20 Best Apps To Create / Download Free Ringtones

Custom ringtones are still the most wonderful way to add some personalization to your phone. Accessories are nice for this purpose but expensive as compared to the free ringtones. Consider adding your favorite song, music track or funny tones on your phone. Whenever the phone rings, you can enjoy what you liked to. Instead of that pre-built tones that everybody else is using.

We have reviewed some of the best free ringtone download sites and apps for both Android and iPhone. Adding new and custom ringtones in your phone differs a lot. Both operating systems require the different set of steps to add (you can find a tutorial below to see how).

Best Apps To Create and Download Free Ringtones

Instead of using websites to download free ringtones, there is a more interesting and easier way to do that. Yup, Free ringtone apps for Android and iPhone. Below, we have reviewed some great apps for both Android and iPhone that can help you to add a bit of more customizations to your smartphone.

Following are some free apps for the iPhone users.

Ringtones Converter

You can use this app to create beautiful ringtones for iPhone. This may include the caller tunes, notifications sounds, SMS alerts and all sorts of other sounds. You can also find the comedy ringtones of Hahaas Comedy® in this app.

  • Easy User interface
  • Supports all kind of sounds notifications
  • Pre-loaded funny ringtones you found nowhere else

Ringtone Maker

Well, this is a wonderful app to create ringtones from the audio files or music tracks. This app is quite easy to use as well. You just need to add the track you want to convert into the ringtone, select the particular portion. Add some in and out effects and you are done!

  • Quite an easy process
  • Upload any music track
  • Select the best portion you wish to use as ringtones
  • Add some in and Out effects also to make it look like a ringtone

Ringtones for iPhone

This cool app allows doing everything you wish to. You can use their pre-built ringtones which are wonderful in fact, you can use the music tracks to record and you can also record the audio using the mic to use ringtones. Go and give it a try.

  • All-in-one Ringtone app for iPhone
  • Use pre-built ringtones
  • Create from own music tracks
  • Record your own sound
Ringtones for iPhone! (music)
Ringtones for iPhone! (music)
Developer: byss mobile
Price: Free+
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot
  • Ringtones for iPhone! (music) Screenshot

Ringtones DJ

Wonder about DJing your own text to music, add some cool effects and then using it as a ringtone? Well, this is what you can do using this marvelous app. People have so far created 6 million ringtones using this app. You can use what others have created or come up with something of your own also.

  • Text-to-speech
  • Sound FX
  • MP3 and M4R formats
  • Share with friends
RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone
RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone
  • RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone Screenshot
  • RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone Screenshot
  • RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone Screenshot
  • RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone Screenshot
  • RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone Screenshot
  • RINGTONES DJ by Auto Ringtone Screenshot

Create Ringtones

So far, people have created 5 million ringtones on this app. The marvelous thing about this app is the backward compatibility. It supports the previous versions as well up to iOS 4 which is amazing. This doesn’t mean there are no more cool features.

  • Use Music from the library
  • Record your own
  • Create unlimited
  • Supports below to 3GS (If anyone has it, you are lucky!)
Create Ringtones!
Create Ringtones!
Developer: App Beast Inc.
Price: Free+
  • Create Ringtones! Screenshot
  • Create Ringtones! Screenshot
  • Create Ringtones! Screenshot
  • Create Ringtones! Screenshot
  • Create Ringtones! Screenshot

Hey Android users, you are already enjoying a lot of comfort in adding ringtones to your phone. Let’s have some more fun with these free apps for Android.


