How to Spot Fake Online Casino Review

Fake casinos

When you go on the internet these days for information about almost anything at all, you are most definitely going to get the information. The problem that arises is the information you’re getting original or authentic?

Regarding casinos, especially online casinos, you’ll find over one thousand and one reviews on the internet with really very little and misleading information. However, there are a few that give the right information, just like this Betcoin review. In this article, I’ll show you just how to spot a fake online casino review so that you know-how also to avoid them.

How do you spot them?

If you don’t want to fall into the hands of a fake reviewer, consider looking at the following before choosing to continue:

The review site lacks integrity

Before you take any online casino review seriously, ensure that you’ve read through the site and have found out that the site is genuine and doesn’t have any bad reviews itself. How do you trust a site’s integrity?

It’s an authority site

An online casino authority site is one that is revered in the casino industry. They put out excellent, exciting, and factual content all the time. You’ll hardly find a fake review there because they are held at high esteem, and their image would be at stake should they put up anything fake.

The site regularly conducts reviews

Find a site that regularly drops reviews regarding casinos, especially online casinos, and has followers who drop honest comments. You can relax a little bit; the review might be honest.

A site owned by a committed gamer

Another site you can trust is run by a devoted gamer who wishes only to express his views regarding the game freely. You would most likely get prompt and quality information there, but also be careful not to conclude too easily. The reviewer may be speaking from just his point of view.

The entire review is biased

If you want to catch a fake reviewer red-handed, the first thing you must do is to check his tone. A genuine review would be completely unbiased. Everything you read would be honest and straightforward.

A fake online casino review would sound like you’re about to get sold on something. You would pretty much find out in the way the entire article looks like it favors the online casino in every aspect.

It lacks enough qualitative information

One thing is to write a review; another thing is for the review to contain quality information. If you scheme through the internet, you will find several pages offering to guide you through online casinos, but when you begin to read, you will find out there’s nothing to learn.

Fake online reviews usually lack content, and this is because they’re not trying to review the online casino, they’re just trying to hype it and make you dive headlong into it.

The review is advertising an online casino

Nothing screams fake more than an article that claims to be reviewing a product while turning round to sell the product. A standard review should be fair. It should state the advantages and disadvantages of the online casino.

The moment you realize that the reviewer’s tone sounds like they’re offering you the casino on a platter, it’s time to leave because it’s all fake. There is a strong chance that all the benefits and bonuses promised are entirely false. How do you test an online casino review?

Now that you already know how to spot fake online reviews, another problem that could arise is whether you’re sure that the review is fake. This is how you’re going to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Read the same review from another site

This would pretty much do it all for you. When you feel like you doubt the goodness that a reviewer claims an online casino has, ensure that you look up that particular casino.

Most of the time, a more genuine and unbiased review is just waiting for you to read it.

Don’t read an online casino review from the casino’s page

The best place to get a wrong online casino review is directly on the casino’s website. I mean, what do you expect? You don’t expect them to talk down on their business, do you? If you want to learn notes from a review, you read from a reviewer standing on neutral ground.

Visit the online casino

They say that the best way to clear your doubts is to see things for yourself. If you’re not sure as to the genuineness of an online casino review, you visit the casino yourself. If the review is about different online casinos, you can take your time to read through each one and visit them.

That’s the best way to choose a favorite. You speculate and study before you participate.

Read customer reviews

You can almost not go wrong reading customer reviews. 90% of the customer reviews you’ll find are from people who have used the online casino and have found out exactly what they offer.

Also, make sure that you read enough of these because different people have different temperaments. If you hastily conclude from the first three customer reviews that you read, you would be misled most of the time. You must ensure that you read many of them and check out their ratings.

Spot a fake online casino


You’ll find genuine online casino reviews online, but amongst the many reviews, you’ll see there are some that are far from being original. This guide should help you quickly pick the bad ones out and only go for quality information. The idea is to thoroughly scrutinize the review and the reviewer before forming an opinion or accepting one.



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