Backup Enterprise Data With CloudBerry Backup Ultimate

It is evident to say that the concept of cloud computing is slowly becoming the future, and many companies are investing in these solutions as well. The reason behind that is simple to understand, the cloud provides an amazing way of backing up all your data, and not having to worry about losing it.

While the cloud has been available for the individual users for some time, it is finally forraying into the business organizations as well. The CloudBerry Backup is a cloud solution for small to medium scall businesses who are looking to get all of their data centralized in one place.

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Features and Support

You cannot have a good software solution without proper feature and support. The important features of CloudBerry software for enterprise cloud backup are mentioned below.

  • The software can restore the Windows Server as a virtual machine on the cloud.
  • You don’t have to have space in the local storage.
  • Users can restore USB flash directly from the cloud.
  • You can even restore everything to hardware that is different.

Apart from the features mentioned above, the CloudBerry Ultimate has an extensive support for the cloud providers mentioned below.


The installation process is as straightforward as it can get. Once you download and install the program, you have the choice to go for the 15-day trial version, the commercially licensed version, or running the restore-only version.

Once you are done making the choice, the program installs itself and launches the CloudBerry Ultimate Backup console once the installation is done.

Using the CloudBerry Ultimate

For many users, installation is just the first part of the whole process. There are several backup solutions that are not easy to use at all. Luckily, same is not the with CloudBerry Ultimate Backup; I ran the CloudBerry on Windows Server, along with the

SQL server installed as well. The software works wonderfully when it comes to backing up through image, as well as through SQL Server backup.

The software gives you the ability to either create the backup using the default wizard, however, you can also use the command line interface. The ease of access and options are definitely there for people who want them.

The software asks you whether you want to go for a local or cloud back up, or hybrid back up that backs up to the local storage first, and then to the cloud storage. Once you have selected the type of back up you want to opt for, you will be taken to a new page where you will have to choose the cloud backup service provider.

CloudBerry does not shy away from providing a wide range of cloud providers that you can choose. Whatever provider you choose, you will go through a different process with respect to the cloud back up provider. For instance, the process for Azure would be different when compared to Google Drive.

Once you have gone through the process, you will be asked to set a backup schedule. The good thing is that there are several options for you to choose from. By default, CloudBerry will back up your files after every week, but if you want to change that, the software provides full control over how you want to handle things.

Once you are done setting up the backup plan, you can run the backup straightaway, or wait for the scheduled backup. The software displays the status of backup on the console, you can check it out here.

The process of creating a new backup plan is rather straightforward. I am pleased that most of the users who are not well aware will not be having a difficult time with the backup either.

You need to understand that the initial backup might take some time, and also depends on the internet connection as well as the size of the files you are trying to upload. Once the process is complete, you receive an email notification telling you about the completion. That is a nice touch.

Restoration Process

The restoration process was just like the backup process; simple, straightforward, and easy. For restoring the data, you have two options as well; you can opt for the direct restoration through the backup console, or you can go to a new tab, and create your own restoration plans that can be scheduled as well.

The users can either run the restoration immediately or schedule them depending on their need. Whatever you choose, CloudBerry Ultimate has a wonderful restoration wizard that walks you through the entire process and ensures that everything is done on time. The wizard is simple to understand, and intuitive; ensuring that the users are not confused by the options available.

Figure 4

Once you choose how you want your data restored, everything from that point is an easy process. The good thing about CloudBerry Ultimate is that the data restoration speed is relatively fast. Again, it depends on what you are restoring, and just how fast your internet is.

Once that is done, you can go ahead, and have a look at your files just the way they were before you uploaded them to the cloud. As far as my experience with CloudBerry Ultimate is concerned, I did not notice any major hiccups that had the potential to make my experience mediocre or fazed.

The only complain I have with this software is that there is no centralized management option, that will leave some users with more to despise. Other than that, the CloudBerry Ultimate Backup is the near perfect backup solution for all small and medium-scale businesses, that will only backup your files, but will also provide you a seamless experience in doing so.

Final Words

In a world where data is perhaps one of the most important things, it is becoming increasingly important to protect it at all costs.

Whether you are protecting your data from being used in a wrong way, or just backing it up so you don’t lose it in some other incident, it is important to keep a track of your data. Thankfully, as long as we have tools like CloudBerry Ultimate Backup, everything is much simpler and easier.

The software makes it really easy to backup all your important files, into the cloud provider of your own choice. There is no concept of vendor locking in, meaning that you can run the software on any hardware, even when there are dissimilarities in between the hardware.

The good thing is that the software is available in multiple versions that cater to different users; you don’t necessarily have to shed the full price if you are not looking to manage data of your business as there are cheaper solutions available as well. This price differentiation helps.

The only downside of the CloudBerry Ultimate Backup is that there is no presence of a centralized management system. Although not a deal breaker, this feature should have been in the software. I can only hope it makes its way into the future version.

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Provides support for a wide range of cloud providers.
  • The software can restore your files where ever you want, however you want.
  • Price differentiation means several people can benefit from the software without paying the full retail price.


  • There is no centralized management system present in the software as of now.

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