Fortnite, PUBG & Co Making eSports Betting a Great Wager

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Even before there was a global pandemic, placing wagers on esports was becoming a “thing.” Huge tournaments were occurring across the planet and were drawing teams from across the globe. Major news outlets were covering the events, and huge, international corporations become sponsors. When you have that kind of attention, you can be sure that placing wagers on these types of events is not far behind, and that is what happened in esports.

India is no different. While games like Fortnite have captured the attention of gamers from across the globe, in India it has been PUBG. Young internet users have been captivated by the game and it has led to many choosing to place wagers on the outcome of matches. They can find out more about PUBG here. It has also led many to try their hand at the game to see if they can match their skills with the greatest competitors on the planet.

Professional eSports Stars Can Make Money

What may be surprising to some is that there is money to be had in these games, and not just in gambling. There are professional esports competitors who travel across the globe competing in tournaments and other competitions looking to be crowned champion of Fortnite, Call of Duty, and many others.

Electronic and online games have come a long way since Atari and Wii, and players have become quite sophisticated as well. There are colleges and universities that offer video games as a “sport,” and many colleges even compete with other universities for national titles. It is remarkable has this area has grown in less than two decades.

A Great Place to Make a Bet

eSports has grown to a billion-dollar industry and that kind of money is going to draw a very elite group of competitors who have become champions in video games. Individuals and teams compete all across the globe.

However, one does not have to be that skilled to cash in. Many of the top sportsbooks offer esports as an option to place wagers. They offer odds, spreads, analysis, and predictions as well as accept wagers.

According to a recent report, most wagers come from tournaments involving a handful of games, particularly CS: GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2. According to the report, they account for over 85 percent of all wagers that are made on esports. Others are gaining some traction, but SickOdds CEO and Founder Tom Wade explains,

“Second-tier esports titles such as Rocket League, FIFA, F1 Esports, and Call of Duty have all seen traffic increases of over 200 percent throughout the platform over the past two weeks. This acts as a great catalyst and ‘gateway drug’ into esports and the betting that comes with it.”

Getting Hooked on Gaming

Like football, basketball, and cricket, it is the initial rush of betting on an event that gets people hooked on placing wagers. The gambler does not wager beyond their means, but they come to enjoy the thrill of seeing if they are smart enough to make some money, so they place bets on football or cricket matches, sports where they have likely been longtime fans.

The same process occurs in esports. Many have played these games and are astounded at how good the players are, so they find that they want to have greater involvement in the game, and wagers allow them to do just that. They don’t have to be an elite player in the game themselves; they just have to be able to spot one.

Continuing to Grow

What has added to the appeal is that esports is only going to grow as an industry. There can only be so many football leagues, but that is not true in esports as there are thousands of game titles waiting to be played. As crazy as this sounds, it may not be long before esports wagers are eclipsing that of on-field sporting events. It may almost be inevitable.

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