15 Best Online Data Backup Services 2019

There is no denying that cloud back services have become a lot more important in the contemporary world. Especially when you compare them with what they used to be in one place. However, one should also understand that with so many services available in the market, it is necessary that we find the best one in the market.

Best Cloud Backup Services Review 2019

This article is going to cover the best cloud backup services in 2019. To make things easier for the readers, we are going to be looking at the best cloud data services that you can start using at your own convenience. Let’s have a look.

Cloudberry Backup Desktop

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I have tested and reviewed CloudBerry Backup before and raved about it in my original review. That is because it happens to be one of the best cloud backup services available in the market. Albeit it is a bit different as compared to some of the other options available in the market, it works wonderfully.

What I mean to say here is that instead of offering you a cloud storage space of its own, it lets you use a cloud service provider of your own choice, and once that is done, you can start using the client to your own convenience, and have no issues whatsoever.

It has an extensive list of supported cloud providers, so you do not have to worry about not having your favorite on the list. Everything with CloudBerry Backup is super easy with no complications whatsoever. There are so many options to choose from.

As far as the performance is concerned, it completely depends on the cloud service provider you choose in the first place, but the performance of the software is untainted in every manner of speaking.

I do not have any complaints that might change the decision of a potential buyer, however, I must add that the software needs a centralized management option, because that feature will make it one of a kind.


  • A great number of features.
  • Simplistic and easy to use.
  • You can choose from your favorite cloud providers.


  • There is no centralized management system.


Uranium Backup

We are looking at Uranium Backup now, one of the highly sought out cloud backup tools that you can get right now. In the market that is saturated to the extreme, finding a good backup tool is often a difficult thing. However, with Uranium Backup’s free version, you can try it out before you have to buy it. The free version does give you the majority of features that you can look at and decide whether you want to go with the software.

Another great thing about Uranium Backup is that it comes with a slew of pricing as well, making it great for those who are looking for multiple paid options so they can have an easier time finding the right one for them. You can check out the pricing plans, as well as the amenities that come with the paid version.

If you wondering what cloud support is available in Uranium Backup, the good news is that there is plenty. Still, for those who are interested, Uranium Backup fully supports Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, Dropbox Basic, and Dropbox Business.

Some of the notable features free version offers you can check out below.

  • Data transfers and file replication
  • Unlimited sources / Unlimited destinations
  • Exclude specific files and folders during backup
  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Copy of NTFS permissions (ACL)
  • Scheduling of automatic backups
  • A powerful e-mail notification system

With that out of the way, another great thing about Uranium Backup is that it is extremely easy to setup and use. This is great because most people suffer from confusion and they cannot set it up properly either. However, with Uranium Backup, you do not have to go through that process.

As far as the downsides are concerned, despite looking very closely, I could not find a flaw in the software, and there were no issues whatsoever. So, if you are worried that you might run into issues, then do not worry as the Uranium Backup won’t let you down.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Comes in a lot of different pricing plans.
  • Affordable options.
  • Great list of features.
  • Supports almost all the major cloud backup services.


  • Not available for Mac and Linux users.


Screenshot of the IDrive logo

The next cloud service I have as the recommendation is the iDrive. No, it does not have anything to do with Apple, if you are wondering. iDrive has been around for some time, and unlike some of the competition, it does provide its own storage space to the users, rather than relying on 3rd party cloud providers.

Now the good thing is that even if you are a free user who wants some cloud storage space for his or her needs, then iDrive has got you covered. But if you are operating a smaller, or a larger business, then you can go for the plans that cater to larger storage needs.

The plans are also inexpensive, so you do not have to worry about the money issues, and in addition to that, the software provides 30-day file versioning, so you can have an easier time. With that said, there are some shortcomings that need to be addressed. For starters, iDrive might be a bit difficult to use for most people, and you do not get the chance to have an unlimited backup plan.


  • The cloud storage is inexpensive.
  • Unlimited device backups.
  • You get free storage as well.
  • The backup speed is amazing.


  • No unlimited backup plan.
  • The learning curve is a bit steep.

Official Website


Screenshot of the Carbonite logo

If you are looking for a cloud storage service that is inexpensive, and easy to use, and you are also okay with lack of advanced features, then Carbonite is something that you need to go for. Carbonite is considered to be one of the oldest, most effective cloud solutions, and it manages to become better every time.

The reason why I am suggesting Carbonite is that it is probably the easiest when it comes to the use, plus you do not need any plans with the software because the storage is unlimited. If you want to try out the software before buying it, there is a 15-day trial version that you can try out.

