Errors that occur because of some issues or conflicts with DNS are never good, because they are hard to resolve. Errors like dns_probe_finished_bad_config or DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG  are hard to resolve because there can be multiple reasons for the errors.

This leads to confusion among the troubleshooter as there is no possible way to tell what is wrong with the internet. The simplest way to start the entire procedure is by making sure that your internet is actually working on other devices.

This is a very useful tip because it could potentially save a lot of time troubleshooting. Calling the professional and having them fix it will resolve the dns_probe_finished_bad_config error.

If not, then you can start the troubleshooting yourself by following all the given methods below. I have written multiple articles on different DNS issues. Luckily, most of the steps are identical, so you will not need to ramp up your knowledge.

What Causes the DNS Error?

Over the course of the last couple of years, there have been a lot of questions regarding the origin of the infamous error. I have to tell you that this error is quite prolific and confusing, to begin with. To start, it exists under completely different names in many browsers.

For instance, if you are getting DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG in Google Chrome, the same error might appear completely different in a different browser. The one thing I am certain about is that this error has something to do with DNS.

Now a lot of people do not know this but DNS works in a rather simple to understand way. There is no rocket science involved in it, but still, it is up to me to make sure everyone is aware of it.

The main purpose of DNS is to translate the name of a website from our language to a language that internet can understand. So, for starters, if you type in, the DNS will have to translate that into a machine-readable IP address.

Websites can have multiple IP addresses assigned to one name, it all depends on just how big the website is. So, with that in mind, the DNS error occurs when the DNS fails to translate the URL that you typed into a machine-readable IP address.

The worst part about this error is that there are so many different reasons for this error to occur. It could be your browser, it could be the VPN you are using, it could be the router itself, a malfunctioning cable, or the internet connection from the source.

The methods to fix the different DNS errors are mostly the same. Still, to keep things relevant and fresh, I will add a couple of different methods that may fix the internet, and fix the ever so dreadful dns probe finished bad config error.

Method 1: Restarting the Router

It may come as a surprise but not many are aware of the fact that restarting your hard restarting your router can fix a slew of DNS related errors. That is because upon restarting, you’re cutting off all the communication between the router, the internet, and your computer.

So, when it turns back on again, the connection gets established again, giving it a chance to easily connect. This is a very simple yet effective way to find out whether or not the internet is working.

In case the internet starts working after the router restart, you will have no need to proceed with other methods. The methods I am discussing further into the article are more advanced.


Command prompt has always been the answer to several problems that arise in Windows. While it may look like it is only for networking issues, the command prompt can help you with a broad spectrum of issues.

One issue is the infamous dns_probe_finished_bad_config; if you are facing this issue, you can try and resolve this by using a handful of commands. The commands will flush the DNS in exchange for new that is actually functional. 

The steps are rather simple if you know how to use the command prompt, and are all below.

Step 1:

Open the start menu, and type cmd. Once the command prompt appears, right click on it, and choose Run as administrator.

Step 2:

Now you are going to have to run six different commands, one by one. Start off by running the following command.

  • ipconfig /release

Press the enter key, followed by the second command.

  • ipconfig /all

Repeat the same process and move on to the third command.

  • ipconfig /flushdns

The command above will flush your DNS. Once that is done, you can renew your DNS by entering the following command.

  • ipconfig /renew

The DNS is renewed, but there are still two more commands to go. Type the following command, and press enter.

  • netsh int ip set dns

Lastly, enter the command below and close the command prompt once the command is registered.

  • netsh winsock reset

Now you just need to restart your computer. Once that is done, the DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG error should no longer have an issue. If for some reason, the error does not go away, you can try other methods.


If for some reason, the command prompt method fails to work, do not despair. The guide is there to focus on multitudes of ways that the user can use to fix the DNS error. This one is focusing on changing the DNS address to something else.

Yes, I know it sounds intimidating, but it is only a matter of few clicks, and few strokes and you are good to go. The router uses a default DNS that is provided by the internet service providers, however, you can change that to a public DNS address.

These addresses are available all over the internet, but it is important that you use a trusted one. By changing your DNS, your network will connect to the internet through the servers of the specific DNS.

For this method, I am going to change my default DNS to Google DNS that is known for being one of the best on the internet. It is safe, it is secure, and actually faster than majority of default DNS that are available.

Step 1:

Right-click on the network icon located at the bottom right and click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2:

On the left pane, click on Change adapter settings.

Step 3:

Once the new window opens, right click on the default internet connection, and click on Properties.

Step 4:

From the list, look for the option called Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and double-click it.

Step 5:

Now you will have to click on Use the following DNS server addresses. Once done, fill both of the fields like this.

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:

Step 6:

On the bottom left, click on Validate settings upon exit, and then click OK.

Once the window is closed, there might be a new window trying to diagnose the internet connection, just go ahead and close that. After that, open the browser and see if you are no longer getting the annoying dns_probe_finished_bad_config error.

If for some reason, the error is still there, do not worry. There are other effective methods that you can use to see if everything works the way it should.

Method 4: Restarting the DNS

Restarting the entire DNS client service is something a lot of people normally miss out on because they think it is not important. The good thing, however, is that it actually works well, and in many cases, fixes your internet problems.

It is a useful method, especially for people who are facing DNS related errors, and have already tried every possible method to fix the internet, and the DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG error.

Step 1:

Press windows key + R.

Step 2:

Once the dialog box opens, type in services.msc and press OK.


Step 3:

The next menu might be intimidating if this is your first time. Just look for DNS Client and right click on it.


Step 4:

Choose the option to Restart from the drop-down menu. Once the client goes through reset, close the menu.

I do not think restarting the computer is necessary, but just to be one the safe side, you should go ahead and do it. Once the computer boots up again, make sure you check the internet browser to see if your internet is up and running again.

Method 5: Try Disabling VPN Software

Since the dns_probe_finished_bad_config is actually about DNS, the error can sometimes exist outside Google Chrome as well. During my testing, and exploration, I have come to realize that VPN is one of the culprits behind this error.

Sometimes when you turn the VPN off, or when you turn it on, it leaves a hit on the internet. This means that you may not get internet service after you may have enabled the VPN, or disabled it.

There are no steps to take here, so keeping that in mind, you can simply turn off the VPN and see if the internet starts working after that.


I have been told by a lot of people how they do not like to deal with the DNS errors just because they are random, spontaneous nature. However, it is important that you deal with the errors because a working internet is something everyone wants to have.

Sure, the DNS error you are facing might because of a lot of different reasons, and if you are facing this on a weekend, troubleshooting is all you can do. The good thing is that this error is not impossible to resolve.

As annoying the DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG error is, fixing the error is rather easy when you know what you are doing. That is why the article has all the necessary fixes, and tips that can come in extremely handy when fixing the dns_probe_finished_bad_config.


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