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In this era, we are dependent on the internet; anyone cannot imagine life without it like nothing is complete without the addition of social media. Whenever take a glance, the results, one can find that nowadays business, education, and many more things aim to make them more efficient with the help of it. It is apt to say that the internet has made our lives more comfortable and has made everything more accessible.

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People now prefer the social media platform to promote their products and services along with reviewing their companies online. Then it is required to create an attractive and productive website through which they can easily captivate customer’s attention.

To make the site perfect, impressive, and easy to get much traffic, the first thing is to test the website capability by adding how the website of the company runs smoothly so that people are easily eligible to operate it on various browsers.

For this, companies must use cross-browser testing tools for their websites before launching them. What is the use of a cross-browser testing tool? Well, it helps companies to check out how their website is working throughout multiple web browsing platforms on the internet.

Why is it needed? Because it is evident that not all the people using the internet are using it from a single browser. There are multiple options in the market, and anyone can choose any browser. Sometimes, one person uses more than one browser to skim through the internet.

There are multiple cross-browser testing tools available on the internet, and all of them come with numerous facilities.


Comparium is the tool that easily saves both time and effort. It also widely uses the platform such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. Comparium represents a complete platform; there is no need to go to different websites for the rest of checking. The app also checks the smallest of details – errors – and sends a screenshot of the same to the registered email address.


There are so many features in this tool that help to avail and state the behaviors pattern of the web sites, and also can quickly determine the stability of the website with ease. Now features are elaborated below:

  • Support for different web browsers and their versions-it is the tool that delivers a quick review of the website on a different platform so that the customers don’t face any problem in pursuing products and services. The supported browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 10.0, Google Chrome 81.0, 80.0, 79.0, 78.0, Mozilla Firefox 75.0, 74.0, 68.0, Safari 13.0, 12.0 and Opera 67.0, 66.0.Comparium - Cross-Browsing Testing Tool 2
  • Support for browsers from different platforms-This tool also offers the many types of opportunities for gadgets having multiple operating systems in it. The tool removes the complex and various steps just in one click by using automated test procedures. There are some of the operating systems that are compatible with Comparium, & support cross-browser testing –  Windows 7, Mac OS X Mojave, High Sierra, and Linux.Comparium - Cross-Browsing Testing Tool 3
  • Different screenshots comparison modes to facilitate work– The tool has it’s smoothly running capacity. Hence, it is necessary to have an assessment of the test available at any time, and the advantage is, it helps to overcome the mistakes done before.  The tool will send the screenshot of the result by mail.Comparium - Cross-Browsing Testing Tool 4
  • Offline Results – Comparium tool is rated to have the best offline results tools. All it asks from you is an email address and the URL of the website you need to check across different browsers. No internet connection is required, and the results are sent directly to your email address.
  • Cost-efficient and time-saving-In this tool one can also test the infinite numbers of the website. It saves a lot of time and money aiding one can use time effectively to enhance the productivity of the work.
  • Live testing tool- The tool provides a chance to operate real browsers on real systems.

How to Use Comparium?

There is a simple process to use this tool.

  • Visit the Comparium official website.
  • On the home page, there is a space provided for entering the website URL for testing. Enter the URL there.
  • Select the browser and operating system in which to test the website.
  • Press the test button.
  • The tool will start its work, run for a short time, and then will send the screenshots of errors, if any, to your email address.
  • The screenshots with error and unsupported format will be highlighted; this helps to make right those error pages.

Moreover, the Comparium tool takes only a few minutes tops to check the efficiency of any website across multiple browsers.  Anyone can use this application with limited technical knowledge.

Comparium - Cross-Browsing Testing Tool 5

Final Takeaway

The end verdict seems to be that Comparium is one of the best cross browsing testing tools available on the internet. It offers a complete verification of the behavior of the site that it is running smoothly. It tests the compatibility to check the broken links and unoptimized coding, which can lead to the error in the future. By using the mentioned features, it indeed makes the task convenient and saves both time and money. So it can be easily stated that it gives a strong statement to the website owners.


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