What Factors Can Influence the App Development Cost?

How Much Does It COST to Build an App (In 2021)

For some businesses, building a mobile app is a necessity that allows them to increase sales and attract more customers to their business. However, mobile app development is not a simple task. It’s a time-consuming process that sometimes takes up to 6 months. However, before building a mobile app, it is clear that you wish to know how much you need to pay for it. In this post, you shouldn’t expect the exact numbers because the average cost of your mobile application depends on a number of issues. Our goal is to review all the factors that might influence the average cost of a mobile app.

The Type and The Size of Your Future App

The first factor that influences the app development cost is its size. When talking about this criterion, we have to mention that mobile applications can be:

  • Small. They usually have limited functionality, are suitable for only one platform, and have standard UI components. Besides, they don’t require backend development and API integration. The most vivid example is a simple weather app, installed on almost any smartphone.
  • Medium. Such applications usually feature payment systems and custom UI. Besides, such apps are suitable for a few platforms.
  • Complex applications. They usually have a wide array of options such as third-party integration, multi-language support, attractive animations, etc. However, complex backend integration is needed to build a complex mobile application. The most vivid example is Uber.

Location of Developers

It’s one of the major factors that can influence the cost of your mobile application. The thing is that the salaries of coders vary depending on their location. For instance, the most expensive programmers are based in the USA and Australia. The cheapest developers are located in Asian countries. But today, Eastern Europe has become the main hub for outsourcing developers. They offer moderate prices and do have many technical experts that can easily meet the needs of the most exacting customers. Following this link https://litslink.com/app-cost-calculator, you can easily calculate the average cost of your future app.

Platforms and Devices

Remember that a lot depends on the platform and device for which your future mobile application will be built. For instance, building a mobile application for a single platform is cheaper than for a few platforms. Besides, building an additional mobile app or wearables can also increase the cost of your future app.

The device generation is one more factor that should also be taken into consideration. Remember that mobile applications that must support older devices can be more expensive only because they require more time, skills, more expensive tools, and efforts.

Experience of Programmers

It goes without saying that the hourly rates of programmers vary depending on their experience in this niche. Normally, coders are divided into junior, middle, and senior software experts. Junior programmers are usually responsible for simple tasks. But if you need to build a complex mobile app with map integrations, you need to hire skilled developers. Don’t save on good programmers! Otherwise, you’ll pay more to fix bugs made by inexperienced programmers.

Design of Your Future App

Remember that the user interface is the first thing your customers see. So your overriding objective is to make it nice and appealing. Simply put, the future success of your mobile app depends on the type of icons, logos, wireframes and other tools that were used. All these items need to be placed correctly.

Such factors as the experience of a mobile app designer, their location, supported platform, and the complexity of your design can influence the general cost of your future app. All these things have to be discussed at the initial stage. You need to provide a project manager of your development team with your requirements for your future app. In doing so, you’ll avoid understatement.

Besides the above-mentioned factors, the average cost of your future app can also be influenced by testing and maintenance, and the number of features. As you can see, the price varies and depends on a wide array of aspects. Therefore, you have to pay attention to all these factors. However, before building an app for your business, you’ll sign a contract with an app development team. You’ll discuss all the requirements for your future application and all the risks that may influence the app cost.


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