The Games Headlining Microgaming’s Mobile Range

Mobile gaming is enjoyed by pretty much everyone with a mobile device. Whether it’s a puzzle game like Cover Orange, an online game like Clash of Clans, or any number of the best free offline games that don’t require Wifi, everyone has played some form of the game on their mobile phone or tablet.

But, the games which have proven to be the most popular with the mobile gamers of Canada are the mobile-friendly online games. At the forefront of almost all casino game developers is Microgaming. The developers are world-renowned for producing high-quality games, as well as making their creations mobile-friendly.

So, it makes sense that mobile gamers in Canada are drawn to Microgaming games. But, which of their many mobile creations have drawn the biggest player bases?

Progression and kingdom building

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Microgaming is well-known for innovating formerly stale casino games and creating brand new inventions for the players. This is why so many of the most up-to-date casino reviews in Canada rate Microgaming casinos so highly. The game that stands at the peak of innovation and epitomizes Microgaming’s originality is Castle Builder II.

Castle Builder II features a huge map for players to conquer, as well as a selection of avatars with different perks to play as, achievements, and side quests. This is while you spin the slot to gather materials and build your castle.

The incredibly popular slot in Canada is blurring the lines between casino gaming and traditional gaming. Best of all, the game is fully mobile-optimized, so players can log in and continue on their long adventure even when on the go.

The incredibly popular dinosaur franchise

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When many people think of dinosaurs, one certain movie franchise comes to mind: Jurassic Park. Microgaming did create a Jurassic Park game, but to move with the times, create a mobile-friendly game, and keep up with the franchise reboot, they created Jurassic World.

One of the most probable causes behind the Jurassic World game becoming even more popular in Canada is the upcoming film. The second part of the franchise reboot, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, isn’t far away, and people are very excited about it.

Naturally, fans feel the need to indulge in some Jurassic World action in the best way that they can – and Microgaming is there to help anywhere online casino players can get internet.

Exploring the forests of East Asia

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The popularity of gaming is largely based on the game transporting players from their living rooms, bedrooms, or the train that they’re stuck on, into a new and exciting world. One of the reasons why Microgaming is so popular among mobile players in Canada is because they offer a wide range of experiences through their games.

As shown in a good review about All Slots Casino, the online casino is powered by over 500 Microgaming creations – meaning that there is a huge range of games for players to venture into. One game which has proven to be very popular with mobile players is Wild Orient.

The game blasts players into the wild forests of East Asia to uncover the secrets held by the animals that stalk the bamboo-laden floor. With beautiful art, slick animation, and touch controls, it’s the perfect game when players are on the go.

In the world of mobile casino gaming, these three Microgaming creations stand among the very best for their gameplay, themes, and mobile optimization.


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