The Best DVD Ripper Software in 2021

The Best DVD Ripper Software in 2021 1

Though the world is getting digitized and eliminated high occupying physical storage mediums. On the other hand, people utilize data in a cloud that is easy to retrieve and manipulate.

If we move back ten years DVD has always been the best storage medium for movies and still many people own DVDs. Yet, the DVD can only play on a DVD player or some other Blu-ray player on TV or computer. If someone wants to watch movies out of home at offices or other places that store on a DVD, one can’t view.

This is where the DVD ripper solution comes in handy that allows you to fix this problem by ripping DVD discs (movies, images) and back up to the computer or cloud platforms.

The best DVD ripping software not only allows you to copy the exact DVD but at the same time, it allows you to back up your movies to a computer with a notable feature of compression. Unlike DVD copy software which only allows copying the entire files bit by bit. DVD ripper also enables converting files to various formats for instance DVD to MP4/MP3/AVI and whatnot.

There exist few best DVD rippers programs available in the market both paid and free versions. The feature set is what differentiates them. Some are aimed at ripping movies and keeps their subtitles, menus, and other information intact. While others are better suited for ripping different data. One such industry hallmark is WinX DVD Ripper Platinum that caters to all your DVD ripping needs.

Let’s not deviate, and start looking at the list of the best DVD ripper software programs for 2021 that are handpicked and properly tested.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum – Editors’ Choice

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum: Rip and Digitize DVDs for Free | Beebom

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is the best ripping software that enables you to convert your DVD disc into a digital file. It is known for its fastest ripping capabilities, robust DVD support, and flawless audio and video quality for over 10 years. It is quite easy to use and is readily available.

Below are some remarkable features of WinX DVD Ripper Platinum;

  • 1:1 Clone DVD to ISO & Copy DVD – You can copy the main or full title content of the DVD to ISO, DVD to DVD, and DVD to an MPEG2 file with optimal content quality.
  • Old/New/99 Title/Kids DVDs Support – Whatever DVD you own, it can produce an entire 1:1 backup. Furthermore, it comes with the new title checking mechanism which can access and rip workout DVDs, 99-title DVDs, music DVDs, movie and TV series DVDs easily. It also allows the backup of the unplayable DVDs having damages, scratches, and smudges, etc.
  • Level-3 Hardware Acceleration Support – The only DVD Ripper with Level-3 Hardware Acceleration support that can rip DVD discs to digital in just 5 minutes at (300-500) FPS and quite faster than its competition.
  • Extraordinary Video Audio Quality – With the “Yadif Double Frames” De-interlacing Engine, you can scan DVD videos to improve the output quality. This feature can help you in delivering the highest possible quality of image than the original in DVD. Further, you can balance quality and file size according to your needs.
  • Vast Format Supports – The software comes with 350+ profiles and you can convert ISO image or DVD to MP4 (H.264/HEVC), MOV, MPEG, MP3, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc, and backup DVD to HDD/USB/NAS/Plex. The output can be viewed on a computer, Xbox One S, PS4, HDTV, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.
  • Built-in DVD Video Editor – The best thing is you can perform basic editing operations such as crop, trim (set start and end of the video), and merge.


  • Regular 1 Year License: $29.95
  • Lifetime License: $47.95 (Bonus: DVD Copy Pro)
  • Family License: $69.95 (Bonus: iPhone Manager and Video Converter)

Wonderfox DVD Ripper

Top dvd ripper software wonderfox

Wonderfox is certainly both free and premium DVD ripper available in the market. This DVD ripping software comes up with all characteristics that good software holds on to.

Some valuable outcomes of the Wonderfox DVD ripper are listed;

  • Detect Main Title – With Wonderfox DVD ripper you can quickly track the right title from 99 titles as well as eliminate rejected trailers, ads, and video clips.
  • Fastest DVD-to-digital Conversion Speed – There is no doubt regarding its fastest task completion. With the zero-quality loss, only 20 minutes requires to rip a 150 minutes DVD to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV.
  • Perfect Balance – It allows users to compress videos without compromising any quality-loss of resolution. Wonderfox can compress DVD video of 7.5 GB to digital video (0.5-1)GB.


  • Single License – $29.95 (1 PC Lifetime)
  • Family License – $69.95 (3 PCs Lifetime)

DVDFab DVD Ripper

Top dvd ripper software

It will be more satisfying to apprise you with the Best DVD ripper in terms of user interface and experience. DVDFab DVD Ripper is specially designed to comprise advanced features with a complete package of users’ requirements.

The only pitfall I perceived is that it is not budget-friendly. Thus, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has upper-hands on pricing competition over DVDFab.

