DRmare Audio Converter Review – Best DRM Removal Software For Windows 2019

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If you are well aware of the technology market, then it is safe to say that you know what DRM is. For those who don’t, DRM basically stands for Digital rights management and it is a set of access control technologies that work independently, or in tandem in order to put restrictions on the use of proprietary technology, or work that has been copyrighted in any illegal way.

You might have heard about a company called Denuvo’s war against privacy by introducing Denuvo DRM in PC games, this is a form of DRM. While DRM is considered as a great measure by many who support legal buying, there are some disadvantages; for instance, in case of music, copyright protected music can’t be played on other devices, transferred or shared as well. This is largely the problem with music that is bought on iTunes. Sure, the publishers and artists want their music to be protected at all costs, but it also raises concern for people who do not have any intent for stealing the music, and simply want to transfer it to their other devices so they can keep it with them.

That being said, the good news is that DRmare Audio Converter, you can easily remove the DRM from iTunes music files, as well as Audible music files, convert them into your favorite genre, and carry them around with you without any issue. In this DRmare Audio Converter Review, we are going to cover every aspect of this amazing software.

DRmare Audio Converter Features

The DRmare audio converter is feature rich, and there is no doubt about it, but the software is made for a very niche market, which means that it aside from having features that will only be used by people who actually have use of this software, you are not going to find much use. Still, the features are listed below for your convenience.

Uses an Advanced DRM Decryption Technology

The reason why I call DRmare the best DRM Audio Converter for files that are under DRM is mainly because it uses an advanced DRM decryption technology that actually aids the process. Sure, this might be something that not many people had thought about in the first place, but keep in mind that this software is not based on gimmicks, it actually uses the decryption technology, because getting rid of DRM without any decryption technology, a really powerful one at that, is not all that possible to begin with. So, this is one of the things that you must know about this software. Because I can attest to the fact that I have not seen a software with such a feature set before this. 

Sadly, the developers would not share much detail about the technology they are using, because they don’t want it to get into the wrong hands, but it is still good to see that they are dedicated to providing the people the right experience who mean no harm.

Supports Multiple DRM Formats

Currently, only Audible, and Apple has DRM on their audio content so far, and while that’s certainly the step in the right direction, it can cause issues for a lot of people who just want to experience a simple, easy to use experience with their music or audio books. With that being said, the DRmare supports all the DRM protected formats of both iTunes, as well as Audible, so you really do not have to worry about anything. In addition to that, it also supports other none DRM formats for people who just want to convert their audio files effortlessly and efficiently.

Clutter-Free Interface

This has become such a rarity in the field of technology that we have to mention this as a feature. Thankfully, the DRmare is clutter free when it comes to interface. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember seeing an interface this clean, and it only goes to show the dedication of the developers towards their users. It is really a great decision made by the company.

The interface is simple, and easy to work with, so you should not have any problems.

User Guide To DRmare Audio Converter

Now that you know what the Best DRM Removal Software For Windows 2018 offers in terms of features, we can finally go ahead and have a look at user guide that normally has the review as well. By the end of it, I will be mentioning all the things I liked, and all the things I disliked at the end of the review so you can have a better understanding about how good this software is.

With that said, let’s move on to the steps, shall we?

Step 1: Obviously, the first step is to go ahead and download the software from here.

Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, your next step is to install it. The process is simple and straightforward and will only take a few clicks.

Step 3: Upon the software being finally installed, you will have to launch it. Once done, you will be presented with the following screen. The screenshot below shows the labels as well so you can have a better time understanding what is what.

drm audio converter win interface

Step 4: Click on the music icon on the extreme left. This will allow you to add all the files that are protected by DRM.

add drm or non-drm audio files

Step 5: The next step is to go ahead and click on the Format tab that will allow you to decide how you want the output of the audio files to be. You can choose from a number of different formats that are available as well as other options such as channel, codec, bitrate, and a few other settings.

choose output audio format

Step 6: Once you are sure of the settings, you can press OK, and then press the convert  button to start converting the files into non-DRM files. Although the process itself is short and does not take a lot of time, you need to understand that the more files you have, the longer it will take. So that is one thing that you must keep in mind whenever you are converting your files using the DRMare. If it is taking too much time, it is mainly because of a higher number of files.

start converting drm audio files

Step 7: Once the audio files have been converted, you are free to open the output folder, and transfer them anywhere you want in order to play them. This means you can even transfer them onto your mobile phones or MP3 players without having to stick to themes that iTunes and Audible can be at times.

locate converted drm-free audios


As someone who actively uses Audible, and at times iTunes as well, I have faced several issues with not having the content with me while I am traveling. Sure, I can always play them in offline mode, but the requirement of having an internet connection was always the bummer for me because, at times, you don’t get an active and stable internet connection at every single place.

Thankfully, the DRmare has solved all the issues I had with such a program as I no longer have to worry about finding a spot where the internet is stable enough or worrying about carrying additional devices with me. The good news here is that I can just convert all the files that I want, and once they are converted, I can use them based on my own requirements. This no-nonsense approach is one of the best because now I am not limited to the apps because I can simply convert the files, and put them on my MP3 or media player that I actively use.

As far as any downsides that I might have noticed in the software, I will be honest — there were none. This is a very rare scenario for me because I am very nitpicky about the programs that I review, and I prefer testing each and every aspect of a program. The good thing is that there are no kinks here, and you should be good to go with the DRmare Audio Converter. Needless to say, it is hands down the best DRM Audio Converter For Windows that you can buy at the moment.


  • The software is user-friendly to an extreme extent, and you should not have any issues.
  • Uses advanced DRM decryption technology that works well with both Audible and iTunes files.
  • There are a lot of supported output formats, allowing you to convert your audio files just the way you want them to be.
  • The software can also work as a standalone audio converter which definitely is a great function.


  • Aside from the fact that some people will be on the fence when it comes to paying for this software, there is not a single glaring or minor issue that can hinder your experience.



  1. Jordan

    I bought this software there is a few days but it doesn’t work. Nothing Happens when i try to convert an Apple music song. The conversion seems inifinite. If you are a solution I’ll take it



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