The Best Smart Home Tech of 2020

Smart homes have become all the rage in recent years, and with the constantly evolving technology, their popularity is only increasing. Many people are already accustomed to smart homes and the growing list of things they can do remotely, thanks to Alexa, Google Assistant, and more. Still, many homeowners are yet opening up to the idea of providing the keys of their house to WI-FI controlled systems.

But for the remaining very few who not yet aware of what a smart home device is, here is an easy definition.

What is a smart home device?

A smart home device is a WI-FI connected device that can simplify your daily tasks and chores at home by connecting and conversing with other smart devices.

So, how does the whole smart home thing work?

First, you begin with a smart home hub. You could consider it as the heart of all your smart home operations, or the brain. It helps to run down tasks, takes voice commands, and then executes them. It is the central connection that connects to all other smart home devices and relays on your commands to them.

The best smart home devices for 2020

Let’s begin with the best smart home hub itself! 

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub comes with the same Google Assistant features otherwise available in a Google Speaker, but you also get a visual display with the Nest Hub. You can use the Hub for seamless interactions, voice commands, and a written account of your voice commands to see if Google Assistant is getting you right.

The YouTube integration of the Nest Hub takes it a step further than Amazon Echo. Thus, you can easily play any YouTube video you wish to. You can also integrate the Hub with various Google supported devices to relay video footage from smart security cameras and doorbells. All in all, you get the best video and voice command alliance with the Google Nest Hub.

If you are an iPhone user, you can rely on Apple HomeKit. You could also opt for brand specified options with Samsung or Amazon hubs. 

Google nest wifi

A strong and reliable connection is what you need for a smart home to stay connected 24/7. You will likely not want to tune out of your smart home’s several features with something as frustrating as a slow connection, right?

The Google Nest Wi-Fi is the best mesh router in the market at present. It provides a rock-solid connection through your home, even if it is quite large and never lets the range drop. It comes with smart WiFi features like device prioritization, WPA3 security, and 4×4 MU-MIMO support.

Hence, all your smart devices will uniformly be in your immediate and remote reach.

If you have an Alexa connected home, you could stick with using the other smart routers like Netgear Orbi or Eero. 

Zebra blinds

Forgetting to put the shades down at sundown is a common scenario in all homes. Well, not smart homes, though, because intelligent homes come with motorized blinds.

Motorized blinds can be raised and lowered from wherever you are with the use of a few clicks on your smartphone. The technology uses a motor to accomplish what you would otherwise do by lifting or pulling chains. The most advanced motorized shades by Zebrablinds can be controlled by your voice assistant.

Consequently, you can stop worrying about your shades on a night out and never compromise on the security and privacy of your home.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 security cameras can cost you a bit more than you would like to spend, but every dollar you spend on security is worth it. The cameras are weatherproof, the batteries will last you six months, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. The batteries are rechargeable, or you can power them with an included cable.

The mounting and installing is a breezy task. The cameras can be installed on any horizontal surface or mounted on walls and with a magnetic base. They come with an alarm that you can blare once you sight any intruders and want to deter them. Alexa Wyze cameras are a smart alternative for security cameras. 

August WiFi smart lock

Smart locks need to be bought with a lot of care. The biggest fear is having someone hack into your system and unlock your house, or having you get locked out of your home yourself due to a weak connection.

The August wifi smart lock helps you against many such situations. The door lock fits your existing locks while leaving space for manually fitting in the key and locking. It also comes with sensors that let you know if your door is locked, closed, or open.


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