Reviewed above as well for being a wonderful website. It has the mobile app for the Android as well. With 300 million installs and offering millions of free ringtones to their users, this app has the approval rating of 4.6 and wonder what, people just really love this. Following are some key features

  • Preview and download from millions
  • Ringtones for every friend and the family member including the custom contact
  • Music like rock, rap and country, plus comedy, sayings, and classic ringers and sound effects.
  • Easily set ringtones and notification sounds from within the app, including individual contact.
  • Collect your favourite, alarms and other sounds
ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers
ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers
Developer: Zedge
Price: Free+
  • ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers Screenshot
  • ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers Screenshot


This is one of the most favourite apps for Android users to create and apply new ringtones on their phones. This ringtone app is old as the Android itself and downloaded by millions of users with the approval rating of 4.4 out of 5 by thousands of reviewers who tested this app. Some of the cool features of the app are

  • Well, It’s Open Source
  • Create personal ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds
  • Use Music to create
  • Record sounds through your Android device to give some wild touch
Developer: Ringdroid Team
Price: Free
  • Ringdroid Screenshot
  • Ringdroid Screenshot

Ringtone Maker

As per its name, this beautiful app will allow you to convert any music or audio file in the ringtone that you can use. You can select your own file or search the internet through this for millions of free tracks available. Then you just have to select the portion of the audio file that you can want to be as the ringtone. Cool features are

  • Supports MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV,AAC(M4A)/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files
  • Fade in/out for mp3
  • Record a new audio clip to edit
  • Assign a Ringtone directly to a contact
Ringtone Maker
Ringtone Maker
Developer: Big Bang Inc.
Price: Free
  • Ringtone Maker Screenshot
  • Ringtone Maker Screenshot

Some free options for Android users

Although this app has some security issues such as ask you to give access to your photos and other stuff that isn’t related to ringtones. But I assume, most users don’t bother to care much which you should. So be careful while giving the privileges app. It’s a good app because of bundled with wonderful ringtones but be careful of the cost.

  • Download from millions
  • Assigned directly as contact tone, SMS notification or Alarm
  • Easy User Interface
  • Careful! with granting the permissions


Last but not the least, Audiko reviewed above also, is the wonderful free ringtone app for Android which allows adding a lot of fun customizations to your ringtones. You can create your own ringtones through this app and may use the pre-built as well. The sad part of this app is the limitation of 5 free ringtones just like its website. Cool features are

  • Huge database of millions FREE ringtone
  • Daily Updates of new arrivals
  • Share via Social Media with friends and family
  • Supports multiple audio formats
  • Compatible with all major and minor (no offense ) brands of Android

Best Sites To Download / Create Free Ringtones

There are tonnes of free website offering ringtones for your phone. Here we reviewed the best websites that are safe, easy and legal to use. Still, there are some of them which may contain the mixed content as well. If there is some latest music track available as the ringtone, this might be copyrighted and illegal to use. So, it’s better to use those which you have already in your phone, computer or CD.


This is a huge marketplace of free apps, music, wallpapers and music ringtones as well. Ringtones may also include the movie clips, songs and soundtracks as well. When you open the website, it asks you to enter the name of your device. Once you do, it will show the content compatible to your device only. So, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility. This how you do it

  • Open mobile9 website
  • Add your device name
  • Select the Ringtones from the left sidebar
  • You can filter the results based on popularity, type and price
  • Clicking on track name will take you to a dedicated page
  • You can listen and download and listen to the ringtone here

mobile9 also has a mobile app that iOS, Windows Phone, and Android users can install to listen.

Official Website


This one is the dedicated website of ringtones and wallpapers to add customization to your phone.  Zedge contains a massive collection including animal sounds, party sounds, alarm sounds, cat sounds, game sounds, and more. The homepage is this website is pretty awesome where you can see a lot of new content being updated on daily basis. You can download unlimited and wallpapers from this. No need to register even if you don’t wish to. Download free for Android and iPhone this way

  • Go to the Zedge website
  • Search what you are looking for or explore the homepage
  • The result page will return you the matching entries
  • Listen to the ringtone and if you like it
  • Simply click the download icon

Android users can install the ZEDGE app.

