20 Best Torrent Search Engines That Still Works In 2019

There are hundreds of choices available on the Internet to download torrents. Visiting torrent sites to search torrents is very much time taking. When authorities took down The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrents, a new termed evolved in the torrent industry as the torrent search engines.

It works simply as Google does ( theoretically). It doesn’t host any data but crawls and searches the torrents on other websites hosting these torrents as per your query. This shrinks the list of your favorite torrent website to few torrent search sites.

Best Torrent Search Engines 2019

Search EngineBest Known For
P2PGuruMovies, TV Series, Games, eBooks
Torrentz2Incredibly capable search engine; Currently Indexes more than 60 million torrents.
Torrents.Me Parallel Search in 600+ Torrent Websites
XTORXVery simple UI; Fast and accurate; No advertisements.
ToorgleTorrent Search in over 450+ torrents websites at the same time.
The Pirate BayBig Boss of Torrents
RARBGMost Diverse Torrent Repository
1337xOne of the largest engine for movies, games, TV series and more
ExtraTorrent Largest Torrent Community
YTS.AG Movies Exclusive
AIO Search Google of Torrent Stuff
BTDBSimple and effective; Clean design; Fast search.
TorrentHounds Most resilient Torrent Community
Lime Torrents Redesigned and Improved Features
Katcr.co Clone of Original KAT Torrents
ISO Hunt New team comes with Advanced Features
Zooqle Movies Search only
SnowflVery fast; Easy to use; Custom filtering included.
TorrentSeekerMinimal UI, Customized search results; Wide range.
VeoblePowered by Google custom search; Tons of filtering options; All popular sources covered.
Academic Researchers Only for Researchers


When it comes to using torrent search engines, the one thing that most of the users demand is consistency and good torrent options. Any site that has both of them is a definitive win for us. However, ever since the crackdown on the internet, and torrent sites have started, these websites are slowly going off the radar.

However, not all is bad as there is a new contender on the block known as P2PGuru.com. At first glance, you might think of this website as just another torrent website, but once you start exploring it, you will realise that it is so much more than a regular torrent site. For starters, you get advanced features such as ad-free experience; means that there are going to be no pesky pop-ups or anything else that might come in the way of your overall user experience.

Additionally, the website is a community-driven, so rest assured, that you will never run into any issues. You could either decide if you want to view torrents categorized logically in multimedia sections by genres, popularity and release dates or use the ultimate browser ‘P2P God’ that searches for torrents across the whole database just like on any other torrent sites. The site is free to use, and even though the database at this moment is not as large as some of the heavy hitters, it is growing on a weekly basis, and new features and updates are rolling out, as well.

At P2PGuru, you will be pleased with features such as Quality Index which ensures visitors download the best quality file (“4K”, “Full HD”, or “HD”) at better download speed. Guru Ratings is another great feature which presents the average number of rankings from all portals available (IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic) so it gives a better overview of the quality and popularity of the movies across all these ranking portals.

Overall, P2Pguru.com is one of the best and most refined torrent search engines and something that you should definitely look into if you are looking for a great experience.

Official Website


This torrents search engine appears as the clone of the original website which was taken down by the authorities due to illegal activities involving the copyright infringement. The interface is still the same where you can search for 6 millions + torrents from more than 94 torrent websites. Torrentz2 combines results from many other torrents finders to present you the results you are looking. No ads appear on the website, but still, it is advised to use to ad-blockers and other security essentials to avoid any mishap.

Official Website


Toorgle is using the Application Programming Interfaces of Google – the search giant to look for torrents in more than 450 different websites. So far, its index contains website more than any other torrent search engine. Toorgle also works fine in speed and stability because fetches its data from Google directly. It also provides the facility to add its toolbar in firefox browser and Facebook application. The later is not recommended due to the trust issues. You should never attach your social media account to such websites. Toorgle uses advertisements to generate the revenue so it is advised never to disable your ad-blockers. To avoid the identity theft, don’t forget to use the VPNs as well.

Official Website


Like many other torrent search engines discussed here. These websites have nothing to do with hosting torrents, they just provide a nicer way to search other torrent websites under on umbrella. XtorX is a clean and simple torrent finder website generating results from the Google using the Custom search feature. The results are generated very quickly as per query. Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to the next website where the torrent is hosted. Unfortunately, you can’t filter down your results on this website. Most of the time you will be forwarded to another torrent search website. This is another con of this website. No ads appear on this website so you should be very careful about your safety.

