Bitcoin Rush Expert Review (Scam or profitable) 2020

Following the emergence of cryptocurrencies as a viable performing asset in recent times, many traders are now seriously looking into ways to earn profits through trading in crypto such as Bitcoin online. It is precisely why my competent team and I conducted research to review one of the most popular trading software out there, the Bitcoin Rush app.

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What is Bitcoin Rush?

Bitcoin Rush is described as an automated technology program used by traders to make profits from the cryptocurrency market. Automated programs are known to generate huge profits for its users and Bitcoin Rush is not an exception.

These technology platforms claim to do almost every task for traders. The only thing traders need to do is set a few parameters and engage the auto trader to start making profits. With an investment of $250, the platform allegedly generates up to $1000 in a day when executed with the right instructions.

Is Bitcoin Rush legit?

Bitcoin Rush is a legit trading software technology that targets short-sellers selling crypto at low prices. The technology then, times when the crypto’s market value appreciates and then opportunistically, makes the trade at the ‘right’ time to translate to handsome profits for the trader.

The trading platform that incorporates a multiplex system to detect market trends has a pretty successful win rate of 92% in its trades, making it highly ideal for traders to reap huge profits. It basically functions as an autopilot programmed by experienced experts in the crypto trading field to execute different trades at precise moments and only when certain specified conditions are met.

The platform is also quite accommodating even to beginners as the software is relatively easy to use and also does not require any technical expertise to operate well. So if you are a trader looking to earn profits, I thoroughly recommend Bitcoin profit as you are most definitely guaranteed to reap huge profits daily, plus the platform does most of the trading on your behalf and guaranteed to earn. A win-win, right?

Our review team also found many helpful testimonials of traders testifying just how much money they’ve made trading on the platform. It’s important to know that the first users on the platform made millions trading in Bitcoin while the new users are also encouraged to join and become one of the many traders winning daily in trades.

How does Bitcoin Rush work?

If you are interested in earning, then I first suggest visiting the Bitcoin Rush official website. After accessing the platform, you will be directed to first register your official account, where you are required to fill in crucial details such as your telephone number and email address.

A professional broker is also assigned to you to assist you in any way, especially when considering trades to undertake. Upon the successful registration process, the trader must fund the account from a minimum of 250 dollars only to begin trading activities.


The initial step one needs to make is to create an account by registering. The process takes at least 20 minutes to complete and it is completely free to join.


Luckily, transactions on the application are quick and efficient. Traders need to deposit a minimum of $250 to begin trading with the live trader. Transactions usually take less than 5 minutes to reflect.


The demo trader is a very vital component of the system. Newbies can use it to learn how the trading process works. On the other hand, experienced traders use it to find out whether their strategies require any tweaking before engaging the live trader.

Live trading

After a satisfactory exploration and a successful deposit of funds, traders are now ready to engage in live trading using real cash. The trader is required to adjust the risk management parameters before engaging the auto trader. There are no special skills needed and after starting the trader, all you need to do is sit back and relax as Bitcoin Rush makes money for you.

However, beginners are advised to spend approximately 30-40 minutes on the platform every day to evaluate the progress.

Bitcoin Rush Verdict

Following our study of the technology bitcoin trader, we can acclaim that it is 100 percent legitimate. Bitcoin Rush can help both novice and experienced traders to passively make money and increase their wealth. The platform can assist individuals to attain the financial freedom they seek. Reportedly, traders can generate between $200 to $1,000 in profits every week using Bitcoin Rush.

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