Official Website


CellBeat has plenty of free ringtones to download from. They are organized in the form of various categories Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Punk, Disco and many others. You can also find the most recent and featured on the homepage of this website. Few things make this website pretty awesome as compared to others. This includes the dedicated page which contains all the information of the ringtone such as size, length, the album, unlike others. This website also allows you to download for Android or iPhone in separate formats.

  • Open CellBeat website
  • Search for the ringtone or choose from the homepage
  • Open the page by clicking the title of ringtone
  • Select MP3 for Android or .m4r for iPhone to download

Official Website


Melofania is just like a community of free ringtones. Users can create online using their audio editor and share with others. This tool is very easy to use. You just need to drag & drop the audio clip in the tool and make the free ringtone for Android or iPhone out of it. The users which are looking for the ringtones can simply download the pre-built or make their own ones. The homepage of this website shows you the most, trending and featured ones by the top artists. Download free for iPhone and Android as follows

  • Go to the Melofania Website
  • If you wish to make your own ringtone, upload the file
  • Otherwise, search the track in the search
  • Open the page of the ringtone track
  • Listen to it in online player
  • If you like it, download it for your by clicking on Android or iPhone

Official Website

Notification Sounds

This is a wonderful free ringtone download website especially for those who are looking for smaller tracks of one to three seconds. These tiny tracks can be used for different kind of notifications including SMS and calls as well. The website allows you to listen to the ringtone and download it in the desired format. These are the better versions of those ringtones which come as default in your Android or iOS phones. They are organized in different categories as well including Animals, Funny, Wake-Up tones and many others. Download and shift them to your phone as follows

  • Go to their website
  • Search or select the desired ringtone from the categories
  • Listen to it
  • Open it page by clicking the title
  • Download MP3 from Android, Windows or Blackberry
  • .m4r format for iOS and .ogg for other phones

Official Website

Mad Ringtones

This site contains more than 30 Million ringtones created by several thousand artists around the world. You can search the favourite track to be used as ringtone or download from the featured and recently added tracks. The best feature of this website is to allow to create your own ringtones. The one thing that differs it from others is that you can directly import the music from the YouTube and convert it in the desired format to be used as ringtone in your Android or iOS device. Creating new from the audio tracks can be done without registering to the website.

  • Open app and Import/Upload the Music file if you want to make your own
  • Otherwise, Search the prebuilt ones from their website
  • Ringtone page shows the length, bitrate as well size of the ringtone
  • You can only download MP3 format here which is supported by Android
  • You can directly download it in your phone using the shortcode also

Official Website


This website is not tiny and contains millions of ringtones for the users. You can search the desired ringtone or browse through the categories which include Classical, Rock, Jazz, Voice and many others. By creating an account on this website, you can upload your own audio tracks and convert them to the ringtones. They can either be kept private and you can share it with the other users of this website just like many are doing. This website allows you to download the ringtone in several ways, you can email yourself the link or download it in the desired format for your Android or iOS phone.

  • After going on MyTinyPhone, search for the track
  • On its page, search the way you want to download the file
  • Clicking on Save to PC will download the MP3 version on file
  • Click on iPhone download if you wish to download the m4r version of the file

Official Website


Cellsea is a wonderful website for downloading free, apps and wallpapers. Some of their gif wallpapers are very amazing. They also review different Android phones also. Mostly the featured ones are available to download for free and you have to buy it from the search. But you can find the free ones as well on this well. This website also tells you to download ringtones to your Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry phones. You can also create your ringtones on this website from the audio tracks which are among wonderful features if you have any music file in your computer.

  • Go to the website of Cellsea
  • Careful, it serves in-click ads also
  • Search for the ringtone
  • Click on PC Download
  • From the drop-down, select the appropriate format

Official Website


Audiko lets you download and create your own ringtones from the music. The interface of this website is quite simple. You can upload your favourite music track. An editor allows you to crop out the favourite fragment which you want to have as ringtone and then download the track in the required format to transfer it in your phone to be used as the ringtone. The famous genres on their website include Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Oldies, Indie and many others. This website also features the top artists that have created the best audio tracks on this website. So basically you can either download your ringtone by creating it or choose from the pre-built by other users.