Official Website

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the Big Boss of the torrent marketplace. So far, it is known to be the most resilient one. Born in 2003, with many ups and down. Its founders are still facing a case of copyright infringement among other charges in Swedish courts. It is one of the best alternatives to KAT Torrents.  Once this website used to display X-rated ads to generate the review. But now not anymore. Use browse this website without having to worry about the cheap ads.

Official Website


This is among the top visited torrent websites ever. With millions of traffic each month, this website serves torrent related to movies, music, software and much more. The website is very simple and user-friendly to use. There is a thing that is quite ugly about this website. These are the new-tab ads which open up on every click. You can even get rid of them using the ad-blockers. Seeds are usually good on this website due to its age and repute. But they do need to use some alternate way to generate revenue instead of these annoying ads that can let them lose their traffic. It is also advised to use the VPN as well to avoid being caught by the ISPs.

Official Website


Extratorrent is one of the widely used and most loved torrent websites on the internet. This website allows you to search and download free movies, music, software, games, wallpapers, TV Series and much more. You can also download premium courses of Lynda, Udemy and many other e-learning websites for free here. This website also serves as a good source for torrent related news. Extratorrent is more like a torrent community where you can register and enjoy the interaction with other users, comments on torrents and request more torrents that aren’t available here.

Official Website


YTS.AG is a wonderful website for torrent lovers. Its a kind of torrent search engine for the movies. User Interface of this website is very simple and easy to use. Just like you are browsing and searching Hulu or Netflix on your browser. You can download movie and TV Series in multiple resolutions including 720 and 1080 and multiple Formats such as DVDRip and Blu-Ray. Don’t worry, you will always get what you clicked on. Ads are not that much annoying on this website and can be blocked by simply using the ad-blocker extension on your browser. YTS.AG also allows you to get the subtitles of the movies, if you don’t get them, you can download them from the YIFY website which is their sister website.

Official Website

AIO Search

AIO Search is most favourite torrent finder among the masses. This website allows you to search a particular torrent in multiple websites using the user-provided search query just like Google and return the results on the Search Engine Result Page. This search extends to 50+ websites which include RARBG, ISO Hunt, KickAss, The Pirate Bay and many other websites. AIO Search has Chrome and Firefox extensions as well that can further ease your search if you are a regular torrent user. This website has a Facebook application as well which is not recommended to use. Make sure you use the VPN and Ad-blockers before going to any torrent website including this one.

Official Website


TorrentSeeker is a clean and wonderful torrent search site. Its homepage is designed with Material which gives it beauty and simplicity. It uses the Google Custom Search feature to search the top 100 torrent websites which include LimeTorrents, RARBG and Toorgle as well which is itself a torrent search giant. The most wonderful thing about TorrentSeeker is that they continuously update their index. Indexing also includes the small niche and language-specific website which gives you a wider array of search. The website doesn’t use any kind of advertisements which reminds me of “nothing is free on the Internet“, so you might want to use the Ad-blockers and Virtual Private Networks software.

Official Website


This is one of the most widely attacked websites by the law enforcement agencies around the world but still resilient enough to sustain itself for more than a decade. Since its launch, it is providing its users with free movies, music, software, books and much more to download. Recently due to increased lawsuits and raids all around the world for similar communities and websites, TorrentHounds is shifting itself to the binary channels where is safer and less prone to the law regulating authorities. Notice of shifting to the Binary channel is available on the top of the website which also helps you to configure it for keep using the website.

Official Website


Veoble is a complete search engine allowing you to make not only normal queries but also for the torrents as well. This website has three tabs in its top navigation bar from where you can select Home for normal search, Torrents for torrent search and Images for Image search. Veoble index more than a dozen torrent sites. You can also filter down the results using language filters. Veoble uses the Custom Google Search to generate the results. Revenue of this website is generated by ads on the search result page using Google Adsense which looks fine but still advised to use security essentials. You can also make this website your homepage.

Official Website

Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents with new Lime-colored User Interface claims to allow you to download the verified torrents. The design is pretty much simple but beautiful. The front page looks like you are visiting a search engine of fruits and vegetables, on a lighter note. But inside it is hidden a huge database of movies, music, books, software and much more to download via BitTorrent. This website allows you to search the favourite torrents either by searching via the query on their homepage and also by browsing through categories on the website. The inner interface of that website is not attractive as much as the front page but still, it helps a lot in finding the right thing at the right place.

Official Website


Katcr.co is a marvellous clone of The KickAss Torrents website with some beautiful features and download archive. It is clear that it is not run the same people after it got hit by the authorities a few years ago. You can either search for your favourite torrents or go can browse through the categories. Even if you wish to search in a certain category, you can do using the filtered search which is beta yet but it works fine. The best about this website unlike others that it warns you on to presence of unverified torrents. It is advised to download the verified torrents only. A top banner on the header of website warns you about the IP-logging which you must not avoid and use the VPNs.

