15+ Best Android Music Players 2018

Here we share a list of the Best Android Music Player Apps. Delivering more features, equalizer controls and much more. Try one today.

We’ve all been there. Streaming or playing music on our phones till we quench our musical thirst. And with the recent developments where audio capabilities have enhanced to marvelous heights, music has been soaring quite high.

For Android users, the stock option has always been the Google play music. Want to play a quick song or a whole load of the playlist, Google play music would help you out. But therein lies the catch. It isn’t as expensive as required and is bogged down by limitations. Looking for best video players for windows?

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15 Best Android Music Players 2018

However, as is the case with Android, the developers often come up with great options now and then. We here would look into those music players on the offering and rank them out for you. Let’s get going with the 15+ Best Music Players for Android, then. Shall we?

1. Poweramp Music Player For Android

Poweramp Music Player

A widely used music player available on the app store, Poweramp has seen many downloads over the time. It’s famed amongst the Android users for its musical offering. The app has a nice intuitive interference.
The app comes with solid feature and high support system that can play all the formats as you desire. It also offers audio enhancements and a host of other features like equalizer, bass and treble, mono mixing and stereo expansion mode.

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The app comes with solid feature and high support system that can play all the formats as you desire. It also offers audio enhancements and a host of other features like equalizer, bass and treble, mono mixing and stereo expansion mode.

The app comes with a free 14 days’ trial after which the user needs to purchase it to use long.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)

2. BlackPlayer Music Player For Android


An utterly blended music player in the offerings, BlackPlayer offers an excellent balance of interference and feature. The app comes with tabbed layout paired with minimal of theme lines.

The users retain the right to change the styles and all, though. The app has support for almost all the musical formats available in the market. It also offers bass boost option along with gapless playback, sleep timer, crossfading and more options.

BlackPlayer Music Player
BlackPlayer Music Player

3. Phonograph Music Player For Android


One of the new music players in the block, phonograph is quite appealing to use. The app comes with a gorgeous looking interference that offers great customization options.

It comes with features like gapless playback, equalizer, FM support, tag editor and sleep timer to name a few. The app is quite surreal for those seeking an excellent looking music player without any clutters.

Phonograph Music Player
Phonograph Music Player

4. Pi Music Player For Android

Pi Music Player

A keen looking interference supporting the audio playback options, Pi Music player might be the one you’ve been looking for so long. The app comes with great audio playback options like bass boost, built-in 5 band equalizer, virtualize option and 3D reverb effects.

It further offers features like a sleep timer, gesture support, edit options, themes and more. The app also has a ringtone cutter to use for.

Pi Music Player
Pi Music Player
Developer: 100Pi Labs
Price: Free+

5. Rocket Player For Android


A simple yet effective audio player out there in the app store, Rocket Player has seen enormous amounts of download over the years. The app has fine-tuned itself from its starting days and comes with a smoother functioning set these days.

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The app has an expansive feature list that offers several presets, 5-band equalizer, multiple themes, Chromecast support, sleep timer and more. You can further add podcasts and listen to the same via this app.

Rocket Music Player
Rocket Music Player

6. GoneMAD Music Player For Android


Not many know of GoneMAD Music Player, but that doesn’t take away the greatness of it. The app has a sleek interference that offers quite a beautiful experience while using.

It comes with a whole lot of features like equalizer presets, auto pitch correction, audio balance and more. The app has support for all formats of music available and also offer sleep-timer, lyrics support, Crossfade and more.

7. CloudPlayer For Android

CloudPlayer by doubleTwist

One for those who look to play the music via the Dropbox or Google Drive, CloudPlayer rightly positions itself as one of the much-needed ones. It comes with cloud playlist backup options and has some cool perks to offer.
The app has Chromecast support and comes with 10-band equalizer along with SuperSound option. It also has multiple customization supports.

Download Now: (Free 30-day trial, with in-app purchase of $0.99 for Premium)

8. Stellio Music Player For Android


Next up is the Stellio Music Player that has been known to offer lots of support for music lovers. It comes with changeable app theme that disguises itself on the album art color and has 12-band equalizer along with multiple audio effects. It has support for Android Wear and comes with rare lossless formats too. Definitely one to go for.

Stellio Music Player
Stellio Music Player
Developer: Stellio Team
Price: Free+

9. Minima Music Player For Android

Minima Music Player

Another one of the new kids on the block, this one has a fresh experience than the others around. It comes with coverflow UI that offers the interference for musical offerings. It comes with options like a sleep timer, customization features, swipe gesture for closing and more.

Developer: Minima Mobile
Price: Free

10. Pulsar Music Player For Android

Pulsar Music Player

A lightweight yet an intuitive piece of the offering, Pulsar Music player is a nice one to have. It comes with cool interference that offers features like gapless playback, sleep timer, embedded lyrics and more.
It also offers built-in tag editor that helps the app to manage and sync the album images. Add, artist images to that one too.

11. Shuttle Music Player For Android

Shuttle Music Player

A popular one to boast of, Shuttle Music Player offers a great option over the stock Google Play Music. It comes with simple interference that offers customizable options.
It has offerings like gapless playback, sleep timer, embedded lyrics and much more alongside 6-band equalizer. The app further supports Chromecast and tag editing options.

Shuttle Music Player
Shuttle Music Player
Developer: SimpleCity
Price: Free+

12. AIMP Music Player For Android


AIMP is quite simple to the viewing and comes with a straight tone for musical fanatics. It works as it’s meant to be, i.e. playing music to the hilt. The app comes with support for all types of audio formats.
It has a 10-band equalizer option and offers multi-channel mix for those seeking it. The app will give you a beautiful musical experience.

Developer: Artem Izmaylov
Price: Free

13. JetAudio Music Player For Android


One to look for if you’re seeking an enlarge offering within the free version of musical players around, JetAudio is ranked next up on our list. It has great bits of offerings which allow you to do away with the free edition too.

The app comes with 10-band equalizer option that has 32 presets and offers lossless musical support. It also has playback speed control and offers automatic gain control.

jetAudio HD Music Player
jetAudio HD Music Player
Developer: Team Jet
Price: Free+

14. Pixel Player For Android


If you feel to have been bogged down by other options available in the market, Pixel Player would rightly help you around. It’s lightweight regarding user interference, but that’s where it comes right.

The app offers support for almost all audio formats and has a 5-band equalizer support. It also comes with gapless playback, tag editor, and other customizable options. The app also has suggestion mode, where it suggests you music upon your previous listening.

15. DoubleTwist Music Player For Android


One of the oldest music players around in the app store, DoubleTwist is one heck of an app. It does have the old side to it where it has an outdated bit of interference, but it makes up for it via its musical offerings.

The app comes with an excellent music player that performs well. The app isn’t bogged down by ads as much as seen in other free versions of music players.

Final Words

Android Music Players have come a long way from the initial stock offering of Google Play Music. With the app store open to newer developments and more, we rightly had the choice to choose from an expansive list of music players. So far they are the best android music players available at Google Play Store We hope the picks as mentioned above did the job for you.

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  1. PlayerPro music player is by far the best. The devs are always making updates with the latest Android features: Android AUTO, Chromecast, Nougat/Oreo notifications, material design, 10 band eq and more.


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