YouTube Alternatives – 15 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube

The purpose of this article is just to make sure that the best YouTube alternatives are talked about in detail with their features highlighted.

Youtube alternatives

When online content viewing and creation comes to mind, YouTube is the first name your body involuntarily registers. Unfortunately, with guidelines being revised without any given notices with other complaints in tow, millions of internet users are clamoring for something different; something that will provide them with a stack of content they can view in peace. Looking for top media players to run videos offline? Best Video Players for Windows.

Best Video Streaming Sites As Youtube Alternatives

We have the 10 best sites like YouTube lined up for you to test out, so let us not waste any more time than necessary and detail all those options for you.

1Dailymotion – Popular Video Sharing site like YouTube

If it is not YouTube, then it is definitely Dailymotion. Our first YouTube replacement is the second-best option you have at your fingertips to start viewing content on a daily basis. Since it features nearly the same layout and provides the same video categories as its video-streaming and uploading rival, users will get accustomed to using Dailymotion immediately.

Unfortunately, HD quality uploads are limited to pro users and there is a 4GB video limit, meaning that video uploads of around 60 minutes will be acceptable. This can actually be bad for those that want to upload comprehensive videos for educational purposes and with this limitation they might revert back to YouTube.

If you can get around a few issues here and there, Dailymotion can more than likely become your streaming alternative.


  • Has less harsh rules than YouTube on removing videos, but that can also be detrimental and uploaders might be free to upload whatever content they want
  • Features the same layout so you will get used to it right away
  • Professional quality videos at your viewing disposal
  • Same lists of video categories to make it easier for you to navigate around.


  • High-definition uploads will only be available for pro users
  • Is not popular in the U.S., even though it has accumulated quite a reach in Europe
  • Video resolution limit is capped at 1080p

2Vimeo – Best Video Streaming Alternative

Vimeo might not be competing directly with YouTube, but it sure is one heck of a video streaming alternative. The platform encourages classy filmmakers to show off their work, and the best part is that when you’re viewing a video, there are less distracting elements in the background to divert your attention away from the juicy bits of the clip.

In short, what this means is that you will be focusing on nothing but the video because focusing on distracting elements at the same time can mean you will end up wasting valuable time and might not finish the entire video.

Still, there are drawbacks to using Vimeo, especially if you’re a content creator because there is a 500MB weekly upload limit. Nevertheless, this can be upgraded to 5GB but let us face it, 5GB is honestly peanuts to the amount of content being uploaded to YouTube every day.


  • Focus more on the video the user is streaming and provides less distracting elements in the background.
  • A place for creative content creators to showcase their work to others
  • Encourages high-quality filmmakers to provide their magic
  • Vimeo homepage is a delight for the eyes


  • Website has a limit of 500MB per week only when uploading videos and this for each user
  • Video limit can be upgraded, but that is only capped at 5GB and will require a monthly fee

Metacafe has a 90-second limit on its videos, making it more appealing as a community-based YouTube substitute than an actual content streamer’s delight which makes it one of the best sites like Youtube. It might not come close to its competitors in garnering the total number of views but if you are looking for a ‘no-nonsense’ experience when it comes to shortened clips, there is no reason why you should not choose Metacafe.


  • Great platform for community-based content to be added
  • Attracts around 40 million unique viewers, which is not so bad considering there is little to no garbage content being uploaded


  • 90-second videos mean comprehensive and detailed videos will not be provided to viewers
  • Scarce viewership in comparison to YouTube

If you love music videos, then you’d better bookmark Vevo as your ‘go to’ streaming website because this YouTube alternative will deliver to you fast, hard, and swiftly. With an endless supply of music videos literally at your fingertips, you can always go here when you want to do absolutely nothing but submerge yourself in lyrics, vocals, and sound.

They always say music is therapeutic, and Vevo will become your primary health center when you’re feeling down and out. Unfortunately, it does not present diversified content like YouTube so you might be disappointed with what you find when you browse around it for the first time.


