The Ultimate Guide to Road Safety Apps & Reducing Traffic Accidents

Accidents cost more than repairs!

Think about the lives lost; unrecoverable! What about the paralyzed bodies; uncomfortable! And the many uncountable damages; unreplaceable!

Statistics will speak better!

The accident frequency of motor vehicles in California is 0.92 deaths/100 million motors miles travelled.

The latest statistics from the California Office of Traffic Safety show that road accidents are the primary causes of California deaths.

This is why there’s always a greater need for strategies to help reduce accident causes. This article is an ultimate guide to road safety Apps and reducing traffic accidents. You don’t want to miss anything!

Read along!

Road Safety Apps


This android app is free to download. It is a unique app that is worth your concentration. Kruzr will detect when you begin driving. It will, therefore, screen all your incoming messages and calls. The App will notify your callers that you’re driving and they should wait for a later response.

More good news: you don’t have to worry about the critical and emergency calls. Kruzr still got you covered! The App has an automatic assistant that permits all your urgent calls. 

AT&T Drive Mode

AT&T Drive Mode is yet another fantastic app. However, unlike Kruzr, which is only Android-based, AT&T Drive Mode is compatible with Apple too. It is also available on nearly all carriers.

The App knows the art of silencing incoming messages and calls. This is whenever your GPS detects that you’re driving at an average speed of 15mph or even faster. The App will turn off when your speed drops below the 15 mph mark for 2-3 minutes.

It displays a maximum of 5 contacts that you may call on hands-free. The only limiting factor is that this App is Spanish, and so, those fluent with the language can reap the benefits therein. 


Are you a family person? If yes, TrueMotion is what you should be considering next. This is a free family-based driving application. It helps parents to monitor the driving habits of their children. TrueMotion will send a notification to the parent whenever it discerns “bad” driving practices.

TrueMotion will also tell you the exact places that your loved ones are, the routes they used to get there, and the habits they were driving with. For instance, if they were speeding, using their phones, or texting.

To activate the App and make it work, you’ll need to download it on your phone and your teen’s. With this, you’ll have peace of mind whenever your kid is out on the road! Pro

Just from its name, app helps users to drive safely. It helps the easily-distracted drivers by offering a hands-free and smooth access to messages and emails. The App employs text-speech technology when giving access.

Unlike many other road safety Apps, this one can convert messages to 27 different languages. It can also read emails and text messages audibly. Therefore, Pro will allow you to keep your hands off your phone and on the wheels and road.

Benefits of Road Safety Apps

Very many divers underestimate the help that these Apps offer. They forget that the apps are a simple yet effective way to avoid accidents caused by over speeding, distractions, drunken driving, red-light negligence, and much more.

These apps are compatible with hands-free electronic devices. They’ll help you avoid distractions, seek emergency help, and maintain the safest drive speed.

In Need of an Injury Attorney?

Most drivers hit the roads without being aware of their driving speed. Others may even overestimate their aptness to control high speeds. If you’re not the one causing the accident, there’s probably another driver doing so!

In some scenarios, you will find yourself in an unfortunate incident that wasn’t an accident, but a scenario of negligence. It might be a distracted driver, an incompetent driver, or a careless car manufacturer.

Accidents resulting from any of these entities, and many more, need justice and sometimes, compensation or payment of damages.

Therefore, if you’re the innocent victim who is entangled in a road accident case, an injury attorney is what you need. The Attorney will handle all the complicated legal processes and also give you legal protection.

Getting the best injury attorneys in California needn’t be a daunting task. They are well-experienced to meet and exceed your expectations!

California is the place to be!


Speed kills!

These apps employ a speed adaptation mechanism to help users be aware of their speed limits. Some even come with voice-control options to give you streamlined interfacing of your favorite apps. They offer a smooth functionality that allows you to swipe when giving the app directions.

They are worth having!


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