Top 25 Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 (Comparison)

The year 2017 looked a lot different from the perspective of top torrent sites and this landscape is going to change a whole lot as we enter 2018. There is an abundant number of torrent websites available at your disposal but there only a handful that will deliver what you were searching for ranging from a wide degree of content such as movies, music, shows, games, sports, channels and a whole lot more (don’t forget the speed limit too).

Our list of the best torrent sites will detail out which site offers the best repository depending on a specific category of content, just to make your life a little less harsh and a little more simple and entertaining at the same time.

How are we going to rate torrenting websites?

Keep in mind that there isn’t an accurate way of rating popular torrenting sites, but what we will be providing you is their Alexa rankings, along with other statistics that will be deemed important for you just so you can familiarize yourself with home important that torrent is really going to be. Now we know what you’re thinking; those who are very familiar with Alexa know that it is not the most accurate tool that you should be using when you’re primary goal is to rank websites, but think of it as a guideline tool rather than a proper unit of measurement.

Alongside this, we are going to provide some numbers related to the monthly million users (or daily visitors) that visit these torrenting websites so that you can be well informed of their popularity (once again, do take these figures with a grain of salt). In addition, we are going to summarize which of these best torrent websites are suited for which category so that you don’t have to waste precious time and can immediately jump in when you want to start downloading the best possible content depending on your interests.

Comparison Of Top Torrent Sites Of 2018

SiteBest Known ForTracker SupportInstant DownloadTor Friendly
The Pirate BayMovies, TV shows, Games, MusicYesYesYes
RARBGMovies & TV showsYesNoNo
1337XGames and SoftwareNoNoNo
Torrentz2Search EngineNoNoNo
LimeTorrentsHuge DatabaseYesYesNo
TorlockVerified torrentsNoYesNo
TorrentDownloadsHuge DatabaseNoNoNo
Torrents.meMultiple torrent site search, Data statsNoNoNo
KAT, KATCrGeneral PurposeYesYesYes
TorrentFunkVerified TorrentsYes??
Sky TorrentsHuge Database, DHT search engineNoYesNo
DemonoidPrivate membership communityYesYesYes
BTSceneClean Interface, Less Ads???
iDopeP2P file sharing on smartphone???
YourBittorrentClean Interface, Less bloatedYesYesNo
MonovaClean Design???
ToorgleMultiple torrent site search???
SeedpeerHuge Database???
NyaaHuge Anime Database???
BobtorMovies, TV shows, Cartoons?YesYes

Note: Alexa rank changes on daily basis, you might see the outdated rank for any listed site, we will try our best to keep the rank up to date on regular basis.

Best Torrent Sites Of 2018 – Popular Torrent Search Engine

  • Alexa rank: 298
  • Average monthly million users: It is intended to be a Torrent search engine rather than a proper torrent website
  • Best suited for: Searching for different torrents, which will immediately show in the search engine, along with specific details ranging from how old it is and how many seeders it features for optimized downloading is very similar in appearance, nature, and functionality to the defunct torrent site you knew and loved, Torrentz. Torrentz2 is not going to become the ultimate replacement search engine of Torrentz but believe us, it is definitely trying its level best to provide you with the best possible search results.

According to the latest statistics, Torrentz2 has indexed around 5.5 million torrents from 75 domains, meaning that this number is sure to increase in the foreseeable future. Just because Torrentz is sleeping with the fishes does not mean that everything you came to know and love has died too. A phoenix has risen from the internet’s ashes and though it might not be a formidable one as its predecessor, good things will always take time to proliferate so be patient.

After all, indexing millions of torrents and providing you with a potentially endless supply of search results is going to be a very difficult task. Just imagine how long it took Google to start indexing all of those pages; then you will realize the struggle it went into making this.

  • Alexa rank: 1234
  • Average monthly million users: 270,000 estimated per day
  • Best suited for: Torrents of various categories ranging from movies, TV shows, games, software, music and more is slowly creeping towards the top of the best torrent websites chain of command and regained a spot in the top ten this year. The operator of the torrent website has also managed to launch the torrent cache iTorrents, which took place a few months back.

