How To Decide If You’re A Mac or a Windows Person

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If you have ever wondered if you were more suitable to Mac computers from Apple or a Windows PC, there are actually a few ways that you can find out. The easiest would have to be to answer the right questions when deciding if you need to get a MacBook, for example, or any of the numerous brands and models under the PC umbrella. This is also how you decide if you should be an Apple mobile customer or an Android one.

Before diving into specifics, however, it’s worth pointing out that there really isn’t any reason to agonize over whether you should get a Mac or a PC. For the most part, you can get similar functionality between these two options with the right applications and tools. Just consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Do You Want Fashion Over Function?

At this point, it’s no secret that Apple’s Mac lineup are among the most stylish products in the tech industry. They are regularly praised for being sleek, smooth, and sexy, and the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs put a lot of emphasis on these aspects to capitalize on them. Even the software that they are equipped with can look really appealing. It’s basically one of the biggest reasons why Apple has such devoted fans and why its products are selling so well.

As such, if you put a lot of importance on having a stylish computer, you might want to go the Mac route. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any beautifully designed PCs in the market. However, if going by consistency and reputation alone, they have a long way to go before they can compete with Apples Mac computers.

Do You Like Having Lots Of Options?

Okay, so the first round goes to Apple. Now we move on to options, which Apple’s own products obviously have less of compared to the PC market. In terms of the number of brands that belong under this category alone, which includes Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Microsoft, and so many others, there’s a ton of options when going with PC.

In contrast, you only get the handful of different variations of Apple’s Mac lineup when going this route. This isn’t to say that the options are terrible, but there are plenty of advantages to having a lot of options to choose from. The increase in competition can result in really good prices and deals, for example. There’s also the matter of personalization, where you get exactly the kind of item you want based on your preference.

Do You Prefer User-Friendliness Over Flexibility?

Without a doubt, the user-friendly interface and applications of Apples Mac products is one of its greatest assets. If you are in need of a computer that won’t take a long time to get used to and great for even those who aren’t technophiles, choosing a Mac would be highly advised. On the other hand, there is also the matter of flexibility, which Apple’s offerings aren’t really known for.

That is to say, what you get when you buy a Mac computer is usually what you are stuck with. With PC, there’s plenty of room for changing parts around. Even some laptops under this category can come with interchangeable parts or at least provide options for performance boosts using external hardware. In comparison, Apple is hugely against customer tampering of its products. Speaking of which;

Do You Want Upgradability?

Being able to upgrade your PC is one of the biggest advantages to owning one, especially if it’s something like a desktop instead of a laptop. You can get a better RAM, more storage space, a beefier GPU, and so much more. While Apple does offer some services to this respect, it’s much more cumbersome and involves having to go to an approved workshop.

What’s more, the ability to upgrade a Mac is not available everywhere, whereas every country has someone who knows how to switch out an old HDD with a new one. This is probably the biggest advantage that PCs have over Macs, which overzealous fans often tout in their claim to superiority.

How Much Security Do You Need?

Now comes the complicated part of deciding between Macs and PCs; the matter of security. On the one hand, Apple’s MacOS and by extension, the iOS have been known to sport among the top security encryption protocols available. The company’s security is so tough, even entire government agencies couldn’t crack them. This is why many users who are sensitive about privacy prefer Apple.

On that note, Windows 10 from Microsoft has been getting some positive reviews on the security front lately, which is encouraging. Many of the cyber security incidents that have occurred over the years have been predominantly affecting PCs. This is something that’s definitely worth taking into consideration when deciding which to get.

Do You Like Having Only One Place To Shop?

It’s no secret that Apple really likes to hold on to its properties as close as it can. As such, many of the items that you can buy for your Mac can only be obtained from official Apple stores or Apple-affiliated shops. This has become less of the case these days, with things like charging cables and casings being available at third-party stores. Even so, many of the apps and hardware you’ll be using for your Mac will still come from Apple’s stores.

On the other hand, PC parts, attachments, accessories, and software can be found practically anywhere. You don’t have to look too hard to find a replacement for any part that breaks or needs upgrading.

How Do You Feel About Restrictions On Repairs?

Finally, there’s the matter of the repairs. On the one hand, there’s Apple, which has proven to be reliable in this area. The only problem is that you need to have the repairs done via official shops, which can be a pain when you’re traveling and aren’t near one. Repairing PCs, however, can be done anywhere.


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