Official Website

ISO Hunt

After being unable to survive more attacks from the law enforcement agencies from all around the world, ISO Hunt is shifting itself to the binary channel. You will find this banner and detail to Install the Binary client on the top of their website. For this purpose they are Usenet which is a wonderful service for finding and downloading digital media, giving you speed and reliability you won’t find with other file-sharing. If you are not doing the torrenting for very first time, you are quite familiar with the ISO Hunt website and its features. Content here is organized so beautifully. You can get free movies, books, adult content, software, games as well as free news here.

Official Website


Zooqle is just like the Google to torrent the movies. You will find hundreds of movies here gathered here from The Movie Database (TMDb). Not only movies but the TV Series are also available here to download. Everything is organized very beautifully. They verify each torrent before making it available to download for other users. Movies are available to download in 720, 1080 and even in 3D. The torrent is quite simple. You need to avoid the Direct download button because it’s a click-bait/bobby trap. Ads on this website can be easily avoided using the ad-blocker extensions. It is also recommended to use the VPN as well.

Official Website


This is one of the most beautifully designed torrent websites. I would love to place on the top of the list only if the design and torrent-related statistics are important. This website is designed by some great developers. It allows you to know the most trending torrents and topics on the Internet. This website also has a built-in system to rank the different website in a different niche such as movies, games, books, software etc. Just like other websites, you can also search and download torrents here of all kind. The search feature is not its own. It generates the search results from Zooqle, TorrentSeeker and Torrentz2 which are also great search engines.

Official Website

BitTorrent Database

BTDB is a clean and effective search site for the torrents. Indexing more than 1 billion torrents, it appears to be the largest torrent search site. Not only its result page gives you links to the torrent but the magnet link as well. We recommend this website if you want something really simple. There are no hidden tricks here or advanced features. You type something into a search bar, and BTDB will show a bunch of results. However, make sure to take a closer look at you’ll find a few features that will help you get the job done in no time. You can also sort your search results using filters such as relevance, size, files, add time, and popularity.  This website deserves its place in best torrent search engines.

Official Website


Initially, this torrent engine seems to be for the advanced users only. Because you can filter your results using several features. Even though it does have an odd name, this is a very simple torrent search engine. There are no distractions here, aside from occasional ads. The home page brings a prominent search field at the top and the list of results across the rest of its interface. This website is very clean in design and can be very useful to search torrents once you get used to it. Please share with us in the about this feedback. Don’t forget to use the security essentials no matter how clean it appears.

Official Website

Academic Torrents

No no, this not the website to download movies, music, games or p0rn. This is purely an academic website to download research papers, datasets, notes and lectures etc. It is a joint project of the University of Michigan and University of Texas along with others to built a distributed system to share the academic files over the Internet. It is supported by many commercial sponsors. If you are a researcher and wish to share or access the large datasets over the Internet, you should try this website immediately. We are trying to obtain more information on this website and will share soon. If you like this effort, go ahead and donate to the researchers on this website.

Official Website


This is primarily a torrent finer for the movies only. You just need to write the movie name in the search bar and it will give you the results based on your query. There is nothing much special about this website. It also uses the Google’s Application Programming Interfaces to generate results. So, this you are making a torrent-specific Google Search. Design and User Interface of this website is also just average. This website advises you to use the VPNs to avoid any privacy issues. The website also accepts DMCA although it is not serving any torrents by themselves. Go to this website if nothing else is working.

Official Website


Popcorn Time is the Netflix of torrent lovers. This is not a torrent website but an application available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. This allows you to search and watch movies directly from torrents. This is like streaming the movie from the torrents which also gets downloaded in your device. Sound complex? absolutely not, this is the easiest way to watch your favourite movies. This application automatically searches for the best torrents in 720P, 1080P and 3D and then shows you the number of seeds. You can select in what format you want to watch.

Official Website


Monova was on the best torrent search engines. Now, updated with a clean design and dozens of annoying and pop-up ads. It’s not the best to visit. I tried to search but the results don’t include anything similar page although it was the name of a very famous movie from 2002. People may like this website due to its ultra-quick updates that come every minute and can be seen on the website. You can also register to this to enjoy the user-specific website. Monova will ask you to disable the Ad-blocker but you shouldn’t do that to avoid injecting your device. Don’t forget to use VPN privacy software as well.

Official Website

Wondering How To Download Torrents?

Luckily for you, we recently crafted a list of the popular torrent programs for three popular platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones.