As stacking up on torrents go, houses everything from movies, to TV shows to software and whatnot. Unfortunately, it is still not up to the mark as alternatives like The Pirate Bay so if there is something that is not present on the website, there is a very high probability that you will be to locate this missing torrent file in places like the one we mentioned above.

Then again, occasionally you will not find older torrents on The Pirate Bay, leading you to come back to You might have experienced this already, but there is no such thing as a perfect torrent site and there will always be small or big complaints that you will have to listen to from your torrent-downloading clan.

  • Alexa rank: 4,738
  • Average monthly million users: 280,000 estimated per day
  • Best suited for: Torrents of various categories ranging from movies, TV shows, games, software, music and more

Torlock has managed to find a place in our list because it has rightfully made its way into one of the most popular and best sites for torrent around. It is similar to 1337x in the sense that Torlock has a website interface that is very impressively designed in terms of functionality and appearance. In short, you will definitely not get lost here if and when you’re searching for a specific torrent.

If you want to talk about facts, we will give you facts that will always be etched in your memory. For starters, the torrent site indexes more than 3 million torrents and it also has its own dedicated magnet links of varying categories of content so you will never waste time in firing up a torrent client and begin receiving necessary files for a movie, TV show, and more.

According to, all the torrents indexed on the website have been verified, and the content that has not been verified is going to be flagged and removed immediately. We’d like to believe that Torlock wants to maintain a clean environment for its users and from the looks of it, we have already formulated a good impression of the website.

The Pirate Bay

  • Alexa rank: 96
  • Average monthly million users: 50,000,000 estimated
  • Best suited for: Torrents for various categories such as movies, TV shows, games, music and more

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest  BitTorrent sites in our list and torrent prowlers from around the world will rank this as the best torrenting site on the planet. There have been a lot of restrictions for users and the owners of the website lately when it comes to preserving the existence of The Pirate Bay but despite being pushed into a corner, it is still making waves as the ‘king of torrents’.

If you want a wide range of content when it boils down to searching for movies, TV shows, games, music and so much more, The Pirate Bay has everything that you could ask for. There is very little to complain about the website so if you’re living somewhere that does not impose heavy restrictions on your torrenting activities, then you can immediately search for pretty much anything here.

RARBG – Best For Downloading Movies Torrents

  • Alexa rank: 35,749
  • Average monthly million users: 1,750,000 estimated
  • Best suited for: Movie torrents mostly

RARBG initially started out as a Bulgarian tracker but has melted the hearts of those who are extreme movie buffs and want an endless content run of the latest flicks. Irrespective of what categories these movies belong to, RARBG will have everything suited for you. In addition to movies, finding TV shows are also going to be a very common sight which is why it has found its place as one of the top torrent websites on the planet.

According to some statistics, RARBG managed to obtain a top ranking of 5 last year in Alexa, though there are some that state that the only time it was on the top ten was in the year 2015. Once again, we shall reiterate that you should not use Alexa as an accurate tool of ranking, but the fact that this website even ended up being on the top ten list is very impressive in its own right.

There are also various resolution plus image quality movies and TV shows that you will find on this website so if you have adequate space on your hard drive, get downloading right away.

  • Alexa rank: 200K (India)
  • Average monthly million users: unknown
  • Best suited for: Movie and TV serials torrents mostly

Bobtor has managed to find a place in our list as it has rightfully made its way into one of the most popular and best movie torrenting sites around. It has a website interface that is very impressively designed in terms of functionality and appearance. In short, you will definitely not get lost here if and when you’re searching for a specific torrent.

If you want to talk about facts, we will give you facts that will always be etched in your memory. For starters, Bobtor mainly focuses on movies and serials, though it has less amount of movies than popular sites but they are currently expanding their database so you can expect better in coming days and it also has its own dedicated magnet links of varying categories of content so you will never waste time in firing up a torrent client and begin receiving necessary files for a movie, TV show, and more.

