How To Convert Video Formats With WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Wondering how to change or convert video formats in 2018? With this detailed step by step guide along with screenshots, you can easily Convert SD To HD Videos with the best free HD video converter.

There are times when we need to convert an important video from one format to another. That is actually one of the most common issues a lot of people go through. However, the solution to the said issue is rather easy. You just have to use a good video converter in order to convert the video, and you are good to go. The main issue arises when you actually have to look for a video converter since there are just so many options available such as Freemake, Handbrake, and people tend to get confused.

As many great options available in the market, but this slew of options is not a good idea for a consumer who is entering the market for the first time as there are so many options available. So many programs that claim to be the best free video converter, but we all know how that normally works out.

This is where WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro comes in; I know the software has a mouthful of a name, but it actually is one of the best video converter 2018 that you can download right now. How so? Let’s check out the review.

Features of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Below, we look at some highlighted features of the software so the readers can have a better understanding.

Convert Any HD Video to Standard Format

There is no denying that HD videos are great, however, the important thing that one needs to understand here is that sometimes, a device cannot play an HD video, or we cannot upload the HD video on the platform we want to upload it to. In a situation like that, the best thing one can do is convert any HD video to a standard format using the converter.

Convert SD Video to HD Video

I’ll admit that I have tried this before, but with other video converters, you usually get a result that is messed up. However, the good thing about the WonderFox HD is that you can actually convert an SD video to and HD video, and improve the quality as well. This is something that makes this software better than pretty much every other option available in the market. Moreover, the software will allow you convert video to several other options such as WAV to MP3 format.

Download Videos

The WonderFox HD also allows you to download a number of videos you can in different resolutions ranging from 720p, and going all the way up to 8K.

Create Ringtones

Another great feature of the WonderFox HD is that it allows you to create ringtones for free. You can do it by converting audio files to the suitable format for ringtones. It is actually really good.

Compress Video

We all have certain video files that look just too good but they have a large file size. The good news here is that with this software, you can actually compress video using this software and the best part here is that you will not be losing any quality either on a major scale. This is what makes this software a great option.

Built-In Editor

Another great thing about this software is that there is a built-in editor that you can actually use for editing the videos you wish to edit. Now the feature set is pretty basic, and small, but the good news is that for the most part, the editor works really, really well, and can crop, merge, clip, and even rotate your videos.

How to Use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory

Normally, converting a video to any format is not all that difficult. Mainly because using this software is super simple, and very easy. Still, many people end up having difficulties that one should avoid. Still, if you have finally decided to use what I think is the best video converter software, and you want a proper tutorial on how to use the software, simply follow this guide.

Step 1: Naturally, the first step would be to download and install the software from here.

Step 2: Once you have done installing the software, you can go ahead and launch it, and you will be presented with a simple looking interface.

Step 3: Once the software opens, simply click on “Add Files” to add the video you wish to convert. Once the video is converted, the next step is going to be choosing the profile you want to apply to the video. For that, you will have to click on the “Profile”.

Convert video format

Step 4: Once you click on the Profiles, you will have the choice between some of the common settings, as well as the advanced settings.

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro 4

Step 5: Now that you have finalized the settings you want, the next step is to click on Run and the process of conversion will begin. Do keep in mind that the amount it will take the software to convert a file depends on the size of the file, as well as the nature of the profile, and last but not the least, how powerful your computer is. These are a few determinants that play an important role in just how fast or slow the conversion is going to be.

How to Edit Videos Using WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

As I have already mentioned before, you can edit videos using the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro as well. Even though video editing features are pretty basic, it still is a nice idea to have a look at what you can do with the software. Right now, I am going to teach you how to crop video using the built-in editor, but the method for the rest of editing features remain the same.

Step 1: Launch the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Step 2: Once the software is launched, you have to click on Add Files, and add the video file(s) that you need to edit.

Step 3: Click on the crop button as shown in the screenshot below.

Add Video Files

Step 4: This will open up a separate window showing you the preview of the video that you are going to crop. Crop Video

Step 5: Once you have made the proper adjustments, simply click Ok.

Step 6: Click on Run to start the conversion.

Step 7: Once the conversion is started, you will get the video that you wanted, cropped as per your requirements.

The above tutorials are some of the reasons why the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro happens to be one of the Best HD Video Converter 2018 you can get.


I will be honest here, I have always been a stern believer in the statement that video converters are going out of fashion. While it might be true for the most part, the thing here is that most people are still using them actively for one reason or another. Whether they are running a YouTube channel and they have to upload videos that although are shot in high resolution, their internet does not allow them to actually upload them in the same quality. What I am trying to say here is that video converters are still relevant despite what people say.

With the WonderFox HD Video Converter, things are a lot better; this is one of the video converters that has actually matured to a point that many people prefer using it over some of the other options available as well. For my testing. The review was done on the paid version, but I have tested both free and the paid version to base my conclusion on. So, let’s go ahead and have a look. Previously I was using Freemake for my basic needs but after this review, I’d say this software is one of the best alternatives to Freemake.

What We Liked

There are a lot of things about this video converter that I loved, for starters, the ability to Convert SD To HD Videos, or vice versa was just too good, and the best thing is that there was no loss of quality either. In addition to that, the fact that I could convert video files into audio without the loss of quality was another great blessing for me as I have some great concerts that I had to record into audio format, and then split them based on the songs that were in them.

I can go out on a limb and say it already that for anyone looking for a great video converter that serves you on almost all the fronts, the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the way to go.

What I Did Not Like

Normally, I start nitpicking on the programs a soon as I start testing them. The situation with the WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro was no different. However, after being as scrutinizing as possible, I did not manage to find any downsides that would hinder my experience to a great extent. Although, I have to tell you that I found that the fact that free version only allows for 5 minutes of video conversion was not enough, but then again, the full version is actually a lot better, and you do end up getting your money’s worth.

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  1. I really love the wonderfox HD video converter factory pro. In the beginning, I downloaded this software just for the video format conversion, just like many people do. Later, I found out that it could download the youtube playlist, which is a surprise. Super like this product.


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