Torrents are nothing but files of a few kilobytes without a torrent client installed on your computer. To get the actual files you want on your local storage, you will require some of the best torrent clients for a various number of supported operating systems.

Myths and Facts about the Safety of Torrent Websites

There are many concerns about the use of torrent to download movies. Unfortunately, most of it is true. Torrents download are mostly flagged as dangerous to use due to the associated risks of malware. There are very few websites that use BitTorrent and are clean in nature. Pirate Bay Alternatives that came after its shutdown was mostly loaded with Malware and phishing pages. They infected millions of users worldwide.

Some of the most reputed torrent websites also got hijacked by the spammers and hackers. They used these websites to infect people downloading their torrents. Leading browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome banned this website on their platform. Twitter also flagged the links of TPB Torrent as malicious. But later on, they fixed this issue.

Malware Hidden in Torrent Files

Malware or Trojan in those websites included Rootkits and Remote access tools as well. Crypto-Malware hostages your device and asks you to pay the ransom to unlock the important files in your drive. That malware that are non-crypto in nature do bigger damages because using the Remote access tools, they use your computer to bigger crimes by using your device as stepping stone. These crimes include the attacks on the government computers and Domain Name System (DNS) Servers that are more deadly at larger scales. This is very alarming for those who are unaware of the dangers of downloading torrents.

History is full of such examples in which hackers accessed the multiple innocent computers to execute attacks on the government agencies. Unaware of any such things, computer devices of thousands of people used in that way.

Another major concern of torrent is the modification of files. Not a single person is in the control of the file Because each file moves through different users, any user can alter it and add the bug in that. This is usually in case of software packages and operating system distributions. Movie files are usually just safe to watch. Because people just watch and binding any malicious code with video files is easily detectable by the Antivirus software.

You can observe the infection in the form of immediate effect and long-term effects. The immediate effect of these both events will be slowing down of your computer. On longer terms, this will expose you to be held for the crimes that you didn’t even commit. So always be cautious. Preying on the host computer is what a malware do.  Thus while using any torrent service, this very important to assure your security. You can do this by following ways,

Ad-Blockers and VPNs Can Save You

These are the simple browser extensions helping to block the servers and links that are serving those ads to you. Few of these extensions and add-ons also come with the ability to block trackers including from the social media like Facebook as well. Most of these apps are free and you can download them from the Extensions or Add-ons marketplace of the browser you are using. Still, You need to read reviews about these. Because an ad-blocker have access to every website you visit and it may or may not collects the data as well.

VPNs can’t do much but to protect your identity to protect being caught by Internet Service Provides or Law Enforcement Agencies. You can assure the privacy of yours using these tools. While choosing a VPN software, make sure you read a bit about the particular software.

Some VPNs are also known to sell your data to the advertising companies, sometimes on the black market as well. So, it is necessary to choose a VPN software that has good repute in the market and no evidence of any data theft reported about particular software.

What are Seeders, Peers and Leechers in Torrenting?

  • SEEDERS:  These are those who have downloaded the file already or initially the parent or uploader who uploads the torrent seeds to others. After you download the file through torrent successfully, it changes your download status to “Seeding” which you can turn off also. It’s not a good idea to seed when you have a slow or limited internet connection. But this makes you a selfish.
  • PEERS: These are those who are downloading and uploading at the same time. Peers do not contain the whole file. They only contain the chunks of the files. Seeding can be prevented during the download also.
  • LEECHERS: Lowest in the rank, these are those who don’t have all parts file and are not able to share you the required part of the file.

Windows 10 Uses Torrent to Update

Well, this is a bit of extra information for those who are worried about the legality of “torrenting”. Whenever Microsoft Windows releases new versions or updates, servers got slammed with traffic. To overcome this, Microsoft Introduced Windows Update Delivery Optimisation in Windows 10.

This is torrent-like systems in which you not only get the update files from the servers of Microsoft but also from the local computers who have already downloaded the updates. This way, downloading updates become quicker for user and less-burden on the servers of the Microsoft. If your this feature is turned on, this means you are also sharing the small chunks of updates files locally which slow down your internet speed.

Final Words

Though The Pirate Bay might become your number one choice as best torrenting site for the downloading your favorite stuff, it is possible that there is a unique file that you might not find on this torrent website, since we stated before that not all websites are perfect. Instead, try browsing the best torrents search engines to save lots of your precious time.

As a reminder, be very careful when downloading torrents, especially in countries where the law is merciless to such offenders. As an added form of protection please use VPNs to reduce your chances of being caught by the authorities. The last thing you would want is to get into trouble with the wrong people.


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