  • Select the ringtone you wish to transfer to your phone
  • Go to its page and listen to it
  • Click on Download button
  • You will be asked to join either by Email, or Google/Facebook
  • Now you can download 5 ringtones
  • For more, you need to be a premium member

Mobile app for iPhone and Android lets you create from the music on your smartphone

Official Website


This is the simplest website for Android. The user interface of this website is very simple with a feature rich homepage. Left sidebar allows you to search in the categories which include classic, Bollywood, sound effects, animals and many more. You can listen to the audio track before downloading it on your computer. One drawback of this website is that it only allows downloading only in the MP3 format. For iPhone, you need to convert this into the iPhone-compatible format. This is how you can download free ones from this website

  • Go to the website and search for your favourite track
  • Otherwise, you can browse it from the categories
  • Open the ringtone page by clicking the title
  • Listen to the track
  • Click on the Download button

Official Website

How to Add Ringtones in iPhone

This process is very much complicated in iPhone as compared to the Android phones. If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod. Please follow the below steps to add the custom ringtone to them.

  1. Download the latest version of iTunes on your computer
  2. Connect your device with the computer
  3. Go to the Tones  under the device section
  4. Browse the ringtone that you want to add and load it here
  5. Once it added, you can use in your phone as your new ringtone

Note: iOS devices require the ringtone be in ACC format which ends with .m4r instead of the default .MP3 format.

How to Add Ringtones in Android

Android users can enjoy a bit of comfort here in adding new free music ringtones to their phone. The process is quite easy and is as follows

  1. Copy the ringtone to your phone
  2. Go to Go to Settings > Sound > Device ringtone. Here you will see the default ones
  3. Click on Add to open your file manager and select the file of the ringtone. You can also see this in your Music Player
  4. Click Done and repeat the process to add more.

Note: Android accepts the audio files in default MP3 format and doesn’t require the conversion.

Legal Issues

Well, as you have noticed above. Not all the websites generate content by themselves. Most of the times, user do contribute to add ringtones to the website by uploading their own music tracks, converting them into the ringtones and allowing others to download it for free.

Copyrights are very well at the stake in this case. Not all the users have downloaded the legal content and reproducing/modifying it with the permission. So, usually, the free websites contains the mixed nature of the content. So, simply the grey content. It is your responsibility to download the files that you are sure are not copyright protected.

Best way to ensure the legal safety is to download only notification kind stuff from such websites. To use songs, use your own bought songs to do this to avoid any kind of mess or trouble. For Apple users, now they can buy from its official store as well via Apple Music service.

Safety Issues While Downloading

There are hundreds of websites offering free ringtones directly or via their apps. Not all the website host Public Domain or Creative Commons content. As explained earlier, even legit sites can contain the shady content. But here the problem is not the type or nature of the content they are hosting. It is the way they are sustaining their business.

Most of the time, small website owners, scammers, spammers build such websites either earn a lot of money with less effort or to do cyber crimes. Sometimes, on a few websites when you click on the download button of the ringtones, instead of MP3 or any other audio download, it starts downloading some .exe .bat or .html files. This is a complete red flag and you are putting yourself in complete danger.

These executables file can do the following harms to your machine

  • Install an unwanted software or worst Adware
  • Use your machine resources to mine the cryptocurrency
  • Install ransomware on your computer and block your access
  • Develop some backdoor or Install RAT to access your computer remotely
  • Use your computer as a stepping stone to other different crimes.

Final Words

I hope we have covered all the possible aspects of the customization of your smartphone using free ringtones. You can use the above-reviewed website for the ringtone free download. Along with the websites, we also presented you with some cool ways for iPhone and Android. In the end, don’t forget to read about the legal and safety issues of using these download sites and apps.


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