  • Alexa rank: 253
  • Average monthly million users: 5,750,000 estimated
  • Best suited for: Movie torrents mostly

If you browse around top torrent websites looking for the latest and greatest content, you will know that there are name variations of such websites, and this can lead to a lot of confusion for the reader. To sum everything up, is not affiliated with the original YTS or YIFY group, just to be clear.

It did, however, increase in ranking, thus being able to obscure the aforementioned website’s popularity as a result, but that will definitely incite some violence from rival sites. As a form of retaliation, an active banning of movie releases is taking place but if you’re still comfortable in using YTS, then there are very few people to stop you, except for maybe the law enforcement authorities but only if you reside in a country with strict laws.

Another added benefit to downloading movies from YTS is that it is able to provide you with a decent quality of movies and in less space. If you’re constrained on hard drive space, then you will happy to know that is going to be your guardian angel for the foreseeable future.

1337x – Popular For Gaming and Softwares

  • Alexa rank: 23,277
  • Average monthly million users: 1,600,000 estimated
  • Best suited for: While it does store the latest games and software, its popularity flourished thanks to its huge database for TV series and movies

After running through some hiccups last year when it attempted to dodge privacy and security concerns, 1337x is back with a bang and has established itself as one of the most popular torrent downloading websites, but mainly for movies. While it does store a list of games and software, you will find other alternatives more suited to your purpose when it comes to downloading speeds and available seeders.

Here’s another gripe of using 1337x; the torrent database is not as extensive as you would have liked and for someone that wants the latest content immediately available, you might have to search elsewhere to strike gold. However, if you happen to be searching something old but deems a strong level of importance to you, there is a massive chance that you will find what you need.

You will still need to keep an eye out on the seeder counter because with a small number of seeds, you will not be able to experience the speeds you desire, irrespective of how fast your internet connection is. However, you will be filled with joy to hear that it features magnetic links, which immediately directs you to torrent clients (if you have one installed on your computer) and start downloading that specific torrent.

  • Alexa rank: 1050
  • Average monthly million users: 1,900,000 estimated
  • Best suited for: Torrents that are focused on entertainment purposes such as movies and TV torrents

EZTV used to be an original TV-torrent distribution group but it got shut down thanks to a hostile takeover, which took place in 2015. However, with the new owners taking the operations after the takeover, EZTV currently functions as and releases its own torrents for viewers wanting to get a taste of the latest and greatest lineup of movies and TV shows.

Strictly speaking, if you’re looking for a massive repository of movies and TV shows, then you have come to the right place. Its ranking is slowly growing to the top of the food chain and so is the monthly million users counter. This reveals that slowly but surely, EZTV is going to become one of the highest ranking torrent downloading sies on the planet, but that will just be for a specific category.

Unfortunately, has not noted that it will start to focus on games, software, music and other categories otherwise it could take the fight to websites like The Pirate Bay. That is a battle which we will be looking forward to.

  • Alexa rank: 11704
  • Average monthly million users: 413,000 estimated per day
  • Best suited for: Torrents of various categories ranging from movies, TV shows, games, software, music and more

Believe it or not, IsoHunt is nearly the same age as The Pirate Bay and was founded in 2003 by Gary Fung. There was no denying the fact IsoHunt welcome pirated content with great love and by 2012, this impressive torrent website was sharing around 14 petabytes of content. Unfortunately, a series of events led to the closure of IsoHunt in 2013 but there was always a way to bring it back.

However, these replacements came back in the form of IsoHunt mirrors, which you now know as When you browse around for the first time, you will notice that there is going to be a lot of content to browse from, but do not make this your daily driver for every single torrent out there. Looking at the popularity of The Pirate Bay, it is more than possible that you might not find something on, but it will be present in the former.

Do a fair bit of digging and we are confident that you will be able to find your suitable torrents for entertainment or education purposes.