  • A treasure for those that want to enjoy an endless repository of music videos
  • High-definition content will always be guaranteed
  • ‘Simple to use’ website interface will have you hooked on the streaming platform in no time


  • Cannot be as diverse as YouTube in terms of content thanks to limitation of the content-type being uploaded
  • You cannot upload your own music videos so it might become a popular alternative for some people

Twitch started out as a concept at first but quickly became a favorite for viewers and content uploaders whose strict motto is to watch gaming videos and nothing else. For millions of internet users out there, Twitch is ideal for viewing ‘live broadcasting’ videos but its popularity is very pale as opposed to YouTube.

In terms of payout, Twitch might not be the suitable alternative but if you absolutely adore gaming videos, then this is the platform you should get stuck to right away.


  • Very impressive in attracting gamers and content uploaders alike to the website
  • Game-based content available in massive amounts
  • Great for watching live gaming videos


  • Payout is far less compared to YouTube
  • You cannot rewind videos
  • Streaming performance might be a tad bit slower compared to other websites

The name might sound like a storage platform because that is exactly what it is; The Internet Archive is part of the WayBack Machine and houses a lot of content from back when content uploaders and viewers were very few in number. If you want to state your requirements of watching a wide-range of documentaries, TV series, movies and more, we highly recommend that you start following The Internet Archive religiously.


  • Huge library of videos present ranging from documentaries to TV series, movies and others that are hard to come by on other platforms
  • Users can also upload their own content freely


  • You might not find a whole lot of new content present at The Internet Archive when compared to other streaming and uploading websites

If you’re on Facebook and Twitter then there is absolutely no way you have not come across the 9Gag brand. The channel provides copious amounts of entertainment in the form of images, GIFs, memes, and so much more, but here is where things get even better. 9Gag TV is a section that houses an abundant level of videos and though some of them might be NSFW, you will get your dose of entertainment the moment you fire up this channel.

9GAG is my favourite Youtube Alternative for humor. The best of the short comedy clips you will find on this video sharing website.


  • If pure entertainment is what you are seeking for then there is no better place than 9Gag


  • NSFW videos are also a part of the content, so be careful what you click on
  • Users might kill hours of precious time by engaging in entertainment videos

Veoh is yet another great alternative to YouTube and aside from providing a clean interface for potentially millions of users, there are a lot of perks involved here. First, you can upload any video of any length, meaning a ‘no holds barred’ situation for content creators here.

Secondly, there are lots of social features present which will allow you to start sharing your content amongst friends and other people plus if they like your content, then your popularity will exponentially increase.


  • Clean user interface with a lot of social features present so that you are able to engage with your friends and interact with groups and forums
  • Videos of any length can be uploaded and instantly shared


  • Search capability is less than a pleasing experience, meaning other users might revert to finding other alternatives

This might be a very surprising turn of events but Flicker also allows you to upload content in the form of videos, even though it is going to be in a very limited capacity. It is an established platform with several features, but there is always going to be room for improvements. Flickr will allow you to make a free account but this particular account is limited to uploading videos with a time limit of just 90 seconds.

However, if you are able to ignore this fact, then there is no question that this YouTube alternative will become a favorite of yours in no time. Didn’t know before that Flickr is also among YouTube alternatives? Me neither, go ahead and give a try to this YouTube like video sharing website.


  • Very clean and simple UI will allow first-timers to feel very welcome when searching for a variety of content to stream
  • Videos can be uploaded freely without any obstacles


  • Video uploads are limited to 90 seconds
  • Only two videos with a time limit of 90 seconds can be uploaded

Photobucket is similar to Flickr but presents more options to users ranging from a varied amount of content. It does host a very impressive repository of user-generated videos, but it will still take time for it to provide a higher collection of content and in a broader capacity.


