15 Best Free Video Players For Windows 10/8/7

A lot of people may think of it as a comparison guide, but it is not. The purpose of this article is just to make sure that the best video players for windows are talked about in detail with their features highlighted.

15 Best Free Video Players For Windows 10/8/7 1

Watching movies is an activity most of the love and enjoy; while some of us watch movies for recreational purposes, many people who do it for the passion they have for cinema.

It is safe to say that we do want to have a great experience when watching a movie to enjoy it thoroughly. Cinemas are always the top pick for the majority. However, there are times when watching a movie in a cinema is not as accessible. Sometimes, you just want to sit back on your couch and watch a movie on your desktop or your laptop. It is entirely reasonable, and enjoyable if you are comfortable.

Sometimes, you just want to sit back on your couch and watch a movie on your desktop or your laptop. It is entirely rational, and enjoyable if you are comfortable.

Sometimes, you just want to sit back on your couch and watch a movie on your desktop or your laptop. It is entirely normal, and enjoyable if you are comfortable. If you want to watch a movie on your Windows-based computer, then you can use the default Windows Media Player.

If you want to watch a movie on your Windows-based computer, then you can use the default Windows Media Player.

Or you can opt for a 3rd party video player that will offer you a slew of advanced features. These media players have been around for some time, and help people thoroughly enjoy the movie.

These media players have been around for some time, and help people thoroughly enjoy the movie. Some of the best media players are completely free while others come with a price.

Keeping that in mind, we have narrowed down some of the great video players for windows. You can get these players right away and start enjoying the movies how the viewer should enjoy them.

You can get these players right away and start enjoying the movies how the viewer should enjoy them. Do keep in mind that this is not a list for comparing the video players. We are just listing the best ones in our opinion.

Best Video Players For Windows In 2018

This list will help the readers make the right decision when choosing the best video players; they want to watch the movies on. Each video player has a distinct set of features, making them somewhat different than each other.

VLC Media Player (Free)

Image result for VLC Media Player

An interesting fact about VLC media player that it has been in existence since 1996, a time when technology was still getting better. It would have been an unfair thing to exclude this fantastic video player from the list, and the reason behind that is rather simple.

There are multitudes of features that make VLC media player a top pick for numerous people, for starters:

  • Full open source.
  • The player supports multiple formats.
  • Supports subtitles, and offers subtitle downloads.
  • Extremely light on resources.
  • Simple to use, and easy to understand.

These features have made the VLC player a fan favorite for years, and the user base is only growing. Despite being an old software, it is still receiving updates to this very day. The VLC player makes the user experience even better.

VLC Media Player is perhaps among the best replacements for the Windows Media Player, and easily becomes the best media player for windows.



Image result for 5kplayer

The 5KPlayer could almost be considered the new kid on the block, and in the modern day and age, it is not bad at all. Considering how we have technologically reached a point where it is not easy to find something that is innovative or stands out from the crowd, it is difficult for newcomers to find a place in the industry.

The good thing here is when it comes to 5KPlayer, such is a not the case, as the software does come with enough features that will keep you around for some time. The one features that stands out the most is the support for 5K playback as well as support for Apple AirPlay. Another thing is that the software is available for both Mac OS, as well as Windows, and the overall support, and fluidity across the board remains the same.

I am in love with the number of features you get with the 5KPlayer, and the fact that the software does not make you feel like your computer has slowed down is an added benefit. Just keep in mind that if you are using it for the first time, you might have a bit of a hard time exploring the software properly, and finding all the features, but once you have grown accustomed to it, you should not have any issue whatsoever.


  • You get an excellent set of features.
  • The 5KPlayer does not take up your resources.
  • Supports almost all the video formats.
  • Can allow you to download videos from YouTube.
  • 5K video playback is an amazing feature.


  • The starting experience might be a bit confusing


15 Best Free Video Players For Windows 10/8/7 2

Indeed an odd name for a video player that is for watching movies, but it works. Potplayer has been around for some time; it is one of the few software in the market that still has support for Windows XP.

The support goes all the way to Windows 8.1, and beyond, making the Potplayer versatile. You can almost call it the best video player for windows 10/8/7 thanks to the fact that it does not require significant resources. Some notable features of the Potplayer are:

  • Supports all OS versions.
  • Potplayer does not require powerful hardware.
  • Can use hardware acceleration for a better experience.
  • The video player with a slew of 3D-centric features.
  • Potplayer supports a wide range of codecs.

The list of features could go on and on if one is to talk about just how good Potplayer is, but it is evident at this point. On top of everything we have already discussed, Potplayer also comes for free, making it a must-have for many people.



Image result for Real Player

You can RealPlayer one of the oldest video players in the market, and that will hold up. It has been around since the time Windows XP was still getting latest updates. Unlike some of the other players I have checked over time, RealPlayer is a freemium video player for Windows.

You can get the free version, or you can pay per month to get the paid version that has some advanced features in it and additional storage space. Speaking of features, RealPlayer is one of the feature-packed video players for windows. Some notable features are:

  • Allows you to store videos and share them through cloud service.
  • Feature to stream your content on HD TVs if you want.
  • Allows you to keep bookmarks.

RealPlayer does not have to try hard to make a mark in a catalog where we already have a lot of video players available. It is simple, practical, and works well.



