Did You Know You Can Create Custom Art From Your DNA?

Art and science go hand in hand. At first, it may seem like the two fields can never find common ground. There is always a common area in their Venn diagrams. From crystalline structures of atoms to DNA images, their orderly system and beautiful patterns make for intriguing and unique artwork. Discovering the potential of making art out of these patterns, enterprises have centered their businesses around developing artwork.

One area where minimal artwork is created through these patterns is the home decoration and styling field. The demand for these digital art pieces has seen a steady rise and made a significant impression on the home decor community. With the current trend in home styling leaning towards a more minimalistic approach, the minimal design patterns and portraits have become the go-to option for styling your home and giving it that unique personal touch.

Well, dna11 has tapped into the potential of art through science by developing DNA art from your DNA, giving the artwork a very personal touch and profound significance. Collecting a sample is the easy part, but the same cannot be said about choosing the right style, color, combinations, and frames. Choose a color scheme to go with your room or decide whether to frame the portrait or not achieve the right look; the options are endless, and each as unique as your DNA.

Did You Know You Can Create Custom Art From Your DNA? 5

The process is fairly easy and divided into four steps; first, you place an order for a DNA portrait and choose the size, style, and framing options. Next, a DNA collection kit is sent to your address within seven days from the day you placed the order. With the equipment, you are also given a booklet of color options that you can choose from before mailing the kit back to the lab. Finally, once the sample is shipped back to the lab, it is processed, and the artists develop the perfect artwork based on your choices.

The DNA portraits aren’t restricted to a single image. As a family or a group, you can add the DNA images of up to four people into a single portrait. These portraits come in multiple sizes that range from 30cm x 41cm to 91cm x 137cm and the option to choose from 16 custom color choices.

And if the custom color templates do not suit your needs, you can always work with DNA11 to create your color combination. You can also get a high-resolution digital image of your DNA portrait to use as a screensaver or a background image on your computer screens and mobile phones. To top it all off, you also have the option to add your signature to the portrait and give it that extra touch of personality and complete the look.

To place an order for your custom DNA art from DNA11:

  1. Go to the buy now a page on the dna11 website.
  2. Select the art type you want and the number of people whose DNA image will be printed on the canvas.
  3. Choose your size and framing options; the variations in size and frames will add extra costs to the portrait’s overall price. You can select the color combinations later with a color swatch, which will be included in the collection kit.
  4. Choose the add-ons like digital print download and personal signature (if you want it printed on the DNA portrait) and hit buy now.

Like it is with any product, pre-viewing the finished article in its final environment gives the user an idea of what they can expect. Add to that some customer reviews, and you can be assured of the service and product quality. Within the dna11 website, the gallery tab displays a host of photos of DNA portraits hung up on happy customers’ walls and their reviews. If you are confused and unsure whether the pictures would suit your walls, then the image gallery is the perfect place to review the final product and determine whether it matches your needs and taste.

Did You Know You Can Create Custom Art From Your DNA? 6

The pricing on these portraits is steep but worth it. The quality is exceptional, and the customer service is great. Pricing on the DNA portraits depends on the number of different DNA prints you wish to print on the canvas, which directly affects the picture’s available size. For a single DNA print, the smallest size of 30cm x 41cm comes at $199, while the largest one, 91cm x 137cm, comes at $649.

Meanwhile, the 4 group DNA portrait costs $1,129 with a single size option of 91cm x 122cm. Additional elements you can add to the picture are frame options, digital print download, and adding your signature to the portrait. A framed photograph will cost you an additional $300, while no frames will cost 0 to 50$ based on the canvas’s thickness. Finally, digital print download and personal signature print cost an additional 50$. The artwork costs a significant amount, but the uniqueness, easy process, wide variety, and flexibility justify it.

Though a great match for home decor, these portraits make great gifts that are least expected and very personal. Now that you know how to get a custom DNA portrait for yourself, maybe it’s time to spice up your walls and add some more personality and quirkiness or wrap it up and gift it to that special one.


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