  • Stellar browsing experience
  • High-quality content can be uploaded, with a diversified repository readily available


  • Limited content, for the time being, might not encourage a high level of viewership

After the recent explosion of cryptocurrency, it is safe to say that we all know that Blockchain is something that is slowly spreading, and has become the latest trend in the technology. The good news is that DTube is based on Blockchain and the good news is that it is a completely decentralized platform that serves as an excellent alternative for YouTube, and the interface is somewhat similar as well.

Users can easily browse through the hot, trending, as well as watched videos on their homepage. You have also the option to save the videos that you can watch later, as well as the option to check out the viral content from a list of trending tags.

One of the best parts about this website is that DTube is completely without ads, and it uses Steem blockchain to keep the records and users do not have to pay anything to start using this streaming service. Another great thing here is that if you upload videos on the platform, you will be rewarded with Steem cryptocurrency for seven days, and in addition to that, leaving comments on videos will also give you the chance to win. This is certainly a clever way of attracting the people.

However, since it is a relatively new platform, the video repository is on the lower side, and you might not find a lot of videos on the platform. It is still growing, and definitely has the potential to become one of the best alternatives to YouTube.


  • Completely ad free.
  • Based on Blockchain.
  • Users get cryptocurrency rewards for uploading videos, and leaving remarks
  • Familiar interface.


  • Not enough videos.
  • Cannot rival the giant that is YouTube.


Instagram took everyone by surprise when they launched their own streaming platform called IGTV. Now the thing is that this video platform is a lot different as it offers vertical videos that are pretty long in length; needless to say, these videos were specifically created to be watched on smartphones. As of right now, you can only use the app to watch the videos, however, you can upload your own through the desktop. If you already have an Instagram account, the IGTV can be accessed right away, and free of cost.

Users can simply go ahead and follow different channels that they prefer, or they can even browse through the feed that will show you all the content that is going to be based on your preferences. For content creators, IGTV is really great, and you can show your content to a larger audience since you do not have to punch in a URL, search the video you want to watch, and then watch it. IGTV is certainly going places.


  • Great for watching videos on smartphone.
  • Readily available to every Instagram users.
  • Great for making short or longer videos.


  • Cannot upload videos from the app.
  • The vertical aspect ratio is not for everyone.

If you are looking for something that is far more educational than any other video streaming platform, the Open Video Project is something that you need to look in. This project was launched back in 1998, and works as a digital library that contains about 195 video segments. The Open Video Project serves as repository of digitized videos, and contains so many documentaries, educational, as well as history related videos.

The good news here is that users are given a chance to select from the content by simply using filters, specific time, as well as sound and format. The thing about this platform is that most of the videos on this platform have been given by the government agencies of the United States.

The Open Video Project is certainly an intriguing one, but once cannot call it a direct replacement of YouTube, as both platforms are serving the user bases that are drastically different from one and the other.


  • Great for educational videos.
  • Completely free.
  • Huge repository of videos.


  • Not a direct replacement to YouTube.
  • Dated interface.

14Facebook Videos  – Best YouTube Alternative

Normally, the Facebook search bar Is used for finding people, places, or pages. However, the neatest trick that has been in the plain sight for a long time is that when you are searching something specific, you can simply click on the “Videos” tab, and gain access to countless videos related to what you were searching. For instance, simply type brownie into the search bar, and click on videos. You will be given so many videos related to brownies.

Now obviously, this is certainly a handy feature, but finding the same level of videos on this platform is simply not possible. That is not to say that this option is not a viable one, it simply is not as cohesive and deep as YouTube.


  • Easily search videos.
  • Great for finding social media personalities.


  • Very limited.


We all know just how popular the concept of decentralized platforms is becoming, and that is exactly where PeerTube comes in. As the name suggests, PeerTube is a peer-to-peer video streaming and sharing platform that has been making waves in the market. Anyone can go ahead and host the videos they want, the entire interface is simply and neatly done, there are no ads, and you can even look at the trending, as well as recently added section to find the videos that you think are the best.

