10 Best Free & Affordable LogMeIn Alternatives To Try In 2019

LogMeIn is not the only remote desktop software available in the market. There is a wide range of affordable, free or cheap LogMeIn alternatives available for every platform such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and even browser-based to help with your remote desktop access needs. In this article, we reviewed the best possible options from free, to cheap options to best value for the money.

In the past two decades, LogMeIn (LMI) has gone from being a small privately owned business to a publicly traded company with a $4.2 billion market capitalization. It has also become one of the top ten SaaS software company in the world.  There is no secret about the fact that LogMeIn’s growth has been fueled through acquisition in an industry which itself is in the midst of consolidation.  LMI’s cloud offering specializes in providing remote connectivity services and is divided into three main components: IT management, collaboration, and customer engagement.  For LogMeIn users, the current trend toward industry consolidation raises a legitimate concern about affordability. This is especially true when it comes to its IT management solutions – a software category in which LMI doesn’t face as much competition as it does in the unified communication market.

LogMeIn’s Price Hike History

LMI’s IT management cloud is comprised of two main services LogMeIn Rescue and LogMeIn Central.  After the LogMeIn acquired Citrix’ Goto Business division, it started consolidating its different remote support software to provide more robust functionalities to its users. It also rolled-out several price hikes that made  LogMeIn Rescue and Central more expensive every year since. It is arguably the simple continuation of a trend that started long before the Citrix merger and dates back to the time when the software company first announced that it would pull its freemium offering out of the market. When reading LogMeIn’s last August investor report, it is possible to find some clues, which may lead to the conclusion that its pricing strategy is partly dictated by the necessity to meet the industry analysts’ earnings estimates.

LogMeIn’s Recent Switch to Menu-based Pricing

It appears that LogMeIn’s recent switch from plan to menu-based pricing was news that flew under the radar. The move has resulted in yet another bonafide price increase.  LogMeIn Central Basic which use to cost $50 per month is no longer available.  However, its new add-on base plan starts at $80 per month for 25 computers. The only good thing about it is that it now includes background management and desktop sharing, two features that weren’t previously available in the Central Basic plan. For the IT pros who don’t necessarily use those features this will come across as a forced upgrade.  The full package which replaces the Central Premier plan and covers patch management, process automation and IT reporting now costs $219 per month for 25 computers instead of $133. At first glance, it looks like LogMeIn nearly doubled its price in December.

However, to understand the full extent of the impact of new menu-based pricing, it is necessary to go one step further.  It is a fair assumption that an IT service desk technician supports more than 25 computers on average. If we consider a business with a workforce that ranges between 150 employees to 250, the true cost of ownership a LogMeIn Central license is really $290 per month with no add-ons and $882 for the full package.  With regards to larger size businesses, it is hard to tell since there is no transparency of what the actual pricing is.

Best LogMeIn Alternatives

Maybe your IT organization can sustain such a steep price increase. But, if you are looking for a LogMeIn alternative at an affordable price point, it seems there are fewer and fewer options available.  Just like LMI, the other top remote support software providers like TeamViewer and Bomgar are very pricey.  However, our research shows that there are still some competitive contenders.

CloudBerry Remote Assistant – Best For Personal Use

If you ask me about my favorite remote assistant software at this very moment, it would not take me any time to tell you that CloudBerry Remote Assistant remains my favorite. The reason is simple; it is a free LogMeIn alternative, and while the word “free” often drives away some of the purists, do not be fooled as there are enough features to keep you around.

The best thing is that the software is available for free, making it convenient for everyone. However, aside from being free, it also allows you to text and voice chat with the computer you are connected to. It is easy to set up and provides advanced level SSL encryption. The best thing here is that you do not need a super-fast internet connection to make it work either. Just in case you’re looking to backup files online then CloudBerry is the best option to opt.

  • Price: The software is free to use.
  • Key Features: You can text, and voice chat with the other computer, it can easily be set up, the SSL encryption allows a secure connection.

Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant

If CloudBerry is not your cup of tea for one reason or another, then do not worry as there is another alternative to LogMeIn available in the market that you can use. For the ones who happen to be curious, I am talking about Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant, while you may think that the name of the software is the one that does not make it look serious, the good news is that the software is every bit as good as some of the other options available in the market.

Much like some of the other options available in the market, the Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant offers you a lot of features and makes the entire experience much smoother and easier as well. The software is freely available for personal usage, and you will need to buy the software if you wish to use it for commercial purpose.

