6 Best VPNs With Free Plans in 2019: a Blessing or a Curse?

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In some eyes, VPN is the means for accessing banned sites. And in practical terms, it copes with this task perfectly. But is it always worth paying for a subscription? I’m not sure! In this article, you’ll read about paid services which offer free packages in 2019. You can also find a lot of useful experts’ reviews on Cool tech zone, they will help you to make the right choice.

Move on!

6. SecurityKISS

In line with 4 paid packages which start with €1.99 per month, this VPN offers its free plan. However, instead of 57 possible servers, one gets access to only 4. They are located in the USA, the UK, France and Germany. On the whole, it will serve to access the top news sites, share photos through Facebook and Instagram. You will definitely like unlimited server switching.

There are some other limits for the users of Security KISS free package:

  • only 300 Mb a day is allowed (for reading news it’s ok, but as for streaming, it is hardly possible);
  • protected communication through email clients and VoIP messengers is not guaranteed (prohibited in the UAE Skype won’t be unblocked with this free package);
  • SecurityKISS free plan subscribers experience slow speed (watching even a short video might lead to buffers and lags).

The logging policy of the provider is quite clear. It stores the following data on its subscribers:

  • IP;
  • duration of a VPN session;
  • bandwidth.

However, logs undergo automatic deleting once per 10 days.

Who will like it: SecurityKISS is for you if your aim is accessing just some sites (not streaming or gaming ones).

5. ZoogVPN

You won’t have to pay for ZoogVPN, as the service may be used absolutely free. All you are to do is to pass the registration procedure. The provider offers 128-bit traffic ciphering, 3 VPN locations and P2P servers. The account allows 1 device only.

As for the limitations of the provider, here they are:

  • bandwidth is limited to 2GB a month (thus, it’ll be impossible to stream all serials and films you want);
  • access to the US library of Netflix, ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer is NOT offered;
  • 256-bit encoding (it is more efficient in terms of security).

The provider claims it stores no logs. We’ve checked its Privacy Policy document and found the following information:

  • the provider collects data on users’ emails but under no circumstances shares this information with third-parties;
  • neither information on user activity nor logs are kept.

Who will like it: If you appraise zero-log policy and want to use a V, N not for streaming, ZoogVPN is not a bad provider.

4. TunnelBear

Once tried, TunnelBear lingers in mind forever! The provider offers is compatible with both desktops and portable gadgets. It’s very user-friendly and quite enough. To make use of the service, you are to sign up on the official website of the provider), download and set up the app on one of 5 allowed gadgets.

In line with all its outstanding facilities, TunnelBear is not without weak points:

  • bandwidth is limited to 500 per month (an average movie is ≈2 GB, so if you want to stream Netflix, which is, in fact, can be unblocked by TunnelBear, you won’t manage to do it).

As for its logging policy, the provider is credible. Despite the fact that TunnelBear stores some cookie files for some time (from 1 minute to 2 years), the information on its subscribers’ IPs will be disclosed under no circumstances.

Who will like it: The service is perfect to make purchases online. Some online stores are blocked in certain countries. TunnelBear solves this problem in a matter of minutes. Just change the location and unblock the site you want.

3. DotVPN

Another prominent VPN provider is DotVPN. Its monthly price varies from $2.99 to $4.99 depending on the subscription duration. However, the provider cares for internet users who cannot afford to pay this sum of money. In this regard, it’s possible to get a free DotVPN package. Lucky you are if you are going to subscribe for this service, as data usage is unlimited. You are allowed to use the service as often as you like.

This beneficial feature enables DotVPN consumers to stream video, listen to music, play online games and surf the web on an unlimited basis.

Well, but where is the nasty trick?

There are some characteristics that make people subscribe to its paid version:

  • the speed is fast enough for streaming and communication through VoIP applications;
  • one might watch videos and listen to music by means of the services blocked for your region;
  • ultra-secure encryption with 4096-bit key makes users close to 100% protected;
  • torrenting can be used by DotVPN subscribers (protection against your ISP is guaranteed).

The privacy policy of DotVPN ensures its users that they neither sell nor share the stored data with an interested party.

Who will like it: If you look for a VPN provider to bypass geographical restrictions and stream video through top services, DotVPN is 100% for you!

2. ProtonVPN

Thanks to a free package offered by ProtonVPN, you’ll be allowed to become a bit less restricted. Access to 3 countries serves to bypass at least some restrictions. Only one connection is allowed, but it is not a problem for the provider which offers its services free of charge! It headquarters at Switzerland, the country known for its strong privacy laws.

However, free ProtonVPN lacks some significant features as compared with its paid plans:

  • P2P file-sharing (without this facility a ProtonVPN subscriber cannot share files through a peering network);
  • rich server network (actually, 347 servers in 31 countries around the world are offered, but if you are a free plan user, you have a chance to make use of servers placed in only 3 regions);
  • super-fast speed (it is a necessary characteristic if one is going to stream music or video).

The logging policy of this free VPN provider is clear due to the Swiss laws. ProtonVPN doesn’t keep data on connection logs of its subscribers.

Who will like it: The bandwidth is not limited whereas the speed is not excellent. Nevertheless, ProtonVPN serves to bypass restrictions easily.


On the official page of this VPN provider, we found information about its free package. As you see the package does exist. The server network is awesome for a free provider! One might make use of 10 possible locations: Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. However, users have to pay for additional locations: 1 location = $1. If the number of basic regions is enough, there is no need to pay.

The logging procedure is easy: just username and password are required to create an account.

As for the weak sides of free WindscribeVPN plan, we haven’t found only one:

  • users should pay for additional server locations.

The provider does NOT store data on source IP address, website one visits and information about VPN sessions. Besides, Windscribe doesn’t make use of third-party agencies to monitor the activity of its clients.

Who will like it: Anyone who appreciate relatively diverse server network will be pleased with Windscribe.

Final Words

Free VPNs might be useful in 2019. When choosing a provider, you are to decide what for you are going to use a VPN. If you aim at streaming, opt for the service with unlimited bandwidth and fast speed. It’s also important to have a look at allowed locations. If you are interested in American services, choose a VPN that offers at least one server in the US.

Anyway, this article contains free VPNs suitable for every purpose. Just look them through and decide which one meets your requirements.


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