You should use VPN in the UK, but which one is the best?  

Best VPN for the UK 2020

Whether living in the UK or accessing a UK server from outside the country, users need to be aware that the British government closely monitors users’ online activity. The best way to avoid that surveillance and safeguard online privacy in the UK is through a VPN.

A VPN provides an encrypted private connection masking the user’s IP address and location. With strong encryption and best protocols, only a premium service can provide, a VPN is another layer of security in addition to built-in operating system firewalls and best commonsense security practices.

So, when shopping around for the best VPN in the UK, the best choice is a subscription VPN. For a low monthly price, the user can access the best encryption and be guaranteed no tracking through a “no-logs” policy, as well as the most reliable leak-proof connections.

On the other hand, free VPNs can only remain free by meeting their expenses in other ways. For example, free VPNs track their users. They sell the usage activity logs to marketers and online advertisers, who tailor bespoke ads. Many free services deposit trackers on the user’s system and others have been known to facilitate third-party cyber-attacks.

The strongest premium VPNs in the UK head the winners’ list and include the following benefits:

— In conjunction with the security features of macOS and Windows 10 computer operating systems, a strong UK VPN provides a layer of continuous security and privacy protection through location masking and strong data encryption.

— For online financial transactions, the extra layer of security for VPNs provide the anonymity not always provided by financial institutions. The main advantage of a VPN is how it protects data in transit as it proceeds from the customer to the financial institution.

–A VPN makes the user far less vulnerable to surveillance and MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks. In London alone, there are thousands of free Wi-Fi hot spots. It is unwise to sign into an insecure Wi-Fi spot without a VPN.

–Mobile phones on the Wi-Fi grid can also be a source of vulnerability to a man-in-the-middle attack. The best protection from hackers who spy, spoof, and lure unsuspected victims to fake websites is through an encrypted VPN.

–A strong UK VPN defeats bandwidth throttling, which slows online gameplay. The gamer can access games that are unavailable locally. Another VPN benefit to gamers is its protection against denial of service attacks by rival players and arbitrary activities of despotic admins.

–With a premium UK VPN service, the user can sign into premium entertainment streaming services like iPlayer and Netflix. Programming policies or copyright considerations cause streaming services to deny broadcasting of popular series outside their coverage area. A strong UK VPN can access all that out-of-area content–without the user having to log into dangerous websites that illegally pirate content.

–A premium VPN thwarts unfair pricing practices. Some online e-commerce sites and product sellers frequently block out-of-area shoppers. Sometimes they display different prices when they detect access from customers in more affluent areas. Or they have shunted the customer to a site with higher prices.

–Also, airlines and other travel industry services will frequently display different ticketing, hotel, and auto rental prices based on the user’s ISP address. With a VPN, the shopper can hop around from location to location to find the lowest prices available.

–A VPN in the UK can provide protection to every user device connected to a home router. The home router can prevent compromising personal privacy and block hackers seeking entry through other web-connected devices in the home, like security cameras. Installing a VPN on the router is the best way to protect every device that uses an internet connection.

A VPN protects users in the UK from spies, hackers, and government surveillance. It provides an encrypted layer of online security and location masking and encrypts online traffic.

The best choice is a paid subscription to a premium VPN. Free VPNs are far less secure and slow down the user’s internet connection through popup ads and connection throttling. Premium VPNs also come with a no-logs policy that provides the best online protection to safeguard financial transactions and prevent man-in-the-middle attacks on public Wi-Fi networks.

Also, a premium UK VPN also provides reliable access to popular entertainment streaming sites and can protect shoppers from unfair pricing practices. A premium VPN will also include the option of installing a VPN on a router to protect every device serviced by the router.


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