These are important features of the DVDFab DVD ripper;

  • AI Enlarger to Upscale 480p to 1080p – You can enhance your DVD video quality by using advanced technology “AI Enlarger” available in DVDFab DVD ripper.
  • Rip Any DVD to Video/Audio Formats –  It allows DVD to rip from DVD disc to mainstream audio and video for playback on TV, iPhones, Android Devices, etc.
  • Quick and Comfortable – By the use of multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel quick synch; they make certain the amazing file conversion rate.


  • 1 month: $39.99
  • 1 Year: $54.99
  • Lifetime: $79.99

Official Site

Freemake DVD Ripper

Freemake Video Converter - Wikiwand

Freemake DVD ripper is the free DVD ripping software. Additionally, it allows the conversion of DVD data into about more than 20 formats which makes it prominent as a DVD ripper. You can make your DVD content useful across many devices with no hassle.

The key features of Freemake DVD Ripper are as follows

  • Multiple video formats –  Freemake DVD Ripper provides 20+ video formats to converts videos from DVDs to a digital file. It includes; MP4, MPG, WebM, AVI, MKV, WMV, 3GP, SWF, FLV. The outputs files produced are playable on many other devices such as TV, mobiles, and online platform.
  • Decode ANY types of DVD – It can extracts files from all types of discs.
  • Built-in Video editing toolkit – You can select customize DVD titles or chapters from the disc as per your requirement. In addition, you can cut un-wanted and combine or merge chunks of videos smoothly.

This Freemake DVD ripping software is only compatible with Windows not for MAC.


  • Free

Official Site

Handbrake DVD Ripper


Another great choice is Handbrake available in the list of free best DVD ripper. It is not only free to download but also open-source software. Despite it is a bit complicated in terms of interface than WinX DVD ripper – but one thing is obvious that, once you get hands-on,  you will discover it effective.

It’s undoubtedly feasible to queue up several decrypting tasks to operate continuously – a time-saving feature in regards to managing tasks manually.

Several notable hallmarks of the Handbrake DVD ripper are mentioned

  • Supported sources – it supports all common files, DVDs, and Blu-ray without copy protection.
  • Built-in device presets –  It does provide a Built-in version to convert videos which is universal, standard, and much simple, easy, and efficient.
  • Outstanding format support – Handbrake provides DVDs conversion that can playback on PCs, mobiles, games, TVs, and Social media platforms.


  • Free (Open Source)

Official Site

DVD Decrypter

Top 10 DVD Ripper – DVD Decrypter Alternative on Windows and Mac

Let’s take a glance at a DVD Decrypter that provides many exciting facilities to the user. This tool is highly recommended to those who want to play a DVD with region-codes restrictions.

It does not merely produce a back-up of DVDs like others rather than it allows to make a duplicate of DVDs that are secured by Content-Scrambling-System.

Below are some features of the DVD Decrypter;

  • Bypass encryption – It is an explicit feature of DVD decrypted which allows you to operate region-bassed videos from anywhere.
  • Create back-up Images – DVD Decrypter comes up with an interesting option of making a back-up of images or snaps from a video on DVD.


  • Free

Official Site

MakeMKV DVD Ripper

Best free DVD ripper #7: MakeMKV

If you are looking for a free DVD ripper software that is responsive and efficient as well then you should take a glance at MakeMKV DVD ripper. It is a one-click solution without any hurdle in doing the task of converting video into uncountable formats from the proprietary disc.

Its Interface is not pretty sounded as compared to other software.

The significant features of the MakeMKV DVD ripper are listed.

  • Instant streaming of decrypted video – As quickly you have done DVDs to digital file conversion, you can instantly stream this file on your desire device.
  • Easy to Use – As far as user experience is concerned, it can effectively render support in completing tasks from the time of instantiating.
  • Rip Blu-ray discs – It also provides aid in ripping Blu-ray discs.


  • Free

Official Site

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we have analyzed all the best DVD ripper for Windows / Mac, now it’s time to sort out readers’ queries through frequently asked questions.

How to use DVD ripper?

Simply choose the DVD ripping software listed, install it. For more details visit the landing page of the DVD ripping software you have selected.

How to rip a DVD on Windows 10 / Mac?

Firstly, choose the DVD ripper from the above list, and download either the Windows or Mac version from any one of them and get your job done.

How to rip a DVD to your computer?

After installing the DVD ripper on your computer, you have to select the disc drive and DVD and convert movies, images, or other information through ripping software to the disc drive.

Final Words

The best DVD ripping software comprised of the capabilities that let you back up your movies, images, and other data.

In this write-up, I have done comprehensive research on the best DVD ripper solutions. Now, It becomes easy to find out the best DVD ripping software that fits your necessity.

Even if you are a beginner or an advanced user, the above DVD ripper that we have adopted would never create inconvenience.

Let us know your feedback via the comment section.


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