10 Best iPhone Launchers For Android And iOS (2018)

Recently we covered the best Android launchers and today we come up with the best iPhone launchers of 2018 out there to transform your Android smartphone’s interface to look near identical to these iOS elements.

If you own an Android smartphone and love the way its interface works and feels, boy do we have a surprise for you. Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have this impressive fluidity to them but a majority of the users cannot convince themselves to appreciate the lack of customization options for the iOS interface.

However, there is a win-win situation for you readers out there because we have compiled a list of the best iPhone like launchers to transform your Android smartphone’s interface to look near identical to these iOS elements. Are you ready to check them out? Then let us start.

Few words on iPhone launchers / iOS Launchers

Without misleading the readers, these iPhone launchers or iOS launchers are just going to serve as replacing your current Android launcher with one that resembles the interface that Apple has been using for its iPhone lineup. In no way are these launchers expected to improve the overall performance of your device.

Sure, you will have to try out which launcher is more responsive and snappier than the rest of them, but overall improvements will depend on the hardware your phone is running.

If you feel that the launcher is not behaving as smoothly as the iOS interface or not as fast as you would like, then try a different iPhone launcher or upgrade to a smartphone that features better hardware specifications.

Does iPhone / iOS Support Launchers?

Another thing we want to point out is that these are not custom launchers for your iPhone. Apple’s smartphone family does not offer the same customization lengths as Android so you’re stuck with the same icon dimensions with a few widgets to choose from.

If you want more customization options to test out, we highly recommend switching to an Android handset.

Even though iPhone doesn’t support launchers the way Android but at the end of this post we covered one of the best launchers for iOS named Launch Center Pro which lets you launch not only apps but particular operations within apps.

10 Best iOS / iPhone Launchers for Android 2018

One Launcher

One Launcher is one of the best iPhone look-alike launchers scattered around the web and it is able to simulate that embellished iOS interface with an immense level of accuracy.

First off, One Launcher is able to deliver the same iOS transition effects, along with displaying icon packs and system icons. Similar to iOS, these app icons are also scattered around your home screen but since you have customization options available, you can easily place them wherever you like.

Apart from this, you will notice that the apps located in One Launcher are based on the category, which simplifies the experience when you’re looking for a particular application depending on the kind of work you’ll end up carrying out on your phone.

If you have Android Marshmallow or an updated version running on your phone, you will need to give One Launcher certain permissions to gain full access to the launcher. As a plus, it refreshes the performance of your phone, making the interface a lot faster than before.

Still, we will recommend that you install this iOS launcher on a phone that features better hardware in order to experience the best iOS simulation possible.

One Launcher
One Launcher
Developer: one BJ
Price: Free

Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is no stranger to the realms of iOS launchers and it is a revered application that transforms the way you will look at your Android smartphone as soon as you install it.

When you run Espier Launcher for the first time, it showcases a home screen replacement app unlike any other and will end up making your smartphone experience a lag-free one. Like we stated earlier, it will not increase the overall performance of your device.

Instead, the severe optimization that most likely went into making the app will end up making the home screen more responsive, thus resulting in a snappier handset at your fingertips.

In addition, not like Apple’s iOS interface, you will not have limitations when it comes to setting up lots of widgets, though you have to understand that the number has been capped at eight.

This limit was introduced so that it does not end up slowing your smartphone since widgets have a habit of doing that, irrespective of how powerful your phone happens to be.

Espier Launcher comes in two types for now; one is i6 followed by i7, and you will find the latter to be a better version of the two. With improved cosmetics and a crisp look paired with immense customization options to give your phone that makeover, you will thoroughly be pleased with the results laid out in front of your eyes.

Download Espier Launcher

iLauncher – Best iOS Launcher for Android

iLauncher shines in several regions and that is what has helped it become a part of the best iOS Launchers group. If you have continued to use Android for a better part of your life, it will take some getting used to. Still, you will find it to your liking because there are a lot of customization options available plus those accurate transition effects and gestures are available to some extent. Unfortunately, you’ll find them limited on the freeware of this launcher.

There are other features that are present with this launcher, such as the ‘unread badge count’ but that is available in the paid version. If you’re content in paying the extra money, then you would have gained access to a few more gestures and transition effects.

iLauncher - OS 9
iLauncher - OS 9
Developer: Mate Software
Price: Free

Launcher For iPhone 7

Launcher for iPhone 7 is a decent-functioning iOS launcher for Android devices that nails one thing out of the bag immediately; enabling you to get the iPhone lock screen on your smartphone. Unfortunately, there is where the salt starts to flow because even this iPhone lock screen simulation presents some limitations.

For starters, the lock screen is only activated after the device has been unlocked but when you take a look at it for the first time, it nails the simulation perfectly. The UI looks very promising, but with the number of ads fluttering around, you might get frustrated and force yourself to look for a suitable alternative.

If you don’t like pesky ads hovering around your display, we have a few more alternatives lined up just for you.

Launcher for iPhone 7
Launcher for iPhone 7
Developer: Themes Land
Price: Free

iLauncher For OS 10

A simple yet highly functionality iPhone Launcher that follows the iOS interface down to one thing that you might not like about it; the lack of customizability. The majority of your system icons are replaced with iOS icons, so it looks and feels like smartphone magic.

