How to ensure that your parcel is safe throughout the delivery? 

Interparcel | Blog | 8 Ways to ensure your shipment arrives Safely

Visualize yourself being super excited for a much-anticipated birthday present to be sent by your loved one who lives abroad and marking days for the package to show up. However, after waiting for decades, you get informed that you have become a survivor of parcel theft. As heartbreaking as it sounds; there isn’t a lot you can do about it for the time being than to rant. Therefore, it’s pretty crucial to make sure that your package is delivered safely in the future with the tracking number you’ve been given access to.

That is only one probable occurrence mentioned, but many such incidents happen each day that frustrates buyers not to use delivery service again. While numerous delivery services are striving hard to progress, safe, and secure package delivery, unfortunately, is still a significant concern.

However, many courier services assure secure and safe parcel delivery. Still, some lack rests on being filled by your end smartly, ensuring absolutely no glitch in the parcel delivery process. Such easy yet smart ways prove beneficial for you to attempt whether you currently have your parcel handed over to a delivery service or planning to.

Tips to Keep Your Parcel Safe

Secure Packaging

You will be the last person to receive your parcel and definitely unaware of the processes it will undergo. Therefore, packaging your things smartly is a significant step to ensure sustained expected delivery. Even if your parcel does not travel in a cargo plane to be delivered globally, it might still be kept in a place with other different parcels and more prone to damages.

Some efficient ways to help you with this cause are packing your things in an air pocket box or wrapping them inside solid cardboard boxes to make it resistant and endure every wear and tear. You may also safely shut your parcel by pressing the tape to assure its safety for delicate and sensitive products.

Proper Timing

We all have witnessed late delivery arrivals, especially when the parcel is a gift or necessity of time, and you failed to accomplish the purpose. This often happens because of the short-call orders that over-burden the delivery services at the last minute and they fail to manage the load effectively. Events like Christmas or new year, the mishaps in delivery services rise steadily as the staff runs out of time and are more likely to get mistaken with your parcels because of the pressure.

To make sure, you succeed at your promises to give your loved one’s new year gift before the clock strikes 12. Order your desired parcel prior to 10-15 days to the time when you want it to show up; this results in its ideally safe, right, and timely delivery.  It’s also crucial to select the efficient delivery services that have extra staff to accommodate the load effectively with timely delivering your last-minute orders.

Attach Label

After writing the names on all the things packaged up, it’s critical to ensure that your labels are safely secured on your parcel. Absolutely no one would like to risk these names falling off being heir parcel regarded as ownerless and eventually trashed.  Anonymous parcels can cause issues during delivery such as your parcel might get postponed or sometimes lost. Therefore, write the correct, prominent, and permanent names inside a poly-pocket and secure them with packaging tape.

Provide Correct Address Details

Although it sounds sufficiently essential to ensure all your location information is correctly entered, mix-ups can still happen for many reasons. Unfathomably, incorrect delivery addresses tend to cause transport problems and your parcel being the pride of someone else’s place.  To evade this, double-check the information you provided of your address or prefer a call to explain if you need specific details to mention thoroughly.

The configuration of the location will fluctuate from place to place with your parcel.  So, if you are uncertain, then consistently contact the beneficiary or attempt to discover the location yourself to guarantee it is accurate before transferring it to the courier.

Track your order online

It is undoubtedly sensible to send your package with a good courier service that has tracking services available for you. This way, you will have the option to track your parcel and know every little detail about it throughout the whole time with avoiding any circumstance coming your way.

Final verdict

Getting damaged and the rugged parcel is no less than a nightmare to you. Be it any of your business equipment or a delicate neckpiece for your spouse’s birthday; it is crucial to ensure that the package is safely yet timely delivered. Implementing the above tips will be a great support to service plus a re-assurance factor for you regarding your parcel.


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