  • Price: Free for Personal use. A paid version is available for commercial use starting from 9$/month.
  • Key Features: It is available for Windows, Android, iOS; easy to use and simple; does not take up on a lot of resources. You can establish multiple connections on the same computer with ease. You do not need to configure your router. Comes with the full support of 256-bit AES encryption.

Official Website

Goverlan Reach – Most Versatile Solution

One of the LogMeIn alternatives worth evaluating is Goverlan Reach. This remote support software feature sets line up very closely with those of LogMeIn Central and Rescue. If you are a LogMeIn user, you will find that Goverlan Reach’s Remote Control, Background Access and IT process Automation is familiar territory.

Goverlan Reach Feature Highlights.

  • Advanced Remote Control
  • Background System Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • Software & Patch Management
  • IT Reporting
  • IT Compliance & Global Configuration

Goverlan Reach comes in three different editions Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. They resemble what was formerly retailed under the LogMeIn Central Basic, Plus and Premier plans. However, Goverlan’s pricing practices are a lot more straightforward. It is not only the most versatile solution we found, but it is also the LogMeIn substitute which offers the best value for the money.

  • Price: Goverlan Reach starts at $29 per month per concurrent technician and includes unlimited internal and external endpoints as well as no cap on the number of sessions. There are no hidden fees.
  • Key Features: Sleek and easy-to-use interface; strong features for Remote IT Support and Systems Management; a toolbox that includes Active Directory management.

Zoho Assist

Remote Support Software - Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is in the market that happens to be saturated to a point that many people do not even bother with what is being released, or what is being dropped. However, the good news is that it has managed to make quite a name for itself by offering us amazing features, great pricing, and more importantly, a user experience that is not as easily found in such software solutions.

Zoho Assist is definitely here to stay, but do not let us convince you by using just the words. Below, you will see a few of the highlight features of this amazing remote access software.

  • Multi-Platform Support: One of the best things about Zoho Assist is the fact that it offers multi-platform support. You can use it on Android, iOS, and even on your Windows-based computers. The best part is that if you do not want to download the client, there is a web version that works just as fine.
  • Offers Great Security: For those concerned about the security of connections, Zoho Assist secures the connection not only with SSL but also 256-bit AES encryption. Means that no matter how sensitive the work is, you are safe when you are connected through this software.
  • Seamless Integration: Another amazing that we love about Zoho Assist is that it offers seamless integration, something that most people need to look for whenever they are choosing good remote access software.

With the features aside, it is fairly obvious that Zoho Assist is definitely one of the best remote access software solutions available in the market, and serves as a great replacement to LogMeIn. Below, you will find the pricing options.

Pricing: The developers are offering a free version to individuals and companies with basic features. The Standard version costs $8/month that comes with slightly better features as compared to the free version. Moving on, you can pay $13/month for the Professional version that has better features as compared to the Standard version. Lastly, you can pay $21/month for the Enterprise version that comes with all the features of the previous two versions, and more.


I don’t think this software needs any introduction, but for those who are still wondering, another great replacement to LogMeIn is the all-time favorite of nearly everyone; the TeamViewer. The software has been around for as long as I can remember, but the good thing is that it still remains one of the best options to date. Sure, you might have a different opinion based on your preferences, but the fact that TeamViewer has managed to stay relevant in this day and age is something that I commend.

Again, there are many features that you can find in this software to make things easier for you, on top of that, the best thing about TeamViewer is that if you are looking for a software that is only going to be for the personal use, then the software is free to use for as long as you want.

  • Price: Free for personal use. TeamViewer’s Remote Control for professional use costs $49 per month but is limited to 1 concurrent session. The corporate license starts at $199 per month for up to 3 concurrent sessions.
  • Key Features: Establishes secure, and strong connection. Works on nearly every computer. Does not require a strong internet connection. Offers file transfer as well as full remote access.

Official Website

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Okay, this is as simple as it can really get. People ask me about so many different remote desktop clients, but what they normally completely forget is that the Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a software that is developed by Microsoft for Windows. However, the best part is that it is not only limited to Windows, as you can even control your Windows PC easily through your smartphone as well.

The app is the star of the show though. You can add as many computers using the app, and most of them are added automatically, while there are a few that are done through the manual process, which again, happens to be a really, really easy one. Another thing that you need to know about the software is that it is supported on both Windows, as well as Mac OS X, and the pricing is free for everyone, so you really do not have to worry about that either. Needless to say, if you are looking for a LogMeIn free alternative, I really don’t think things could get better than what you have here.