One thing that you will appreciate about this is the fact that the unread badge count is present in the default messaging app and you will not have to opt for a premium version in order to experience this tiny, but a very flexible addition to your handset. Still, if you like to nitpick, then there is something that will not make you happy; the unread badge count is only available for messages, preventing you from carrying out your customization spree.

Also, full-screen ads add a very bitter taste to the whole dish but looking at how this is the only possible source of income for developers, we will have to agree with their decision for now. If there is something that you want to check out, there are other options widely available.

iLauncher OS 10
iLauncher OS 10
Developer: Theme Inc
Price: Free

OS 10 Launcher

OS 10 Launcher brings forth an almost clone iOS Launcher experience and best of all, you will not have to opt for a premium version to experience these changes. The system icons you will eventually see on your phone are replaced with Apple ones. The app sports those meticulous details such as the transitions and way the apps open up on an iPhone.

Secondly, you get to customize the way how you see fit. If you want a near-perfect iPhone Launcher that nails the intricate details to display an iPhone interface on an Android smartphone then boy have you come to the right place.

OS 10 Launcher also comes with a weather widget, and what’s more is that the effort to use it is just minimal. Just add the city you’re residing in currently and you will immediately see an Apple-like weather widget for your phone.

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7
OS10 Launcher for Phone 7
Developer: Tap Phone
Price: Free+

Pro 8 Launcher

Although Pro 8 Launcher does not prattle that it is an iOS Launcher that intends to replace your current Android home screen with a decorated iPhone-like interface, you will definitely notice some traits that will make you believe otherwise.

Starting off, there is a beautiful lock screen present that allows you to punch in your PIN number. When you attempt to open the display of your Android phone, this is the very first thing you will see.

In terms of the lock screen, we believe that Pro 8 Launcher outclasses every other single launcher in this regard. However, you will not be able to find the app drawer on this launcher but the icons will surely look like eye candy when you fire this up.

The icons that appear on the screen are displayed in HD-quality but if you really want the best possible looks, we recommend that you purchase an Android smartphone with a higher resolution coupled with an OLED screen.

The launcher is available to download on the Google Play Store and unlike a significant number of apps, this will not bombard you with an irritating barrage of advertisements.

Pro 8 Launcher
Pro 8 Launcher
Price: Free

xOS iPhone Launcher

Another top contender in our iOS Launcher list is xOS iPhone Launcher. One of the things that separate it from the rest of the pack is that it is able to provide a smooth interface regardless if the Android smartphone features low-end hardware or not.

It also delivers gorgeous effects and supports customization, which is something users love to do frequently on their devices. If you have a low-end smartphone and want to get the exact feel of an iOS interface, there is no better choice for you than the xOS iPhone Launcher.

xOS Launcher
xOS Launcher
Developer: allsolechang
Price: Free

i6 Plus iOS Launcher

Using your detective skills, you should quickly have been able to deduce that i6 Plus iOS Launcher is derived from Apple’s highly popular iPhone 6.

This iPhone Launcher gives the user a similar feeling of using an iPhone 6 and although it is a free-to-use application, it is loaded with a ton of ads, which is something users will not appreciate at all.

Keeping the performance of the phone in mind, 6 Plus iOS Launcher delivers a smooth-performing home screen that feels snappy as soon as you start running it. Even if it is in Android’s nature to become fragmented over time, hammering the performance of the phone as a result, you will not have to worry about the home screen’s acting up with hang-ups or anything else for that matter.

Using a few system resources, it is expected that you will have a fluid-running home screen irrespective if the phone ends up slowing down. Not just this, but you have an interesting list of wallpapers to choose from to beautify the home screen at will.

Download i6 Plus Launcher

Best Launcher for iPhone / iOS Users

As discussed earlier iPhone doesn’t support app launchers the way Android does, but on the other hand app developers come up with clever workarounds.

Launch Center Pro ($2.99) – Best Launcher for iOS

We just found an app which offers some great features to fulfill the needs launchers are supposed to do, our pick of best launcher for iPhone or iOS is “Launch Center Pro” which allows you launch not only apps but particular operations within the apps.

  • Launch Center Pro speeds up everyday tasks with easy shortcuts. It’s similar to speed dial for apps.
  • Provides shortcuts to thousands of apps
  • Notification Center support
  • Dark and light themes
  • Dropbox backups
  • 3D Touch support with customizable quick actions
  • Simple launch creation tool
  • Automation settings for launching at specific times or locations
  • Organizational groups are supported
  • IFTTT support
  • Saves time by launching complex actions in a single tap.

These are features which make Launch Center Pro the best available launcher for iOS devices. Try this and let us know your thoughts on this iPhone launcher by commenting below.

Launch Center Pro
Launch Center Pro
Developer: Contrast
Price: $4.99

Final Words

Each of these iOS / iPhone launchers brings something different to the table and it will be a matter of personal preference if and when you set out to try each one of them.

The very first iPhone launcher might not suit your purpose, but you never know when you might strike gold on the very first attempt. Do try out all of these and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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