How to Download HappyChick Emulator on iPhone

For so many people, the ability to play games console games on their iPhone or iPad was their main reason for jailbreaking. With Apple not supporting any games but iOS on their devices, Cydia was the only place to download the all-important games emulators needed to play Nintendo, PPSSPP, PS1, and other console games on the iOS device. These days, jailbreaks are not readily available to all users, but there is good news – HappyChick emulator app is available, for free, without needing to install any jailbreak utility at all.

With 2GB RAM or more, you can enjoy a smooth, trouble-free experience with all the emulators included in the emulator app. Many games are compatible with the emulator, including Call of Duty, GTA, Dragon Ball X, FIFA, NBA, and many more graphic-rich games that don’t need wifi.

HappyChick App Features

Developed by Xiaoji Studio, HappyChick offers users plenty of great features to make their gaming experience worthwhile.

  • Support for 18 consoles, including PPSSPP, GBC, GBA, Nintendo, PlayStation and more
  • Thousands of games available from the emulator app
  • Advanced ROM usage ensures smooth running for the graphics-heavy games
  • No extra console software needed
  • Download just the game you want and uninstall it when you’ve finished saving on storage space
  • All games are hosted via private cloud servers ensuring high-speed downloads and full security
  • Games range from the old retro classics to the latest generation games, something for all ages
  • Support for online multiplayer gaming, including recording gameplay and using Bluetooth or internet to share it
  • LAN support allows some games to be played against others via local servers without needing a Wi-Fi connection
  • One-click play support – regardless of game, regardless of platform, just one click and the game will play
  • Cloud servers allow for easy saving and syncing
  • Create your own customized game controllers and game maps
  • Support for all iOS devices on iOS 10 to iOS 12

How to Download HappyChick Emulator

Clearly, because of what HappyChick emulator app offers, you are not going to find it in the iOS app store. But that’s not a problem because there are two very easy ways to install it.

Method 1: AppValley app

AppValley was released as an alternative to Cydia but has since grown in popularity so much that it is also fast becoming a go-to app store as an alternative to the official one. Why? Because everything in it is free and many of the apps and games have been modified with cool extra features. HappyChick is just one of the emulator apps on offer:

  1. Open Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and open the AppValley App download page
  2. Tap on the download link and follow the step by step guide included installing AppValley onto your device
  3. Wait; when you see it appear on your device, the installation has finished
  4. Tap on the app icon – the first thing you will see is an error message. This is the Untrusted Developer error, and it only appears because it is an unofficial app
  5. To resolve this, open Settings and go to the General section
  6. Tap on Profiles and look for the AppValley app profile
  7. Tap on the profile and tap Trust
  8. Now you can open AppValley and search for HappyChick emulator – just type it into the search bar
  9. When you find it, tap on the result and tap on Get
  10. Tap Install and wait – this may take a few minutes

When it’s done, you will see the HappyChick icon on your homepage. You may have to trust the developer before you can use it, just follow Steps 5 to 7 again.

Method 2: IPA File Download

This method will only install HappyChick which means you won’t get all the cool content you get with AppValley. If you don’t want all the other apps, then go ahead and follow these steps. This method uses your computer to install the emulator to your device.

  1. Download the HappyChick IPA file onto your Mac or PC – save it on your desktop
  2. Now download the latest version of Cydia Impactor
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad and open Cydia Impactor – it will look for your device
  4. Once you see it has been detected, you can drag the IPA file into the open window
  5. Type your Apple ID and password in when requested
  6. If an Expired Certificates warning appears, just click OK
  7. Now leave things be – Cydia Impactor will need a few minutes to sign and install the IPA file onto your iOS device
  8. When it’s installed, once again you will need to trust the app developer; when you look in Profiles, find the Guangzhou Ltd profile and tap it
  9. Tap Trust and then confirm it by tapping Trust once more
  10. HappyChick Emulator is now fully installed, and you can start using it.
Frequently Asked Questions

Before we finish, we’ve provided the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about HappyChick Emulator.

How Do I Update HappyChick?

HappyChick will automatically send you a notification when there is an update ready. Just follow the notification directions to update it.

HappyChick Keeps Crashing – What Do I Do?

This is usually down to performance, and the best way to clear it is to clear your cache files and make more space by clearing out files you don’t need, apps you never use and moving media files to an external source. And, when you finish playing a game, uninstall it to keep things tidy.

Is HappyChick Emulator Safe to use?

Yes, it is. Developed by Xiaoji Studio, China, the emulator app is completely secure and safe to use. And because there is no need for any external console software, your device is not being left open to attack. The emulator doesn’t need anything special in the way of permissions to download either, and because you don’t need to jailbreak, you aren’t hacking into the root of the iOS. We can confirm all of this because we ran our own tests on the app and found nothing insecure or unsafe about it. You can and should use anti-virus software on your device though; this should be standard when you use any unofficial software.

HappyChick is a completely free emulator app for iOS with support for most of the major consoles. Download it today and have fun playing your favorite games on your iPhone or iPad once more.


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