One of the most common errors in Google Chrome is the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain or DNS Probe Finished NXDomain. The error simply prevents your browser from establishing a connection with the website. As the name suggests, you are dealing with an error relating to DNS.

The purpose of the DNS is to resolve and translate the addresses, and you get this error when the DNS is unable to translate the error. From the start, your computer is going to use the DNS that is programmed into the router.

However, the good thing is that you can change to public DNS which is better, and securer as well. As for the error, there are multiple ways to fixing it, and I will be exploring some of the best ones. Now do keep in mind that though this guide is for Google Chrome, the error may occur in other browsers.

Now do keep in mind that though this guide is for Google Chrome, the error may occur in other browsers. The name might be different, so keep that in mind. The bad thing about this error is that there are multiple ways of fixing it.

Sometimes, one method works and the other does not, the simplest thing to this is to make sure that you keep trying. It can also be an issue with your internet, but before jumping to conclusions, do try the methods first.

Method 1: Changing the DNS Address to Google DNS

The first method to fix the DNS probe_finished_nxdomain error is by simply changing the DNS address. This is perhaps the simplest method as it does not require any advanced steps. You just have to follow the simple steps, and you will be up and running in no time.

Step 1:

On the bottom right side of the screen, right click on the network icon and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center“.

Step 2:

Once the new window opens, you have to click on “Change adapter settings“, located at the top left.

Step 3:

Right click on the internet connection that is active, and click “Properties“.

Step 4:

Once you have the small window in front of you, click on double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Step 5:

Click on Use the following DNS server addresses and enter the server addresses given below, and click the “OK” button.

  1. Preferred DNS Server:
  2. Alternate DNS Server:

After following the steps, simply go to Google Chrome, and see if your internet connection is up and running. If not, you can follow more of the solutions below.

Method 2: Fixing Through Command Prompt

The second method I am talking about is a bit on the technical side, and is better for people who are good with command prompts. This method requires you to enter fairly easy commands using the command prompt.

Keep in mind that in updated versions of Windows 10, CMD is largely replaced by Windows Powershell. The good thing is that Powershell provides you the same features as the CMD, and some richer features as well.

Step 1:

Right click on the start button and select “Windows Powershell (Admin)

Step 2:

Once the Powershell opens, type in the following command, and press enter.

  • ipconfig /release

Step 3:

Once you have typed that command, it is time to type in another command and repeat the process.

  • ipconfig /all

Step 4:

There are a total of six commands that you have to type, the next one is below.

  • ipconfig /flushdns

Step 5:

Type the following command and press enter.

  • ipconfig /renew

Step 6:

The next command is a bit different, but still as important to enter.

  • netsh int ip set dns

Step 7:

Enter the last command and once that is done, press enter.

  • netsh winsock reset

Once that is done, you can go ahead and restart your computer to make sure that all the changes that you have just made are in effect. After the computer boots up, you should be able to connect to the internet with ease.

The next step is even easier for a lot of people who question their ability to use the command prompt of using the network settings. You just have to make some easy tweaks to Google Chrome.

Method 3: Tweaking Google Chrome

If you are still facing the dreadful dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error after going through the first two methods, do not worry. I still have a few methods left that you can use, and these are surely going to fix you the issue, and allow you to connect to the internet.

This method involves making a few changes to Google Chrome itself, so it is rather easy to follow as compared to the other methods.

Step 1:

Launch Google Chrome.

Step 2:

Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar and press enter. This will take you to an intimidating looking page.

Step 3:

Simply click on Reset all to default. 

Step 4:

Close Google Chrome and relaunch it.

Following the steps that I have mentioned above should fix the DNS probe finished nxdomain Should the error remains, I am listing down more methods just for the sake of being on the safer side.

Method 4: Restarting the DNS Client

Not a lot of people know but sometimes, the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error is actually not because of Chrome. There is something wrong with the DNS Client service that is causing the issue. Luckily, you can restart the DNS client and have it work again like normal.

The process is not difficult and does not require the use of any additional tools. Just follow the steps below and you will be good to go.

Step 1:

Press Windows + R key to open the Run menu.

Step 2:

Once the menu opens, type services.msc in the search bar and press OK.


