eSports Industry of South Africa Is Thriving And Here’s Why

Gaming Industry has seen the peaks like never before, all thanks to the lockdowns! People have got a lot of time at their end to enjoy games and participate in online tournaments now. China, Europe, North America, and India are undoubtedly on the top when it comes to esports. But, recently, the gaming industry of South Africa has been on a hot chair.

eSports Industry of South Africa is thriving and let’s see why:

Rise in fanbase

According to the statistics, South Africa has around 40,000 enthusiastic gaming fans. This might sound relatively low, but it’s not. It’s just enough for sponsors and advertisers to take advantage of the situation and make some money.

Not to forget, South Africa has the second-largest economy in the continent. This makes South Africa attractive for many external as well as internal parties to spend on the gaming industry. The country has a bright future when it comes to gaming and esports, undoubtedly!

Support from Schools and Colleges

It is quite common across the world that countries doing well in the eSports sector have a gaming culture in their educational institutes. It all started from the United States and became exemplary for many other countries, South Africa being one of them. Educational Institutes host and promote competitive tournaments and games, which has really helped the gaming industry to grow!

International Recognition

South Africa is not only gaining internal support but also international recognition. After noticing South Africa’s keen interest in gaming, various international brands have and are planning to organize tournaments.

If you are an avid gamer, you must be aware of the ESL. Even ESL has started hosting gaming events and competitions in South Africa. The interest of international brands in South Africa esports has caught the eye of the whole world. Other countries have finally started considering South Africa as a challenging competitor, all thanks to international recognition.

Now the question arises, “What makes international brands so interested in South Africa?” Obviously, the emerging interest of the people of South Africa has opened a variety of opportunities to invest in the gaming industry. But that’s not the only reason! South Africa has so much to offer, including the amazing facilities when it comes to hosting events.

Why the need for the right eGaming platforms?

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Upcoming Events in South Africa 2021

Since the iGaming industry is thriving in South Africa, a lot of sponsors and advertisers are looking for opportunities to host gaming and tech events. The year 2020 might be a down hit due to the situations around the world, but the calendars are all set for exciting gaming events in 2021.

Here are a few gaming events that took place in 2020 in South Africa and will be surely coming back in 2021:

Techfest – Johannesburg

  • When: 26-27 June
  • Where: Soweto Theatre

Techfest has been around 2017, and this year too, it kept its legacy! Each year it grows and expands, mainly because the attractiveness of the overall industry is increasing. It is a typical gaming expo with free to play games and tournaments. Also, there are many brand activation going on, too; in case if you are interested in investing in a new console or game, you can learn a thing or two about that at the Techfest expo.  

rAge – Johannesburg

  • When: 4-6 September
  • Where: Northgate Dome

Rage is one of the best known electronic gaming and technology gaming expo hosted in South Africa. People travel from different cities to join it and take part in the tournaments. What makes it more fun is, you can dress up as your favorite character and do cosplay.

You can not only play games but also buy those. There are different stalls to get your hands on retro as well as modern games at a very reasonable price. Not to forget, you can get great deals on gadgets and consoles too!

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