How To Grow Your Instagram Organically

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Being an entrepreneur and running your own business requires a lot of time and dedication. Growing and marketing your business and product is like the third half of the tasks you need to perform. Naturally, most of your time is spent on business growth and product development, so you don’t get enough time for marketing your business.

You can do all this business marketing old fashioned way but it will take a lot of your time, time that you can use in other tasks. Some easiest ways to do this to use automation tools for all these tasks for Instagram. There are a lot of automation tools available for Instagram. You can get everything form likes, comments, and followers for your content.

Finding a real and legit automation tool is a hectic task as there are a lot of fake tools available online. Some of these sell fake likes and followers and many just use your information for bots.

Need a legit automation tool for your business growth on the Instagram account? Today we will make use of Combin Growth, an Instagram automation tool that claims to improve your Instagram presence.

What is Combin Growth?

Combin Growth markets itself as an ” Instagram Marketing Tool for Quick and Safe Growth”, according to their website. The tool claims to be a “smart tool for skyrocketing your Instagram Marketing”.

Combin Growth itself is a social media more precisely Instagram marketing tool that you purchase. Their main goal is to assist you in gaining legit followers, likes, and comments on your content. It helps you grow your Instagram presence organically and with plenty of success.

How does Combin Growth work?

Combin Growth is a multi-platform desktop software that you download and install on your system. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. When you install the app and then open it for the first time, it asks you to login with your Instagram account (you can use multiple accounts depending on your subscription) you want to promote. The app interface is designed to be easy to look simple, easy to maneuver, and is intuitive. The application allows you to search for people who are interested in your content based on Location, Hashtags, and Users.

Combin Growth’s Advanced Features

Here are some of the advanced features of Combin Growth.

Combin Growth’s Advanced Instagram Search

The advanced search feature helps you to find similar posts and content through location, hashtags or combination of both methods. with this feature, you can find the most relevant content from possible clients/consumers to ensure that you engage with targeted audiences.

This Advanced Instagram Search feature also empowers you to follow, comment, like, or send a direct message to your target audience from within the desktop app. You can find your target audience on Instagram.

Targeted People Search

Everyone on Instagram likes to have a great number of followers of the same niche as they are. Growing your business requires targeted audiences who are interested in your product. You can use Combin Growth to mass like and comment on their profiles/content to get their attention.

Combin Growth claims that you don’t need to copy.paste your comment as the software will do that itself for you.

Combin Growth Statistics

Combin Growth Follow/Unfollow Feature

Combin Growth allows you to find related people and content to your own content. The follow/unfollow feature is formatted to allow you to follow and unfollow a mass number of accounts at the same time. One tab manages both settings. The system also notifies you when someone unfollows you or when someone hasn’t followed you back.

Combin Growth Ease of Communication Feature

Combin Growth easily allows you to get in contact with your followers or with other accounts having the same content niche. You can efficiently respond in discussions with them or like and comment on their posts.

This ease of communication also includes scheduling your activity on Instagram, like following, liking and commenting on others’ stuff as long as you stay in a daily limit so that your account doesn’t get red-flagged by the Instagram policy.

Combin Growth’s Sorting & Post Preview Feature

With the desktop app of Combin Growth, you can even sort the posts and preview them. You can sort followers’ posts and accounts to determine if they are relevant and engaging enough.


Starter – Free

  • 1 Instagram Account
  • 50 Search Results for Posts
  • 50 Search Results for Users
  • 250 Daily Action Limits

Personal – $10/Month

  • 1 Instagram Account Management
  • 500 Instant Search Results for Posts
  • 500 Instant Search Results for Users
  • Search Results Refresh Option
  • Unlimited In-App Actions

Business – $30/Month

  • 5 Instagram Accounts Management
  • Everything Included in Personal

Official Website

Is Combin Growth Safe?

One can’t deny that Combin Growth has a unique method of increasing your content boosting but still, it uses the boots for all the tasks. There are pretty good reviews about them on the Internet. They offer a free version for beginners and you can purchase the premium version once you are convinced with their services.

Here are some Pros and Cons.


  • HTTPs protected website, so your information is secure.
  • Varified payment gateways so your credit card credentials are also safe.
  • Help via the FAQ page and support team.
  • Multiple contact options.


  • None so far

Final Thoughts

like many other automation tools, Combin Growth also uses assisted technology to get things done. Their approach is different but still bot-based so chances are that your account might get reg-flagged by Instagram.

I’d recommend that you use great caution while using this tool and use it within daily quota for the specified tasks.


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