macXvideo Review: How to Edit, Encode, Compress 4K Videos for Free

There are times that you need edit, encode and compress 4K UHD videos for various reasons. It might be a need to customize a stack of 4K footage for YouTube uploading, to get 4K video smaller for storage or email attachment, or to make 4K videos from all sources playable on any devices. It’s not unusual, even as 4K UHD is slowly becoming a norm.

For example, you’re trying to record a 4K UHD video for sharing on YouTube. From camcorders, DSLR, mobiles, GoPro to drones, you have too many choices to do so. Yet the diversity of the recording devices could result in a variety of video formats and codecs for 4K video. Furthermore, it will go incompatible with YouTube, such as iPhone X/8 recorded 4K HEVC. Not to mention that a minute of H.264 4K video at 30fps takes up 350MB iPhone storage and 10 minutes of HEVC 4K 60fps recorded by GoPro Hero 6 hogs up about 5.9GB space. Obviously, a very short 4K UHD will go beyond the size limit of YouTube or other social media sites.

Therefore, the best choice comes to seek for a tool that’s available to change video format and codec, downscale 4K video resolution to be best fitted the specific video site, get your 4K videos smaller in size but no quality loss, trim the length of video or split a long 4K video into segments.  To this end, macXvideo is undoubtedly the best one I’ve used for editing, encoding and compressing 4K videos.

Salient Features of macXvideo

Now normally, I don’t think I need to mention the features of such a reliable and well-known software, but I think here it is more of a necessity than anything else. macXvideo is packed with some amazing salient features that you can definitely benefit from. It transcodes video among general-purpose formats, compress video to the hilt with superb video quality, and edit 4K footage freely. With it, the 4K video processing has never been this easier with a trade-off of speed and quality. And best of all, it’s absolutely free. Here are the key features to know macXvideo better.

Edit 4K Footage (Cut, Crop, Effect, Rotate etc.) to Make It Unique

 Give your video that professional look by adding one of the many effects available in macXvideo

Unlike other cumbersome video editing software that editing options are hidden deeply in the UI, macXvideo listed cut, crop, effect, subtitles, and rotate options conspicuously on the main interface. Thus you need no time to master this tool and know how to edit videos on Mac instinctively following such options. You’re able to trim the 4K video length for a fascinating story, crop video dimensions to be adaptive with different screen sizes, rotate or flip video into right direction, merge brilliant video fragments into one video and add subtitles and effects to your 4K UHD videos.

 macXvideo’s intuitive user interface will get you up to speed editing, processing and sharing your video in no time

Transcode 4K Video to General-Purpose Codecs and Formats

 macXvideo automatically detects the processor and graphics coprocessor in your Mac to enable accelerated 4K video processing

A diversity of 4K content sources could cause a variety of 4K video codecs and formats indeed. However, the support for 4K from device to device comes to an unevenness. So when you’re trying to play 4K UHD videos on different devices, or upload 4K to the web, you definitely need macXvideo to encode or decode the 4K contents. It gives an access of any 4K footage and transcode it to MP4, H.264, HEVC, MKV, AVI, MOV and a plethora of common video formats. Take iPhone X/8 recorded HEVC MP4 4K as an example, it’s quite easy to decode HEVC to H.264 for better compatibility on devices and web sites. Inversely, you can also encode videos to HEVC with higher quality and smaller file size.

Compress 4K UHD Videos by up to 90% yet No Quality Loss

Large file size of 4K UHD always comes a headache, no matter you’re willing to transfer it for playback on portable devices, store on hard drives, or upload to YouTube or the like. Whereas the advanced compress engine of macXvideo enables you make a reduction of 4K videos to the hilt, without visually quality loss. The video compression the throughout the whole 4K video processing, namely transcoding an oversized video to high compression algorithm format, lowering the parameters like resolution, bit rate, frame rate etc., cutting down the video length or cropping the video dimension. Depending how much compression ratio you claim, you can apply one or two way or even all to shrink video maximally by up to 90%.

Take A Closer Look on macXvideo

Besides the above excellent features, why macXvideo becomes the best choice for 4K video processing lies in the reasons below:

Easiest-to-use. The intuitive interface gives you a clear clue about how to use macXvideo, no experience required.

No.1 fast speed. 5X times faster speed than any others, with the level-3 hardware acceleration enabled, together with unique multi-core CPU utility.

4K HEVC compatible. Full compatibility with 4K HEVC videos, as well as higher resolution 5K, 8K videos.

Intact quality reserved. High quality engine and auto copy ensure to output an intact video quality in video processing.

High compression ratio. Shrink video to smallest size, by up to 90% reduction with no quality loss, thanks to the advance compress engine.

How to Edit, Encode, Compress 4K Videos for Free

Now then it’s time to use this free software, many people end up getting intimidated because they think such a powerful 4K video processing tool would be complicated. Definitely not the case for macXvideo. It’s perhaps the easiest software I’ve used to process 4K videos. How so? You’ll see in this tutorial.

Step 1: At the initial, free download macXvideo and launch it on your Mac desktop. It’s available on Mac OS X 10.6 and above. Once you’ve done, you will be presented with a simple looking interface.

Step 2: Simply click “+ Video” to load the 4K video you wish to process. Batch video processing is available.

Step 3: Choose the output format from the bottom panel where all common formats are listed. After you’ve chosen output profiles, you’re able to click “Codec OPT” to adjust video quality, parameters like resolution, bit rate, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio etc.

Step 4: If you’d like to edit your 4K video, the specific cut, crop, subtitles, effects, rotate, merge options are clearly listed under the video information. You can click on the corresponding button to edit easily.

Step 5: Now that you have finalized the settings you want, the next step comes to tap the “RUN” button to activate the program and make your settings valid. Do keep in mind that the video size and computer configuration will have an effect on video processing speed. And if your Mac desktop is powerful enough for hardware acceleration, the program will improve the speed up to 5 times faster as you ticked on the Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD box.

Final Thought

To be honest, I used to get tired of downloading too much freeware for converting, compressing and editing videos separately, and I always wonder to get a all-in-one program to make them done at once. The reality is that there are such software on the market indeed, but it’s paid and seldom for 4K support. Thankfully, macXvideo comes a next generation video processing tool for 4K videos, with enhanced features, simple steps, super fast speed and intact quality. It’s sure worth your time for a try!

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