Best Clock Widgets For Android To Customize Your Home Screen

Recently we covered the best iPhone launchers for Android and iOS to transform your Android smartphone’s interface to look near identical to these iOS elements with the best Android Launchers available at Play store and today we come up with the best Clock widgets for Android to talked about in detail with their features highlighted.

Android smartphone owners are undoubtedly aware of the countless customization options they have right at their fingertips, allowing them to put up a ton of widgets according to the size of the device’s display and of course, their requirements.

10 Best Clock Widgets For Android Phones 2018

If you’re looking to keep a track of time as well as to give your smartphone an aesthetic makeover, then we highly recommend checking out these 10 best clock widgets for Android smartphone (includes weather widgets). If you have a tablet running the same OS, you can always use that to get these widgets up and running.

1. Minimalistic Text – Best Android Weather & Clock Widget

Minimalistic Text gives you complete autonomy when you want to make custom widgets for your Android home screen. Most widgets often do not deliver that much control but Minimalistic Text goes in the opposite direction in this regard. Not only this, but the app also gives you control in setting up and choosing to display certain elements ranging from hours, date, battery life or weather forecast.

If English is not your native language, then you will be very happy to hear that Minimalistic Text also provides support for 23 languages, giving you additional control over the default language you want to set for your app. If customizing with a huge amount of control as well as delivering a beautiful Android home screen is something that you gravely desire, then check this out right away.

Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Minimalistic Text: Widgets
Developer: Devmil
Price: Free+

2. Pixel Art Clock

Heard of the famous ‘Nyan Cat’ whose music still continues to have viewers stuck on for hours while they prowl around YouTube? Well, you too can have the Nyan Cat clock widget materialize on your Android smartphone by downloading the Pixel Art Clock Widget. This widget brings several customization options with accurate and beautiful colors that deliver tremendous ‘eye-catching’ clock widgets.

What’s more is that you also get access to more than 36 shades with which you can paint the clock. If you’re a smartphone user that appreciates the deeper intricacies of art, then you will definitely be looking forward to this. Apart from Nyan Cat, there are other illustrations that you can check, so let your art expedition commence with the downloading of this widget.

Pixel Art Clock
Pixel Art Clock
Developer: Nasc
Price: Free+

3. Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets is one of those impressive looking clock widgets for Android smartphone owners that complements the home screen quite nicely. The entire package includes five widgets of different sizes so you are able to adjust how much screen real estate should be allocated to this widget. The dimensions of this widget have been given as 1 × 1, 2 × 1, 4 × 1, 4 × 2, 4 × 4

The last option will cover the screen entirely, so you will have to choose accordingly which one you want to use as the final display form. However, it should be noted that the larger the widget, the more information it will be capable of displaying, negating the need to open up several different apps just to view the required information. Options that are granted to you include the unit of measurement from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and you are able to modify the shape of the clock which can alternate between 12 and 24-hour formats.

Fancy Widgets
Fancy Widgets
Developer: Android Does
Price: Free

4. DashClock – Great Clock & Weather Widget App

DashClock Widget is a free clock widget app just like the rest of the options that will be laid out in front of you which support extensions and allow notification pop-ups on the lock screen to alert you on important tidbits. This will include elements ranging from the local weather forecast, missed calls, unread text messages, new appointments, Gmail notifications plus an alarm.

In short, the functionality and features that you get onboard is simply incredible and you will be missing out on a lot of things if you decide to pass up this offer. Just make sure your device is running Android 4.2 or higher, which we’re assuming that you are since Android 8.1 is about to be available for devices.


BOBCLOCKD3 might be a terrible way to name a clock widget app but its functionality is top-notch, especially for something that will optimize your phone and display a wide range of colors with extreme vibrancy.

The app also changes the size of the dates and clock, and this will include the lowercase and uppercase modes so that it matches the look of the home screen right away. The app is completely free to download so check it out right away; if you’re unsatisfied with what you’re using, there are several alternatives outlined for you here.

Developer: bobstuff
Price: Free

6. Chronus

Chronus is a very ‘simple to use’ clock widget app for Android but very effective in fulfilling its purpose. It is also able to add interesting widgets on the lock screen plus display several options for the user to choose from. This will include the following:

  • Clock and Alarm
  • Time Panel
  • Calendar Events
  • General Appearance

You can customize each option at will and add it to your lock screen. Just keep in mind that these widgets are going to be compatible with an Android device that is running version 4.1 or higher. Looking at how many devices are being launched running updated operating systems, it is hard to believe that you will not be possession of a phone running an updated OS.

If you have a phone running a very old Android OS update, then consider a phone upgrade very seriously in the future.

Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets
Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets

7. One More Clock Widget (Includes Weather widgets)

One More Clock Widget is the first clock widget application that is offered in two versions; a free one and a paid version which costs $0.99. It is an immutable law that the freeware will always sound like a better option so let us check out all the features and options the free version has to offer. Immediately as you open up the app, you will find simplistic skins which only display plain white text featuring a transparent background.

This reveals that not only does the app present a ‘simple to use’ interface, but its variety of designs and templates will make you fall in love with it immediately. It is also able to display the weather forecast, which is a much-needed feature if your region is always hammered by unpredictable weather.

If there is one thing to gain from this app, it is that there are a vast number of themes available that will help you decide the visual appearance of your home screen. You can be as colorful as you like or stick to a brooding theme.

8. Simple Calendar Widget

If there was a practical way to get all of your tasks and notifications into one corner, it would have to come from an app called Simple Calendar Widget. This ‘easy to navigate’ clock widget for Android devices is extremely practical to use and it functions like magic. The home screen will display important characteristics which will enrich your home screens such as tasks, clock, calendar and backup details.

While there are not a chalkload of options to choose from, sometimes you only need the important ones to be displayed for your benefit. Having too many details being visible on the home screen can often deliver a headache and make things extremely confusing at the same time.

Simple Calendar Widget
Simple Calendar Widget

9. Pretty Binary Clock Widget

A clock widget to embellish your home screen will be the Pretty Binary Clock Widget. It displays time in binary code and is also able to reveal personalized colors when you wake up the screen of your Android smartphone. It might sound completely rudimentary at first, but when you get down to using it for the first time, you will find that the app has a mesmerizing effect on you.

Pretty Binary Clock Widget
Pretty Binary Clock Widget

10. D-Clock Widget

If you’re an extremely punctual individual who follows time religiously then you must try out the D-Clock Widget. It is able to display the 12 and 24-hour formats and depending on your liking, you can also choose between a black and white wallpaper. If things were not flexible enough for you, changing the clock position can also be done with a single tap in order to save valuable time.

This clock widget is extremely beneficial for users who do want to continuously change the theme according to different color variations. Also, the app consumes minimal storage resources plus the fact that the app is free makes this an even sweeter deal to pursue. If you’re a busy individual who does not like tweaking their handset continuously, then this is going to be the application for you.

D-Clock Widget
D-Clock Widget
Developer: mt
Price: Free

Final Words

These 10 best clock widgets for Android represents a mix of things that the user will like. Ranging from those smartphone users that enjoy tweaking their home screen until it is the ideal representation of what a home screen should look like, right down to those users that do not have a lot of time on their hands but only wish to view the important elements of the day.

There is something listed here for everybody and we highly recommend you to check out all of them to see which app will be best-suited widgets for Android will work as per your daily requirements.


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