While the software does provide plenty of good, it lacks behind when it comes to good backup speed.


  • The cloud storage is cheap and unlimited.
  • The software is among the easiest to use.


  • The backup speed is slow.

Official Website


If you are looking for something that is browser-based, thenm you are at the right place. With Duplicati, things become simpler, and convenient for the user. For starters, it gives you multiple cloud options, free software, and backup scheduling. Needless to say, all the basic necessities are ticked.

What I love the most about Duplicati is the fact that the entire cloud storage service is web-based; making everything else all the more convenient for use. Sure, you might not feel the need for having such a software, but it is definitely a good thing.

On the downside, the support is somewhat limited at the moment, and there is no mobile app.


  • Free software.
  • Web-based.
  • Simple to use.


  • Support is limited.
  • Does not work on mobile platforms.

Official Website

Acronis True Image

Screenshot of the Acronis logo

If you are looking for the fastest, most amazing cloud backup service, then I am going to suggest that you go with Acronis true image. It is undoubtedly one of the best cloud storage options available to use, and it also happens to be the fastest I have tested.

Needless to say, Acronis has been around for some time and provides end-to-end encryption, a global network of servers, and mobile plus desktop app that is easy to understand and use.

The only thing Acronis True Image truly lacks is the lack of support for Linux, and that is about it.


  • Super-fast backup speed.
  • Mobile and desktop app.
  • Provides end-to-end encryption for added security.


  • There is no Linux support.

Official Website


The last cloud service on the list is Backblaze, one of the most revered cloud services available in the market, and has been for quite some time now. Backblaze is one of the few cloud backup services that provide unlimited backup at a low cost, it offers backing up by file types, as well as file versioning up to 30 days.

In my experience with the software, it was one of the easiest to use, and can be used by anyone regardless of their experience with such softwares. The cost is also on the lower side, so you don’t have to worry about.

As far as the downsides are concerned,  the only thing I did not like is the fact that Backblaze is only limited to one computer, and that is about it.


  • Unlimted backup.
  • It is cheap.
  • Everything is simple and easy to use.
  • Can backup everything by file types.


  • It is only limited to one computer.

Official Website

CrashPlan for Small Business

Screenshot of the CrashPlan PRO logo

For businesses that are not on the larger side, and are still in need of an effective cloud backup service, I do not think I can think of a better option than the CrashPlan for Small Business. It is cheap, effective, and gets the job done for the user as well.

With the price being one of the biggest factors, there are many other good things about CrashPlan as well. You can start by paying $10 a month for every device that you use it on. For those who are worried about the security of their data, CrashPlan does come with encryption for your data stored on their servers.

The software itself is also extremely easy to use, and the overall interface is as clean as it could get.

Last but not least, when it comes to overall performance, CrashPlan is incredibly fast in downloads, uploads, as well as file preparation. However, I would like you to consider just how fast and consistent your internet is.

The only issue you might have with CrashPlan is that you cannot backup from a mapped drive. For that, you will have to install the software for each user separately. Thankfully, CrashPlan is aware of this, and there is a tutorial available for that. Just in case you’re looking for CrashPlan Alternatives, we just got you covered.


  • Great for small businesses.
  • Cheap.
  • Really fast in download, and uploads.
  • Easy to use.


  • Cannot back up mapped drives without being installed for every user.

Official Website 


Screenshot of the SugarSync logo

While looking for the most updated and best cloud backup solutions, I came across SugarSync that was getting rave reviews on the internet. So, I decided to give this software a go and see if it lives up to the name.

As soon as you install it, you are welcomed by a great, dedicated desktop app that is easy on the eyes, and even easier to use. If you don’t want to use this on the desktop, then you have the ability to utilize their amazing mobile applications as well.

SugarSync does come with full support for file explorer integration, making the whole process of backing up your files much easier. Additionally, another brilliant feature of SugarSync is that you can easily, and without a problem, protect your folders.

There are a few things that are not up to the mark; for instance, the solution is on the expensive side. Additionally, there are not as many collaboration features as you might prefer.


  • Brilliant dedicated desktop interface.
  • Great mobile applications.
  • Integrates with file explorers.
  • Can easily protect folders.


  • Relatively expensive.
  • Does not have as many collaboration features.

Official Website

SpiderOak One

Screenshot of the SpiderOak logo

If you are looking for a cloud back tool that emphasizes on security the most, and you are not concerned with some of the other features of the software, then SpiderOak One is something you should definitely check out.

