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Grand Theft Auto series holds a special place in the hearts of players of the early 2000s. The occasional bloodthirstiness and immorality do not spoil the impression. Every part has interesting gameplay, entertaining missions, and an almost open world. A player can get into the car (own or someone else’s) and move across the map. This is freedom. This is how players remember this game.

Sometimes, people blame video games for increased violence in society. Shooter games have special attention. The assumption can be correct, but people also need to look at other factors like family issues. GTA can be violent because of the genre. Yet, the excessive violence (e.g., beating people) depends on the players themselves. 

Probably, Grand Theft Auto games will remain the classic representatives of the genre. Special atmosphere, attention to detail, and many references ensure the player’s interest. And here are the results of hard work: the latest Grand Theft Auto Online is a fifteenth part of a series. 

GTA Online was released by Rockstar Games in 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and for players who bought GTA V. In 2014, it was available for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. In 2015, PC users had the opportunity to experience a new version of the old game’s gameplay. 

The players can create their character and complete missions in Los Santos together with their friends or other players. By the light of nature, the game is relatively clear for longtime fans of the series. New players may experience some difficulties. Nonetheless, the express course “GTA 5 online play now” will solve most of the problems that may arise. 

Character Creation and Game Modes 

GTA Online is more than just a game compared to predecessors. Leave alone the world divided into sessions; this part is the first where a player can create their character. At some point, the game can resemble The Sims series. All because of a need to choose the gender, appearance, parents, values, and other lifestyle-defining details.

A new resident of Los Santos is ready to conquer the small world. But how can this be done if an online multiplayer system makes a familiar game unfamiliar? Fear not, the Internet has a lot of tutorials to make life easier. Players can read them before jumping into the game. e.g., GTA online tutorial has everything a person needs to learn about grand theft auto online before the gameplay. For a brief but comprehensive introduction, continue reading this article. 

As mentioned, the game offers a chance to complete difficult missions together with friends or other players. Apart from the storyline, players should complete side quests to build reputation and wealth. 

A very short guide on “how to become rich and famous in GTA Online:”

  • It’s possible to buy GTA money, but it will not affect the balance.
  • Repairing and selling cars is an easy profit.
  • Don’t forget about the races.
  • The faster a mission or robbery is completed, the better the reward.

Also, before jumping into the game, it is wise to learn about game modes. Like it or not, but they are an integral part of the gameplay. They are not obligatory, but, sometimes, a player may wish to try something new. Hence, be prepared for:

  • Free mode
  • Cooperative
  • Co-op fights
  • Deathmatch
  • Races
  • Capture
  • Raid
  • Parachuting
  • Duel
  • Survival

That’s not all. Apart from modes, the game can bemuse with additional content. It has more than 40 free DLC and various events. All in all, a player won’t be bored.


GTA 5 online is not just a mindless shooter with a character leveling system. The game has a plot and a certain degree of canon inside the series. To excel at any game and have fun, it is important to understand its world and settings a little.  

GTA Online was released together with GTA V. Hence, events take place in Los Santos and Blaine County. The experienced players already know that Los Santos is a fictional city, but it looks a lot like its prototype, Los Angeles.

Besides the city itself, the players can explore surrounding territories and admire the beauty of mountains, forests, and beaches. The game can be focused on robberies and other criminal activities, but the creators tried to make the world inside the game realistic.

What about the plot and timing? GTA Online unfolds its events in 2013, a few months before GTA 5 plot. If one forgets about the numerous DLCs, the games exist in the same universe. At the beginning of GTA Online, a player can meet a few main characters from GTA 5. Since everything happens before, none of these characters will mention the events from their game in any way. 

In GTA Online, the plot is symbolic. Players here have completely different concerns (like leveling a character). The surrounding world and a few main characters from another part are enough to have fun.

Final words

GTA Online has a lot of features making it more than just a game. In the first place, it is an idea to create a space where people can walk the streets of the good old city Los Santos online together. Sixteen people on the server may not be that many, but it’s already a community to complete missions.

Of course, character creation allows making the gameplay more personalized. A hero can be the replica of a player. It also can be a better or the desired version. 

The boring part of a game “close to reality” is earning money. Although there are many ways to wealth, completing missions is the surest one. And it can be boring because a player can earn money while working as a courier, for example. The mission variations and the presence of other players on the server can conquer the boredom.

By no means GTA Online is a new game: if it was a child, it would already go to school. But constant updates and new players on servers give it a second wind. And some difficulties in understanding where to start and how best to play. Tutorials and experienced players are happy to help people have fun in the world of nostalgia.


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