7 Edgy Gaming Video Intro Styles for Streamers

Let’s review a few awesome gaming styles to use on your video intros and spice up your streams! We tell you all about them and how to create your own! But first things, first:

Are Video Intros Important for Video Streaming?

The answer is yes for several reasons! Video intros set the tone of your following videos. So this is why the style you choose to use on your video intros does have a lot of weight over your video mood overall. You should keep a consistent style during your video, from the start to the last seconds.

Video intros tell your viewers the quality they can expect from you. This is why it’s super important that you use a video intro that looks amazing and has the highest quality. Try out great looking graphics and animations, you can never go wrong with these.

Your video intro is a deciding factor on whether your viewer keeps watching your video or not. You want to keep it interesting, eye-catching! All streamers know that the first six seconds of a video is the so-called “hook” that helps you keep your viewers tuned.

Most popular streamers tend to go with the option of high-quality, top-level animation intros rather than a simple hello when they start their videos. This is because intros give YOU time as a streamer to prepare, to let the audience settle. Just a few seconds to prepare instead of starting a video completely blank!

Let’s go over a few of the most popular video intro styles streamers can add to their videos:

1. Anime Intros

Anime style is BIG on the gamer community. You can dress up your channels with all kinds of anime-inspired assets, but you can also use an anime intro maker to set this very special tone on your videos.

2. Zombie Intros

All zombies and other post-apocalyptic scenarios are growing a bigger and bigger trend, especially for gamers! Set your new world reality using this style of video intros and prepare your audience for a human-surviving war!

3. Text Animations

Text animations are also a great way to go! You can use your username, your brand’s name, your channel’s name, any text you wish to highlight with awesome animations on a certain video. There are a huge number of options if you choose to go with text animation.

4. Futuristic Intros

Gamers love all futuristic, space-like, technologic, Matrix-type styles! Why not add a video intro to dazzle your viewers with futuristic graphics and animations. Set the tone right for your video right in the first few seconds.

5. Gaming Competition Intros

Are you competing against a fellow gamer? Show it on your video by opening up with a competition intro with both teams or gamers to make an exciting entry! This is a great way to sum up in a few seconds what your next video will be about, and who is on it.

6. Esports Intros

Are you an esports streamer? Great! You can make an intro video to show what your channel is all about. Use an esports template to create a video intro that sums up your brand and your channel’s intention.

7. Cartoonish Intros

Are you more of a childish gamer? No worries, use a cartoonish video intro to keep in style with the rest of your channel and basically your whole identity as a gamer! There are plenty of styles you can go for when creating a cartoonish intro video, you can use 2D graphics designs, 3D pixel art, and so on!

Using Video Intro Makers to Help You Out

Making video intros is not a difficult task anymore. There is no need to make your life hard by figuring out complicated software or even hiring an external person to handle this for you. You can use an intro maker online to make your intros in just a few seconds and right in your browser.  This means, of course, that you can create your own video intros if you choose to use tools like this.

One Step Back

While on the note of video intros, having your gaming logo is super important to build a sense of brand all over your channel. Most intro video templates will allow you to add your gaming logo. It helps keep consistency through your videos even when you choose to use different intro videos from time to time.

A Few Tips to Make Your Video Intros

Making killer video intros can help you uplift your video views and your channel’s overall traffic. Let’s review four simple points your video intros should follow:

  • Your video intro should not last longer than 6 seconds. When you use a pre-made template normally they already have the preferred length, but if you are using some other tool, keep this in mind.
  • Brand your intro with your logo, name, or slogan.
  • Give your viewers a clear idea of what you are about to talk about in your video.
  • Visitors should get an idea of what to expect from your channel simply by watching your intro.

Last Words

Get your groove on with fantastic video intros to star in your videos! Choose a style that works best with:

  • Your channel style
  • Your audience interest
  • You brand personality
  • You overall tone when streaming

Remember that you have basically three options when choosing to create video intros, you either use specialized software like Adobe Premiere, or After Effects, you can hire an expert to make this for you, or you can use a gaming intro maker to make them on your own! Whichever way you decide, we are sure it’s going to look great.

There are a few places you can even find free intro video templates to experiment with online tools and see how they work. Try them on your videos and become an expert on creating your own video intros.

Get your fellow gamers and your viewers hooked to your streaming channels with sick graphics and animations. What are you waiting for?


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