One of the main things that make SpiderOak one of the best online backup solutions is that it comes with private encryption which ensures that all your files are safe and secure. Additionally, you can easily backup unlimited computers without a hassle, and even sync the files across the computer.

The file sharing options are some of the best, and the backing up speed is also really good. SpiderOak gives you unlimited historical versions, as well as deleted file retention. For the advanced users, you have command line option as well.

On the flip side, there are a few notable downsides; for starters, there is no mobile backup, or NAS backup option available as of now. But considering how it is a software feature, you never know when the feature does make it to the list.


  • Backup unlimited computers.
  • Easily sync files across computers.
  • Great with file sharing.
  • Private encryption is one of the best.
  • Backup speed is pretty good.
  • Deleted file retention and historical versions are unlimited.


  • At this point, there is no NAS or mobile backup.

Official Website


Screenshot of the Mozy logo

Mozy or MozyHome is one of the recently released online data backup tools that has managed to make a name for itself. Targeted toward people who are not looking for a lot of professional options, Mozy effortlessly bridges the gap between professional, and beginner cloud backup tools.

The software is extremely easy to use, restoration of files is simple, and convenient without any hassles. You have the ability to sync everything, and the best part is that if you are a photographer or videographer who loves shooting with their phones, Mozy can upload your videos, and photos automatically.

While Mozy does attract the users with a heap of brilliant options, there are some noteworthy issues that need mentioning. For starters, the upload speeds are slow regardless of the connection speed, and file sharing options are limited only to the basic ones.


  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Automatically backs up videos and photos from your phone.
  • Good file sharing and syncing.
  • Restoring option is conveniently easy.


  • Lacks advance file sharing.
  • The upload speeds are on the slower side.

Official Website


Screenshot of the Livedrive logo

The next up and coming in the list is Livedrive, one of the newer data backup services making the rounds in the market. Honestly, at first I had my reservations as I do with most of the tools that I test out, but after spending a week with Livedrive, I do have many good things to say.

For starters, you get unlimited storage; this is one of the features that many beginners want from the cloud storage softwares. The overall performance is surprisingly great, and I did not run into any deal breaking issues, or hiccups either.

The dedicated mobile and desktop app work wonderfully and are no slouches when it comes to performance. Last but not least, Livedrive does support file versioning, ensuring that you are getting the best experience as a beginner.

However, there are some issues that need to be discussed; for starters, there is no file explorer integration, and if you want some advanced backup and security options.

If I have to sum Livedrive up, I would say that this is the best cloud backup for people who just want to store their photos or work related files that are not sensitive.


  • Incredibly easy to use.
  • Works great on both mobile and desktop.
  • File versioning feature is great.
  • You have unlimited storage.
  • Has an impressive overall performance.


  • Does not have an advanced backup, or security options.
  • Lacks file explorer integration.

Official Website


Screenshot of the Degoo logo

When I first heard about this cloud backup service, it took me a good couple of minutes to take it seriously. However, after going through the official website, and the documentation provided, I realized that it is, in fact, a real deal and should not be taken lightly.

To start off, you get 100GB free backup for the first time when you sign up. This is perhaps the biggest selling point of Degoo and the reason why there are many subscribers. Then you get backups for both Android and iOS.

For those who are concerned about the security of their data, you also have Swedish based privacy that works really well, an amazing referral program, and last but not the least, the ability to connect multiple devices.

There are a few downsides though; at the moment, the software lacks backup scheduler, and there is no support for block level transfers.


  • 100GB free space on signup.
  • Backup for both iOS and Android.
  • Comes with really good privacy.
  • The referral program works well.
  • You can easily connect multiple devices.


  • Block level transfer is not supported as of yet.
  • There is no backup scheduler.

Official Website

Data Deposit Box

Screenshot of the Data Deposit Box logo

I recently stumbled across Data Deposit Box, that was formerly known as KineticD. Now, generally, when I am reviewing software that is relatively new or has been renamed for one reason or the other, I am careful because you never know the type of experience you are going to have.

With Data Deposit Box, I was careful as well. After going through the entire documentation, I decided to give it a look. The good thing about this software that I figured out right away is that it allows you to have unlimited devices.

The backup speed itself is relatively fast, and most importantly, it allows for continuous backup, something that many of the top names lack. Do all these features make Data Deposit Box one of the best computer backup services?

Well, there are some shortfalls to begin with; for starters, if you are beginner, you will have some time understanding the complexities of this software. There is a lack of encryption and more importantly, the backup scheduling is limited.


