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Best way to spend your free time is by watching movies for TV shows, nowadays there are various streaming apps available in the market for this purpose. After the major streaming service app Terrarium TV, one of the best applications to name is the BeeTV. Among various other streaming service applications available for Android devices, BeeTV comes close to replace the Terrarium TV.

This application constantly uses the preference of the users and suggest similar kind of movies. The developer is constantly updating the application and also the libraries in order to provide better streaming service for Android users. BeeTV is one of the only streaming service application which provides full HD movies and TV shows for its users.

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What is BeeTV?

BeeTV is one of the most trending streaming service application available for Android devices after the shutdown of Terrarium TV. You do not require to create any user account in order to use the streaming service. BeeTV uses the requested search from the users in their application, and collect the movies or TV shows from various third-party websites and provide the streaming service. Basically, the application itself does not provide any content for you to stream in your Android devices. To run this application, you need to have Android 5.0 in your Android device.

To stream movies and TV series, you need to have an active internet connection in order to you watch it in your Android device. Due to piracy act, this application is not available in the native App Store of your Android device. To install BeeTV APK in your Android device, you need to download from the link provided below this article. The user interface of the BeeTV is much similar to the Terrarium TV, so you will be able to search and stream your favorite movies and TV series.

You can also find the most trending movies and TV series updated to their server links; in case you are unable to find any content links then you can always request for the missing movies on TV series.

Features of BeeTV

These are the important features offered by BeeTV on your Android devices. Read the features carefully before installing this application in your Android devices.

  • Each and every content is available in full HD.
  • Offline viewing is possible after you download the movies and TV series in your local storage.
  • This application does not give you the server location of torrent websites for streaming purpose.
  • Screencasting is possible by using the Chromecast feature in the application.
  • The application is having a neat and clean user interface.
  • Even though the application is available for free, it will not annoy you with ads while streaming movies and TV series.
  • Subtitle support is also available in this streaming application.
  • No need to root your Android device to install this application.

How to Download BeeTV Android APK

Use these following steps to download and install the BeeTV application on your Android devices. Read the guidelines carefully before installing this application on your Android devices.

  1. First, you need to open any internet browser in your Android devices.
  2. Now click on the link provided below this article by using that internet browser.
  3. Wait for the download website to open up and your internet browser.
  4. After the website opens up, click on the download button in order to download the BeeTV apk file in your Android devices.
  5. Wait for the BeeTV apk file to get downloaded in your Android device. the duration is depending on the internet speed on your Android device.
  6. After the apk file is downloaded in your Android device, go to the device settings and enable the install from unknown sources option. This will give you the ability to site load third-party APK files in your Android devices.Enable Unknown Sources BeeTV App
  7. Now use the file explorer application and go to the downloads folder of your internal storage to locate the APK file. You can also go to the downloads section of your internet browser in order to locate the apk file which you have downloaded.
  8. Tap on the BeeTV apk file in order to get it installed in your Android device.BeeTV APK Install
  9. Follow the instructions shown on the Android screen to continue.
  10. Now it will take few moments to get the BeeTV APK file to be installed in your Android devices.
  11. After the installation process is completed, you will get to see the app icons on your app list.BeeTV App Installed on Android

All latest updated BeeTV APK versions are available here in this file-sharing site, You can download whatever the version you want from here: BeeTV APK.

How to Use the BeeTV App to Watch Movies and TV Shows

Uses guidelines for using the BeeTV app to watch movies and TV series in your Android devices.

  1. Tap on the app icon in order to launch the BeeTV application on your Android devices.
  1. After the application gets launched, search and start playing any movies or TV series on your Android devices using the external links.
  2. You can also download the movies or TV series in your local storage in order to view it in offline mode.BeeTV Movies and TV Shows

Pros and Con’s of BeeTV

These are the Pros and Con’s of BeeTV streaming application for watching movies and TV series.

Pros Cons
  • Download contents in local storage in order to view in offline mode.
  • Chromecast support is available for streaming movies and TV series on a smart TV.
  • The application does not have their own library from where you can stream movies and TV series.
  • Non-popular movies and TV series are available in this application.

Read these FAQ’s about BeeTV, in case you are having few questions before installing this application.

1. Does this application consume too much data?

A: Yes, as the application provides full HD contents so it will consume a large amount of data in your Android devices.

2. Is it legal to stream movies and TV series for free?

A: Yes, services provided by any application is legal for you to use in your Android devices.


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