Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? Get into Computer with PCUnlocker

Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? Get into Computer with PCUnlocker 1

As a long-term PC user, thee have been countless times where I found myself in a situation where I no longer remember the password. This usually happens when I am using a computer I have not used for a while. With that said, if you have forgotten the password to your computer, then don’t worry.

The easiest fix is to go for a software or a tool that will help you unlock your password without the need to install Windows all over again. The process used to be difficult in the old days, but has become a lot easier and common nowadays.

Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? This is where the PCUnlocker comes in, a tool that is so convenient that it will help you unlock your PC without going through the complicated process. Before I dive deeper into the details, I am going to talk more about the software in the next section.

What is PCUnlocker?

PCUnlocker is a bootable software that you can use to get access to a computer that you have been locked out of. Whether the computer has a local account, or a Microsoft account, the software will grant you access regardless.

The good thing is that the software is made to cater different operating systems. So, anything ranging from Windows 10 and all the way down to Windows 7 can be unlocked with ease. In addition to that, the PCUnlocker also works well with all the editions of Windows Server.

The software is available in Standard and Professional versions that you can get, and despite the difference in versions, the method of unlocking is the same. You need to keep in mind that in order for the PCUnlocker to work, you are going to need to have a computer or a laptop apart from the one that you need to access.

This is because you need a different computer to be able to make the bootable USB drive. The process is relatively simple, and easy to do.

How Does PCUnlocker Work?

If you want more details on how the PCUnlocker works, the working behind this software is easy to understand. You download the software, extract it, and then use a tool to make a bootable USB. You can either use Rufus, or you can use ISO2Disc tool that is developed by Top Password Software, Inc.; the same minds behind PCUnlocker.

Once you have created the bootable USB drive, you are required to proceed to the next step that will involve tutorial and other required information.

Is PCUnlocker Safe To Bypass / Reset Windows Password?

The one question that was looming while I prepared myself to use the PCUnlocker was the level of safety the software offers. After all, any software that is powerful enough to bypass or reset the Windows password should be considered a threat, right?

Well, not entirely. For starters, the software does not come for free, so the likelihood of people buying this in order to break into computers is not an easy thing to do. Other than that, in order to break the computer, the software must be launched by being physically present.

Unless you keep your computer in a place where it is accessible by everyone, I don’t think I would you can find a rogue with a bootable USB in his or her pocket. After carefully evaluating every aspect of the software, I can only say that the software is user friendly.

Most importantly, the PCUnlocker is also one of the safest applications to work with, especially when password resetting is taken into an account.

The Process

The process of running the PCUnlocker is easy, to say the least. To make things even easier, everything is going to be listed in the form of steps. That will make it easier for almost every user to be able to successfully use the PCUnlocker, and gain access to Windows.

However, the process is split into two parts because otherwise, the confusion will remain. The first part will cater to booting into the software, and the latter will cater to the actual process of PCUnlocker.

How to Boot into PCUnlocker?

  •  Plug the USB drive into your computer and wait for it to be detected.
  • Once the USB drive is detected, go ahead and restart your computer.
  • During the startup, start pressing F9, F12, or Delete key on your keyboard. The key is usually different for different computers, but you can see it on the start screen in the beginning.
  • You will be taken to the UEFI bios screen. From here, you have to change the boot priority. You can change the priority by navigating to the boot section, and selecting the USB you have just created.
  • Once that is done, the PCUnlocker will start.

Now that the first process is completed, you will see the PCUnlocker screen. Don’t get put off by looking at the UI, I know it looks dated, but considering how your only aim at this point is to ensure that your PC gets unlocked, the interface should not bother you at all.

With that said, you can now move on to the second process which will take care actually unlocking your PC using the PCUnlocker.

How to Use PCUnlocker?

  • The whole process consists of 3 stages. In the first stage, you have to choose whether you want to reset local admin or user password, or you can choose to reset active directory password.
  • Now you have to move on to the second step where you will find the SAM (Security Account Manager) file. It is basically a database where the Windows will store the login credentials in the form of encrypted key. Normally the file is located and loaded on its own, but in case it doesn’t, you are going to have to do it yourself.Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? Get into Computer with PCUnlocker 2
  • Once you have selected the SAM file, the PCUnlocker will list the name of the accounts that are associated with that SAM file.
  • Choose the account that you want to unlock and click “Reset Password”.
  • A new dialogue box will open asking whether you want to proceed or not.Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? Get into Computer with PCUnlocker 3
  • Simply hit the Yes button, and you will get a confirmation regarding the successful resetting of the password.Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? Get into Computer with PCUnlocker 4
  • That is it. You can now hit Restart, and upon being asked for the password again, simply press enter.

You will have access to your Windows again. The user can now change the password as per their requirement.

That is not all; there are other amazing features available in PCUnlocker that require some discussion. For users who don’t want to reset their password, there is a way to bypass the password as well. This works best for people who just want to have a quick access to get all the necessary files.

To learn how you can bypass the system, you can check out the tutorial below.

How to Bypass the Windows Password Using PCUnlocker

If you don’t want to reset your password completely, and just want to have a quick access to your computer for whatever reason. A way you can choose is the password bypassing. This is a very common and effective method that is available in this software, and works always.

The process is the same, with just a minor change. Instead of clicking the Reset Password option on the PCUnlocket, you choose the account you want to be bypassed, and once that is done, hit the Options button and then click on Bypass Windows Password. This will bypass the password for you.

Forgot Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Password? Get into Computer with PCUnlocker 5


In case you are wondering, the software is able to do that by temporarily disabling the Windows authentication subsystem. This allows the user to get access to their files, as well as all the data.

The caveat here is that once you restart your computer, you are going to have to use the PCUnlocker all over again to gain access. Other than that, the password bypass option works as intended, and does the job.

PXE Network Boot Feature

During my time with the testing, I noticed that I don’t have my USB drive on hand. In a dire situation of testing it, I found out that the software has a PXE Network Boot option. Most modern computers are coming into the market with this feature.

The workings of this feature is rather simple, to be honest. You just load up the software’s ISO onto your FTP server, and enable the PXE boot option on your computer. However, if you want the easiest way out, I would still suggest making a bootable drive as it is a lot easier, and convenient.

Bottom Line

I remember being out of town and my father had to use the family computer in an emergency; at that time, the only way out was installing the Windows again. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, that is no longer the issue. PCUnlocker has to be one of the most convenient programs I have used.

Sure, it is not free, and that might bug someone, but the good thing is that almost all the versions are incredibly good, and worth the money. The good thing is that the method also remains the same throughout all of the versions.

The software is easy to use as long as you have a laptop or a computer, and once you are done creating the bootable USB drive, the rest of the process is a total breeze. In my opinion, there are not many caveats of the software, to begin with.

Aside from the fact that the UI looks old and clunky, there is not a lot I would complain about in the first place. The software works as it is marketed, and it is extremely easy to use. I have seen some critics say that there should have been another way to bypassing or resetting the password apart from bootable media.

As someone who knows computers, I know it is not possible, and hence, I will not be deducting any points from the software on that basis.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Is available in a variety of versions.
  • Bootable media option is wonderful.
  • Works on almost every version of Windows, or Windows Server.
  • Allows you to bypass the password, and even reset it.


  • The UI is a bit clunky.

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