  • Price: The software is completely free.
  • Key Features: Can be installed onto your phone so you can control your computer through the app. Is simple and easy to use, and provides you with all the basic functionalities of a good remote desktop client.

Official Website

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google is another company that is actively taking part in developing some great applications for the Windows platform. Ordinarily, one would think it is weird, but if you consider the number of Windows users who use Google’s search platform, it starts making sense. I was not surprised when Google Launched Chrome Remote Desktop onto the Chrome App Store, as a matter of fact, I was rather excited to see what Google has created.

Needless to say, I was impressed through and through. Without a shadow of a doubt, the Chrome Remote Desktop remains one of the best LogMeIn Alternatives 2018 in the market, and even if you look at it from a different perspective, it still ranks among the best remote desktop programs in the market. However, the only limitation is that it works as a browser, and you must use Google Chrome Browser in order to have it work. Otherwise, it simply will not.

  • Price: It is free.
  • Key Features: The software works through a browser, it is simple and easy to use, does not require a super powerful computer either.

Official Website

VNC Connect

Another great option that is available in the market for anyone who is looking for a great LogMeIn Alternative 2018. Sure, you might be wondering why you should trust a software that you have never heard about before, or had the chance to use before, but the good thing here is that it has been around for some time now, and as a matter of fact, it remains to be one of best remote desktop clients in the market.

For starters, it works on a number of different platforms, and Windows is just one of them. If you do not want to use this on Windows, you can use it on MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Solaris, HP-UX, as well as AIX. Needless to say, the platform support alone makes this software one of the most feature packed.

You don’t even have to worry about pricing as the software can be used for free if you just want to have it for personal use. However, if you want some advanced use out it, you can always go for the advanced features that will help you achieve the tasks that you wish to.

  • Price: The software is available for free, as well as paid versions.
  • Key Features: The software can be used on a variety of platforms, there are a lot of flexible features available. It is simple and easy to use. Provides you with great security.

Official Website


While the name of the software might give you the notion that you should not take the software seriously, but in reality, Splashtop is as serious as a remote desktop software can get. That is the reason why the software has become one of the best choices for IT experts all around the world, and the same reason why most of the people in the IT industry are using it to communicate with their client and help them achieve the best possible way.

With most of the remote desktop clients in the modern day and age, Splashtop is available in a variety of versions as well. You get to choose between the free version that is for users who intend to use it on their home computers. However, if you are running a business and you have to remotely deal with a lot of clients on the internet, then the good thing is that you can actually invest in the enterprise version and get the most out of this software as well.

  • Price: Free for home use, but the paid version is available as well.
  • Key Features: The software is great for everyone; runs easily on every computer, and does not require powerful hardware either.

Official Website

Ammyy Admin

The last software on the list is Ammyy Admin, another great free alternative for anyone looking to get a software that gives you the proper remote desktop experience. Now the interface of this software is on the older side, but do not worry, as the developers claim that this is the first software that will not have you configuring it just so you can use it. I personally think that is a great thing as we need more and more softwares like that in the market.

Throughout the testing process, I did not run into any issue whatsoever, and the fact that the software does give you some advanced features is also a nice thing. On top of everything, the software is also free to use.

  • Price: The software is free to use.
  • Key Features: Comes loaded with some nice online presentation tools, the software is also easy to use, and rather simple to begin with. Does not require a lot of advanced knowledge on remote desktops.

Official Website


Another great alternative to LogMeIn that is available in the market is WebEx. This software is actually handled by Cisco, so I can assure you that as far as the quality is concerned, there are no discrepancies whatsoever. You get the complete experience, and while it might be an overkill for some users, but the good thing is that this software serves the companies more than it does individuals. Sure, if you have the money to spare, you can go for this all rounded solution, but if you do not feel like spending that much money, then you can certainly be good.

  • Price: 3 different pricing options.
  • Key Features: Great for businesses who largely work in teams, provides support for up to 100 people per meeting.

Official Website


There you have it, folks! After using some of the finest remote desktop clients in the market, I have finally come to the conclusion. This roundup contains the best alternatives to LogMeIn 2018, each of the remote desktop software on this list is somewhat different and distinct from the other, so whatever option you go with, I can guarantee you that the experience will be much different.

In case you have some suggestions as to what other remote desktop software should we add, feel free to let us know, and we will surely cater to your request.


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