One of the greatest strengths of this platform is that there is no worries about being censored or banned because of content that does not match their communities because on PeerTube, you have the freedom to upload whatever you want. Now the important thing that you need to know here is that PeerTube is relatively new, and at the time of writing there are not a lot of videos available to watch. Still, it looks like it is going to make waves in the streaming market, and bring out some of the best features that people have been wanting for a long time.


  • Absolutely no censoring.
  • Peer to peer.
  • Users can host their own videos.
  • No ads.
  • Completely free.


  • Still has a long way to go.

Final Words

While it is true that YouTube does sport a massive repository of content, what good is a service when you will be bombarded with an endless list of rules and regulations? This definitely tarnishes the overall experience for content creators and viewers alike. If you’re searching desperately for the best video streaming sites as YouTube alternative, our recommendations have been given above, so let us know which one are you going to switch over to shortly.

Please share your thoughts with us about these YouTube Alternatives.


  1. Strimmer Spares

    Great article, thanks. I’ll be trying out some of these youtube alternative.

    • Joseph

      I cannot believe there is no real alternative to youTub they all suck

  2. ColdBeerHD

    “Metacafe has a 90-second limit on its videos” – that is not truth. You can upload 10 minutes.

  3. Dontard Trumpfuck

    YouTube really went down the drain when Google took it over. Now it’s just another source of mainstream crap that we already see too much of. Google has no respect for anything but money, just like all the other corporate bandits that are destroying the planet.

  4. Eric

    DIY Tube
    The Open Video project
    Daily Motion
    The Internet Archive
    that’s all I got for the moment

    • Michael Dickson

      BlipTV has gone under.

  5. William


  6. Tony

    Used to love Youtbe because of their super editor but unfortunately its gone. Don’t know why, Do you?
    Stabilization, royalty free music etc.

  7. Avijit Mahato

    I think Dailymotion is the best alternetive website of YouTube

    • mps

      dtube requires a subscription to steem. You can only get steem if you have a smartphone. If you have like me, a flip phone you cannot subscribe to steem thus you cannot use dtube. Rather sad.

  8. Rinaldo

    I put a dashcam video on my youtube channel. Guess what, it is blocked because there is a radio playing some music. Because of the music playing from the in-car radio, a music you can barely hear in all the noise in the car, this bullshit organization “UMG_MK” blocked my video. I’m done with Youtube for good.

    • Maine

      Then which one you’re using? I mean free and unlimited uploads with no time bound!

  9. David

    Another good site that wasn’t included here is Ebaums world.
    I am so sick and tired of YouTube playing so many commercials all the time! I am not going to spend $120 a year just to get YouTube Red, which has no ads on it!
    I’m getting sick of YouTube!

    • praneet arora

      You can install the Ublock origin extension by Raymond Gorhill. It is available on both firefox and chrome browsers. That way you can view all the videos with the commercials blocked. And don’t worry the extension is absolutely safe and moreover, the extension is also open source, so you can check the code if you want to be sure.

  10. JewTube Sucks! has shut down on 15th December 2017. Vidme was one of the best Youtube alternatives which was the best competitor to Youtube but it got shut down by it’s owner. What they are doing now is that they are making an surprise to everyone with an new product that they say will blow everyone’s mind. Let’s hope for the best.

  11. Paul

    Bitchute is also worth a gander.

    • D3ck

      Yes, a ton of people are flocking over there bc of the Alex Jones censorship. I mean a lot! Worth looking into

  12. John Farrell

    The information shared is great and thank you for sharing such great post with us.

  13. Brian

    I been a Dailymotion user for years now and I dont pay for HD lol what is this? something new?

