundreds of dollars. So, that rests my case!

For convenience, Setapp has personal and business pricing packages. These packages are listed as follows:


  • Monthly $9.99
  • Annual $8.99
  • Family $19.99 (includes access to 4 Macs)


  • Monthly $9.99 per member
  • Annual $8.99 per member
  • Custom Offer

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