  • You can add unlimited devices.
  • The overall processing speed is rather fast.
  • The continuous backup gives you a peace of mind.


  • Lacks private encryption.
  • Backup scheduling is limited.
  • The software is a bit difficult to understand at first.

Official Website


Screenshot of the OpenDrive logo

The last cloud service that we are looking at is OpenDrive, a cloud service for users who are looking for something that is a bit more professional, and advanced in terms of features and overall usage.

The great thing about OpenDrive is that it comes with reasonable pricing; I have tested a lot of expensive options that do not live up to the price tag they are carrying. Additionally, it gives you features such as custom storage, and additionally user options as well.

One of the best things about this cloud backup storage is the fact the web interface is pretty great. Even though it is not easy for someone who is going to use the software for the first time, but if you are an advanced user who does not mind a steep learning curve, you are going to love the granular interface.

Last but not least, one of the features that I love the most about OpenDrive is the fact that it allows drag and drops without any hassles. This is a feature that is missing from so many other cloud storage services available.

I know it sounds like something very minor, but so many cloud storage services do not have this option that it becomes a cumbersome experience. Especially when you only have a couple of files that need to backed up.

While OpenDrive does serve as a great backup tool for anyone who wants great cloud storage, there are some things that stick out like a sore thumb. For starters, the disjointed interface is bothersome, and the fact that there is no continuous backup as of now can be a problem for many people.

Last but not least, you do not get any local backup settings either. Which to me, sounded like something that is odd.


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Custom storage and user options.
  • The web interface is amazing.
  • Drag and drop capability.
  • Built with advanced users in mind.


  • The interface is all over the place.
  • There is no continuous backup.
  • Local backup settings are not there.

Official Website

Important Tips for Choosing a Cloud Backup Service

Choosing the right cloud backup service is not always the easiest thing; especially if you are a newcomer who is still trying to find their way around the options available in the market.

Simply put, the market is saturated to a point that any newcomer would be confused. Sure, there are familiar faces like Google Drive, Dropbox, and a few others, but if you are thinking about going corporate, you are going to need something more professional.

Now when it comes to professional grade cloud backup service, they are definitely worth the money. But not all of them are good enough to make it to the list.

Whether you are running a small business, or a large scale business, below are some tips that should help you choose the best cloud backup service.

Make Sure They Are Reliable

Since you are trusting a company with your data, it is really important for you to make sure that they are reliable when it comes to file integrity and durability.

If you are not sure what I mean by durability and integrity above, these are terms used for the backup process. Services with lower durability and integrity often end up with lost files during the backup process.

That is why I would always suggest going with something expensive, or better when it comes to sensitive data.

Look for a Wider Application Coverage

Sometimes, you want to have quick access to all the files backed up on the cloud without having to go through the tedious process. Whether you want it for yourself, or a client, do ask them if they provide a wider application coverage.

Having multiple applications mean that you or your client can easily access the data without running into any issues. You can use the cloud service on multiple applications as well.

Test How Good the Backup Functionality Is

Some cloud backup services are pretty expensive when it comes to the price, so it is only fair that whenever you are buying one, you make sure that their backup functionality is as good as it gets.

For those who do not know, this involves their backup speed, their download, as well as their upload speed. Additionally, you need to measure their security as well, as their encryption.

Since you are storing your important data onto the cloud, there are no compromises that you can make.

Make Sure Data is Easily Available

Many of the cloud users overlook this as they are mainly concern with making sure that their data is stored somewhere safe. However, what happens when you actually have to access the data?

There are some services that provide mobile apps that users can use whenever they are on the go and access their data without any hassle. So, if you are going to choose a cloud backup service, make sure your data is easily available.

Check Out Their Plans

It is not always necessary that user is looking for something corporate. As a matter of fact, some people just want cloud storage so they can store their personal files without any issue.

Whenever you are selecting a cloud backup service, always make sure that you have a look at their plans and find the one that fits you the best. This way your experience will be much smoother.


The list includes some of the best cloud backup services available in 2018; they have been around for some time, so that is a sure shot that your experience with them will be as good as it can get. We will keep an eye for more cloud backup services that are making the rounds, and make sure that the list is remains updated throughout.

Writer, gamer, and a tech geek. I have been writing professionally for the best 7 years, and have finally found a place at Twitgoo where I can share my reviews and roundups on some of the finest softwares available to make your jobs much, much easier. When I am not laying waste to enemies in PUBG, you can find me penning down some helpful tutorials here on Twitgoo.


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