Step 3:

You will be presented with a menu, search for DNS Client and right click on it.


Step 4:

From the drop down menu, choose Restart, and close the menu once the client is reset.

Once you are done with all the steps, it is time to go back and check whether or not you are still getting the DNS probe finished nxdomain. There are high chances the error is fixed, but if it is not, you can go ahead and check out the other methods in the list.

Method 5: Disabling VPN Software

Since the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain is actually about DNS, the error can sometimes exist outside Google Chrome as well. During my testing, and exploration, I have come to realize that VPN is one of the culprits behind this error.

Sometimes when you turn the VPN off, or when you turn it on, it leaves a hit on the internet. This means that you may not get internet service after you may have enabled the VPN, or disabled it.

There are no steps to take here, so keeping that in mind, you can simply turn off the VPN and see if the internet starts working after that.

Other Possible Fixes For DNS probe finished nxdomain

There are plenty of reasons why you could be getting the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain, and as annoying, the error is, it is important that you find a fix. Should the fixes mentioned above fail to work, you can follow a couple of other precautionary measures to pinpoint the issue.

The reason why I am not writing these fixes with the others that I have mentioned before is that these possible fixes are more on the line of making sure rather than following a set of steps in order to make sure what is wrong and what is not.

Use a Different Browser/Website

If Google Chrome is giving you the infamous DNS probe finished nxdomain error, you can actually try and use a different browser to see if the error still persists. Before you do that, you should try and open a different website on the Google Chrome.

This step is to find out whether the website you are trying to open is malfunctioning or not. If a different website does not open either, then you can go ahead and check a different browser. If you are on Windows, then Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge are going to be the default browsers.

For people who are using an Apple device, the default would be Safari internet. Whatever the browser you has default, make sure you try and open the same website to see if it opens.

Use a Different Service

The whole purpose of troubleshooting and using different methods is to make sure that you are able to point out the problem that is causing the issue. If you are dealing with the annoying dns_probe_finished_nxdomain, there can be several issues.

If using a different browser does not solve your problem, you can try using a different service that uses internet connection. The service or program can be literally any. You can use Steam, Skype, or a messenger.

The point here is simple, you just need to make sure that your internet connection is working, because there are several instances in which the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error arises because of no internet.

Trying a Different Device

If you are facing the DNS probe finished nxdomain on all the browsers that you have tried, the next step is to check the internet on a different device. It can be anything; a laptop, a different computer, and even a smartphone. The goal is to see whether or not the internet is behaving the same way.

The reason behind this is simple to explain, some times, the MAC address of a specific device ends up in a conflict, preventing the device from having any internet access whatsoever.

If the new device works just fine, your problem will then narrow down to the computer that is not able to connect to the internet. This will ultimately help you have an easier time troubleshooting from that point and onward.

Check Your Router

If all of the above, the chances that there might be something wrong with your router. That is because you have gone through every single solution that I have listed, and you are still getting the DNS probe finished nxdomain.

Start off by unplugging all the cables from your router, as well as your PC (if there are any) and then reconnecting them again. I cannot say this will work, but this is just a precaution to see whether or not it fixes the issue.

If removing the cables, and plugging them again does not help, restarting the router from either the control panel or the switch that you can find on the router.

If that does not fix it, you turn it off completely for 30 seconds and turn it back on. This will completely shut down your router, and the next time you turn it back on, it will have toe establish the connection with the internet all over again.

If that still does not fix the issue, then it is best calling your internet service provider, because the chances of something being severely wrong with the internet are higher than any other issue.

Final Thoughts On dns_probe_finished_nxdomain

So, that pretty much wraps it up for this article, folks. If you have not guessed it already, the dns_probe_finished_nxdomain error is a nuisance, and there is no other way to look at. It becomes even more difficult for people who have a lot of internet usage, and work on the internet.

Luckily, the above-mentioned solutions should be more than enough for you to fix the issues. However, there are times when even the issues do not seem to work. That is mainly when the underlining issue is with the internet, and not your browser.

If you think there are more methods that can help you, or you know a solution that is not listed in this article, feel free to comment below. I will surely see it.


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