  14. Jamiel

    Articles is Perfect , but my selction is

    Daily Motion
    Roar Tube
    DIY Tube
    The Open Video project

  15. Kor Marton

    VIDDO is also a great Youtube alternative.
    It is a new social video platform where everyone who participates, including content creators, content curators, gets compensated.
    And if you want to cash out your earnings all you need is a Pro Channel.
    The platform launches at the end of November this year.

    Their Pro Channel Pre-sale has just started recently and with my affiliate link, one Pro Channel will only set you back by 2.50USD.

    There is a minimum purchase of 10USD and if you use this referral link you will get 1 extra Pro Channel Voucher and I will get one too.

    Once you made your purchase, you automatically become an affiliate. Then you may share your referral link, earning you free Pro Channel Vouchers which will hopefully be worth a ton of cash someday soon!

    Please study this for a better understanding and pay close attention to the “Become an honorary VIDDO Co-Founder today” portion. It explains how you can potentially 60x your money! �

    Great blog!
    Keep up the great work!

    Kor Marton
    [email protected]

  16. hal

    you should do one for alternatives for youtube that arent blocked on school laptops, arent just pictures cuz youtube is videos so if we are looking for alternatives for youtube we want videos, and ones that have music and edits

  17. An internet user

    Too bad peertube hosts its jquery on sedo parking, making it unusable to most users unless you do one of the following:

    – disable your ad blocker (nope)
    – whitelist the entire sedoparking domain (nope)
    – switch to an ad blocker with more precise whitelisting but that probably also sucks to set up and maintain (nope)

    Poor choice on their part, IMO

  18. Joe Tairei

    What about bitchute? A blockchain peer-based platform similar to dtube.

  19. Maine

    That’s correct YouTube sucks but I am confused!
    Which one is good to start with unlimited uploads with no time limits? I mean for FREE!

    Peertube (i just saw 1gb quota while creation)

    Thank you

  20. MesaFilms


    Thanks to this article I gave Veoh a try. I registered there about 5 days ago.

    This website must be still early and growing up, because it is very poor for now.

    For poorness I mean:

    – Missing a help center for newcomers;
    – Missing an official forum where to discuss change proposals for this website;
    – When you upload a video, you are only allowed to post a very short description (255 characters… and DailyMotion allows 3000) and only a few tags (max 5);
    – Tags function is not good at all, because “spaces” between words count as tag sometimes, and it may cause errors (“Please enter a value here” even after you have already put those calues) that prevent you to save editings until you don’t write tags in the correct form.

    Example of tag-using on Veoh:
    kickoff3, snes, dos, gameplay, soccer

    If you put spaces between the words, and then 4 commas, Veoh will NOT accept your tags, or sometimes it will separate them automatically, like this:
    kick, off, 3, dos, gameplay

    So the main risk is you are creating non-existing and counter-productive tags that don’t fit user’ search needs there, that means your video will never be watched! 🙁

    The ideal form, in my opinion, should be to include spaces and creating an exact tag by using quotation marks, for example:
    “Kick Off 3”, “Super Nintendo”, “Soccer games” etc…

    Other bugs or missing features:

    -You CANNOT change your avatar (yes, I’m serious about this): you’ll get an error saying “The required parameter apiKey is not provided”;
    -On your uploaded videos section, if you cancel a video while uploading processs, it will still remain there. You’ll see “Status: uploading” and a duration of 00:00. When trying to delete it, you’ll get another error saying that the video cannot be deleted because it has not been found (lol).
    -Missing an “add notes” function in the video player.

    That’s all for now.

    I would have posted this on a help section, but Veoh doesn’t have. This website is interesting and has some potential, but it has to change something.

    So I would exhort a lot of people to subscribe there and submit videos, because it is the only way to change it and make it at least a decent alternative to YouTube.

    • MesaFilms

      (“Please enter a value here” even after you have already put those calues)

      there is an error here, I meant “values”.

  21. Benzies

    What about Butchute. It’s as good as youtube except not as wide a range, few “zionists! Zionists everywhere!” Types on there and the watch later list can’t just work as a playlist


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