How to Choose a Professional Resume Writer in 2021

Today’s labor market is characterized by fierce competition. Each applicant has to find their way to stand out from the crowd while following all the generally accepted rules. The task is not so easy to do.

Lots of people wonder where they can get professional help with their job application and see it as an opportunity to get more interviews. Since there is a demand for such professional assistance, there is also a pool of career advice experts and resume writers willing to help you highlight your key skills and work experience.

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Even though with a resume crafted by one of the recognized online services you are likely to get through an ATS system and land an interview, there are lots of things you should take into account before hiring a professional resume writer and deciding to invest in your career.

You need not only to scan the industry, seeking a person who can craft a winning resume for you, but also check the credibility of the service and its experiences with previous clients.

Here is what we recommend taking into consideration while choosing a professional resume writer:

Know What You Want to Get

It is a wrong strategy to hire a resume writing expert having no idea of what resume you’d like to receive. Choosing such a professional relies on your clear understanding of what you want to get in the end.

Thus, you should navigate through resume samples available on the service’s website, evaluate what sections, facts, and accomplishments you’d like to be listed, and imagine what your resume can look like. The company might also have a blog or a guide on how to make an outstanding resume. Once you know what you want to get, choosing a professional resume writer gets a lot easier.

Check Writer’s Certification

Lots of reputable resume writing businesses now hire only those professionals who can prove their competence with a certificate. This document proves that a person owning it has attended resume writing courses and done their best to learn and apply all the modern resume writing requirements.

Usually, these details are available on the service’s website. If you can’t find them, you can ask a support agent directly. This is the best proof of the writer’s qualification.

Study Samples

Lots of resume writing services publish samples of their works on the website. You can review it, send it to your career advice expert, run it through an applicant tracking system, etc. If it really ticks all your boxes, you can ask the support agent to assign its author to your order.

Samples can help you see what career resources this service’s writers use to make your resume rank higher. Also, you can see whether plagiarism and mistakes are tolerated or properly handled.

Check Expected Turnaround Time

No matter how good your selected writer is, there are situations when you might need your resume urgently. If the service is unable to respect a deadline, and you see it in a number of client reviews, you should steer clear from dealing with that company.

Failure to submit the order before the initial deadline is not okay even if you are not in a hurry. In fact, this is a violation of the agreement between you as a client and the service. Under no circumstance, you should agree to such a breach of work ethics.

Read Customer Reviews

Lots of independent platforms store dozens of reviews on different resume writing services. Sometimes, clients mention either names or the account numbers of the best writers they’ve had. Collect such feedback to find out what customers think about the service and which writer is the best to choose.

Today, customer feedback is a powerful tool that can lead you directly to the writer who you can trust. Also, it can help you filter out the writers who have provided poor service in the past. You do not need to risk your money.

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Schedule a Consultation

Once the order is placed, you can request a consultation with your writer or a support agent. Writers usually do not have time to speak with each client in person. Yet, they should be available to communicate in writing.

Such consultations will help you describe your ideas about the final file. You are interested in maximizing your return on investment, and only such consultations will help you get a product you really want.

If you feel like the answers are too generic, you may be talking to a bot. You have the right to request to talk with a human since you hire humans. If such an option is denied, you can change the service and even request a refund.

Check the Quality of the Paper

Most resume writing services offer money-back guarantees to the clients who can prove their final paper does not meet the expected quality. Thus, even if you’ve selected the writer and received the order, do not rush to approve it.

The satisfaction guarantee helps you protect your rights as a client. Thus, we highly advise running your resume through resume-scanning software and ATS to check how well it ranks among others. Do not blindly agree to the file provided to you. Doubt and question everything to make sure that you’ve chosen the best resume writer.

Final Words

The truth is that clients still choose a company they deal with rather than a writer in particular. Thus, you can only rely on the feedback and writer’s rating when choosing someone to help you with your job search. Even though you might feel limited, you can still make sure you get the best person to work on your order.

Actively engage in a conversation with the writer and check whether they answer all of your questions. Employ all your knowledge of resume writing to deliver your ideas concerning your resume. Ask questions concerning a hiring manager’s or a recruiter’s preferences while selecting a perfect candidate. Make sure you collaborate with the writer to identify points where you don’t agree.

Being concerned and motivated can help you and your writer create a bot-beating resume that can make it stand out from the rest of the applications. Do not let others decide what you need. Stay in control and do not be afraid to ask questions if you hesitate.


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