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Are you annoyed with the older iPhone performance issues? No worries, we will discuss how to speed up iPhone in easy ways.

If so, no need to be tense more. As far as many people are concerned, the iPhone is a leading smartphone company for its smooth user experience. But now It’s not a big hassle.

Due to many reasons, the iPhone may get slower as it gets older and could not keep its high-performance like many other devices.

There are several hacks that can prevent slow iPhone performance issues. Since we are living in the digital marketing era where everything needs marketing and advertising under its umbrella, therefore, heavy ads significantly reduce the iPhone performance and might put your device at risk by installing adware.

But, out of many common reasons, I got one new rationale. It is not only battery failure or an iOS update problem but also heavy ads that drastically affect the performance which can be resolved by installing the ad blocker, you can stop ads on iPhone with AdLock.

The reason people bother about the iPhone performance is that the device is comparatively expensive than its competition, therefore, users want a smooth experience.

I assure you by reading this guide thoroughly, you could get control over the iPhone performance headache.

Reasons behind slow iPhone Performance

The following conventional reason could also be the culprit of your slow iPhone

  • Your iPhone has low storage
  • Useless Apps
  • A bad network connection
  • Powerless iPhone battery

The key argument behind the slower iPhone that I pointed out is the heavy advertisements that kill the time and computation power of the iPhone. As a result, the iPhone gets slower.

Many video ads come during browsing or app usage that makes the iPhone battery sink. Apple claims that an old iPhone has a sick battery that can’t handle much proportion of data flow.

How To Speed Up The iPhone Quickly

In this section of writing, I will discuss conventional as well as advanced tips to speed up your iPhone. The following tips contain solutions, but not every solution fits your iPhone. It varies, apply the tips according to the condition.

Remove Heavy Resource Applications

If you install any app and then notice the lower performance of your iPhone, this app might slow down iPhone performance.

Check this app storage in the settings app of your iPhone. If it is occupying extra memory, delete this app immediately.

Procedure: Go to Settings General > iPhone Storage[list of the app appears]tap on the app which is occupying extra space, delete it.

Delete Apps on iPhone

Remove Safari Cookies and Data

If you use the Safari browser on your iPhone, you need to clear its cookies and data to get some free up space. This process might create less convenient browsing but ultimately speed up your iPhone.

Procedure: Go to Settings Safari > tap on Clear History and Data.

Clear Safari Cache

Replace Some Heavy apps

If you ever feel slowed down after applying all the above tips you should follow this step necessarily. Replace Facebook and messenger app with its lite version to get free up space and notice fast performance with immediate effect.

Both Facebook and messenger apps are occupying too much space

Deactivate Vibrations

Multiple vibrations by touching on-screen can cause a battery to drain damn fast. If you put the mobile on vibration off mode, battery health remains maintained, and high performance will be obtained.

Use Efficient Browser

An efficient and Updated browser is better for mobile health. Often, the default browser doesn’t work as efficiently as it should.

Replace a browser with Opera or Firefox to save your battery life span and make your iPhone faster.

A battery with good health leads towards high-quality processing

Use Adblocker

Not everything that is advertised in ads indeed deserves to get hold of.

Sometimes in ads, there could be a scam. People having less-knowledge get fraud.

Apart from getting annoyed individually, iPhone performance is affected and it matters. Because the Ads appear suddenly which increases processing and iPhone speed decelerates.

For this purpose, an adblocker is introduced and one such popular solution is Adlock.

Launching AdLock for iOS. Our adblocker is available on iPhones and iPads now! - AdLock Blog

Turn On Reduce motion mode to Make UI faster

A good user interface provides organized transitions between apps with animation. This transition sinks the processing power of your iPhone and makes it slow.

To overcome this problem, you can turn on reduced motion features by just tapping over it.

Procedure: Settings Accessibility Motion and tapping on Reduce Motion.

Reduce Motion on iPhone

Be careful about the surrounding temperature

Temperature can affect Mobile health. Whatever the mobile phone is. Never let your iPhone in extreme weather conditions, neither hot nor too cold. Both conditions are not suitable for its battery and other components.

iPhone users are getting this temperature warning - SlashGear

Free Up Space on Your Phone

You can free up space on your iPhone to shift old messages, photos, videos to your Google Drive Backup. If possible, delete your unnecessary data from your iPhone.

This hack can increase storage as well as the speed of your iPhone.

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad | PCMag

Check your iPhone battery

If you feel decreasing in battery timing, then check your battery health. If it shows battery health drops below 80%, then replace the battery from an Apple outlet. This step surely affects your iPhone speed.

Usually, this battery problem occurs for old models of iPhones like the iPhone 6.

How to check iPhone battery health?

Procedure: Go to Settings Battery Battery Health [see the maximum capacity of your battery]

iPhone Battery Health

Bottom Line

There are many solutions available on the internet but not all are useful for different conditions. The hacks I mentioned above are universal and easily applicable to speed up the iPhone.

It is also preferred to factory reset your iPhone (do it at your own risk). It may not be useful due to data backup issues.

I hope this article reading is helpful to you.


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