  • Alexa rank: 6,628
  • Average monthly million users: 10,300 estimated per day
  • Best suited for: Torrents of various categories ranging from movies, TV shows, games, software, music and more

If you’re in a torrent-frenzy mode, then you’ve definitely heard of ExtraTorrent. Turns out that there is a mirror website of ExtraTorrent called and it houses a wide-range of content ranging from movies, TV shows, software and more.

There was one very unusual thing that we found about Whenever we opened the website, our CPU usage went up to 99 percent, which was a very puzzling thing to encounter. Either this is a bug in the torrent website that they need to address, or it is something else that we have not been able to pinpoint.

Still, if you don’t mind the high CPU usage for a few minutes while you’re browsing the website then you will find nearly everything you wanted to complete your entertainment adrenaline surge. Best of all, the interface of the website is neat and clean, allowing for seamless traveling and navigation between various pages without getting confused in the middle.

Now if only these guys are able to solve this high CPU usage mystery, we’ll all be breathing a lot easier.

How To Download Torrents?

Torrents are nothing but files of a few kilobytes without a torrent client installed on your computer. To get the actual files you want on your local storage, you will require some of the best torrent clients for a various number of supported operating systems.

Luckily for you, we recently covered a list of the 10 popular free torrent software for three popular platforms, Windows, Mac, and Linux. For added measure, we have also included some terrific free torrent clients that support Android, because you never know when people want to move this storage to their phones.

Click Here – 10 Best Torrent Programs

Are downloading torrents safe anymore?

Most of you might not be aware of this but there has been a sudden increase in activity when it comes to law enforcement authorities on the shutting down of torrent download sites and arresting perpetrators. Apart from this, if you happen to be engaged in torrent downloading without some added protection, then it might become dangerous for you, but that will also depend on which country you’re inhabiting at the moment.

Most countries are already dealing with so many problems that they cannot invest the time, money and effort to curb torrent-downloading activities but developed countries are where such laws are quite strict. As a solution, the best possible way to start torrenting without potentially being detected by the authorities is by using privacy protection services in the form of VPNs.

ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access VPN, and IPVanish are some of the few services that are known to help out users in remaining anonymous when browsing best torrenting sites and downloading files, so try these out and start browsing when you switch on your machine.

Before Downloading From Torrents Sites, read this!

Before you aim to get a boatload of content installed and running on your computer, know that there are several risks involved while using BitTorrent sites. If and when you are able to, please pay for this kind of content such as purchasing games or signing up for streaming services. This is because in some countries, it is actually a crime to download torrents and it is summarized as the illegal sharing of copyrighted material.

Still, allow us to remove the confusion a bit more. P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, as many of the files traded through P2P are indeed copyrighted. However, uploading these copyrighted files will put you at risk of a civil lawsuit in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and others to be very careful in what you are getting yourself into.

Should you be worried about a potential lawsuit?

Lawsuits filed are categorized under class-action suits, meaning that they are filed against groups of users who copy and distribute copyrighted materials and will have to appear in court to answer for their crimes. However, and this bit is very important so please pay close attention, some lawsuits are also targeted towards individual users.

Now, why does such a thing happen? Perhaps the party wants to make an example out of you and the hearing of a lawsuit is sufficient to prevent an individual from ever engaging in the activity.

These P2P civil lawsuits are very real and they are very scary plus more often than not, it delivers an extreme level of stress and financial burden on the blamed individual. Since the internet is an open book right now, there are a higher number of chances of you being caught.

For example, you might not have read the terms and conditions of your Internet Service Provider but here is what they might do. They might choose to release a history of your download and upload activity to potential copyright plaintiffs. In short, the more content you download and store in your local storage, the higher the chances are that you come under the radar of copyright protection groups.

Final Words

Though The Pirate Bay might become your number one choice as best torrenting site for the downloading your favorite stuff, it is possible that there is a unique file that you might not find on this torrent website, since we stated before that not all websites are perfect. Instead, try browsing other alternatives and see if your luck starts there.

As a reminder, be very careful when downloading torrents, especially in countries where the law is merciless to such offenders. As an added form of protection please use VPNs to reduce your chances of being caught by the authorities. The last thing you would want is to get in trouble with the wrong people.



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