Image result for Plex player windows

Plex is one of the newer kids in town, but do not think that it lacks the punch or the features that are available on other video players for windows.

This is versatile to its core, it is available in free version, and has premium plans for those who want to buy.

The premium version is loaded with features whereas the basic version only comes with the bare necessities. Some of the features that Plex offers are:

  • Offers the ability to pay for media servers.
  • Supports flinging, and casting on different devices.
  • Plex is available on multiple platforms.
  • Let’s you sync your content across devices so you can enjoy them later on.
  • Parental control to keep sensitive media under protection.

Be aware that these are just a few features from a list that expands widely and touches several different spectrums. Plex is the next generation of video players for windows.


GOM Media Player

GOM_Media Player

GOM Media Player serves as an excellent alternative for everyone who does not want to use the Windows Media Player, or the mainstream video players that are available.

It has a nice list of features, allowing the users to customize their movie watching experience. GOM media player does come with a list of standard features that the users will enjoy.

It keeps everything simple, making sure that there is not much confusion.

  • GOM Media Player supports multiple formats.
  • Offers advanced UI customization.
  • Allows you to find the compatible codecs.
  • Wide support for operating systems.

GOM’s feature list may not seem enough for some, but it acts as a media player that is created for people who want simplicity, and functionality. GOM media player provides both without any issues whatsoever.



Image result for kmplayer for windows 10

The Universal Media player or UMPlayer is a video player for windows that comes with a recommendation by a lot of people for the fact that it is lightweight.

Not just that, the video player is also hassle-free for people looking for that experience and has some decent features.

Features are something many consider essential. However, the truth is that these features can complicate your experience, and even alienate it to a certain extent. Still, UMPlayer has some decent features, to begin with.

  • The video player is open source.
  • It supports multiple codecs.
  • Wide support for formats.
  • You can choose media source from multiple services like YouTube.

These features are enough to make the UMPlayer one of the most popular media players that is available on the market at the moment. To make things even better, you do not have to pay for the video player as it is free.



Image result for SMPlayer for windows 10

You may be wondering about the strange names some of the video players have on the list, and that is okay. The real purpose of these video players is to provide the optimal experience in watching movies, or other video-based content.

SMPlayer brings simplicity, and a smart mix of features right on your desktop. It is lightweight, has all the necessary elements, and comes without a price tag.

  • UI is simple and can be customized.
  • Allows you to play videos straight from YouTube.
  • SMPlayer has built-in codec support.
  • Supports subtitles, and searches them as well.
  • Can use hardware acceleration.

The use of hardware acceleration is the best feature you can want in a video player because it allows the software to take full advantage of the powerful hardware, and make the experience even better.

The video player is also open source, allowing other developers to introduce more changes to the code, making it even better for the community.


DivX Player


A lot of people miss on this player because they think that the DivX player is usable just one format. Do not let that confuse you as it does support every modern and old format of videos out in the market.

The primary purpose of DivX player is to play HEVC videos, as well as high-quality videos. The DivX player is a bit on the heavier side when it comes to the features.

It is a good thing because this allows the users to get the best possible experience they can when they are watching the movies.

Apart from the usual list of features, there are some advanced features mentioned below.

  • DivX player features a built-in media server for devices with DLNA.
  • Supports FF/RW, allowing you to navigate between chapters.
  • The player offers playlist organization.
  • There are a ton of audio playback options.

It is evident that DivX player does come with features for both audio and video playback, giving you complete control over how you want to handle the content.


Media Player Classic

Image result for media player classic

From the looks of the player, the Media Player Classis looks as if it is a default in the Windows. That is because it imitates the looks of the older version of Windows Media Player.

In this case, looks are entirely deceiving because there lies a dominant video player under the hood.

The Media Player Classic is a lightweight media player with some of the best features available; it can easily go head to head against the best video players for windows without breaking a sweat.

At first glance, you may not find the features that you want, but upon digging the settings, they will be there.

  • Media Player Classic comes with a portable version as well, does not require installation.
  • Built-in codec support.
  • Allows customization through skins and toolbars.

In simpler words, the Media Player Classic is simplicity personified; it is lightweight, works with every format, has customization options, and is easy to use.



Image result for KMPlayer

The last player on the list is a fan favorite for a lot of people. The KMPlayer is known as being one of the oldest players that are available on the Windows platform. It should not come as a surprise that over the past couple of years, it has matured a lot.

KMPlayer’s start was rather modest, with the media player only having the necessary features. At this time, it is one of the most feature-packed video players you can get. The best part about it is that all the features are available in the free version as there is no paid version for it.

  • Supports video playback at higher resolutions like QHD and UHD.
  • Does not powerful hardware.
  • 3D support is also included.
  • KMPlayer comes without a price tag.

The KMPlayer is among the top rated video players for windows, it is simple, works well, plays almost every format, and does not create issues like crashes, or lag.


Final Words

Well, this concludes the list ladies and gentlemen, 10 of the best video players for windows have been through the test.

We did cover almost all the fantastic video players that you can download, while most of them are available for free. There are a couple that comes in both free versions and paid versions.

If you think that we may have missed some other great video player. Feel free to let us know, and we will check it out.


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