9 Insights about College Life No Fresher Knows

Usually, the first year is the most difficult for students since they have to study, adapt, make friends, and get used to living on their own. Many former students agree that they would have saved lots of time and stressed out much less if they knew a few college life tricks as freshers.

However, senior year students have lots of advice to share with freshmen. We’ve all been in their shoes and realize that sometimes, letting some problems go literally means saving one’s sanity.

Thus, in addition to recommending using write my paper services from time to time to blow off some steam and ease the academic burden, we’ve also collected a few insights for freshers that usually come along with student experience.

Filter the Important From the Unimportant

This rule is number one if you want to save yourself lots of energy and nerves as a fresher. Learn to filter what’s important and apply this skill to every aspect of your student life.

For example, do not break down facing a problem that you won’t even remember in two weeks. Bring essentials that you’ll definitely use and never bring things that you don’t really need.

The more selective and pickier you are to things around you, people surrounding you, and problems bothering you, the better you’ll feel like a fresher. Most things that you’ll render as problems won’t be a real issue if you learn to filter the important from something not worthy of your attention.

Attend Extracurricular Activities

Students need to attend extracurriculars for several reasons. First of all, this is a perfect opportunity to learn some extra information and get a few new skills. Also, these seminars and workshops are a chance to network with like-minded people and those sharing your passions and interests.

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In addition, having a busy schedule with lots of events to attend organizes your mind and makes it work differently. You learn to plan your time and seek opportunities to decrease your academic pressure while being on time with every assignment.

Make Friends

Your first year is the best time to make friends. People would say you can do it anytime in your life. However, the people you meet during the first year are the people you are likely to build strong ties with. Do not deprive yourself of this chance. Be yourself but stay open to people.

Of course, you need to study but do not give your courses a chance to take over your life and deprive you of a chance to make friends for life. After graduation, you’ll be most thankful to your college for meeting people you could have never met otherwise.

Get Used to Solving Your Own Problems

A freshman year is a transition period. You’d lived with your parents for all your life and now you moved to a new place. It takes time to realize that you are an adult responsible for your own problems. No parent is obliged to get your college issues sorted out.

The sooner you realize that you are on your own with all adult problems and challenges, the better. You are an adult who needs to assume responsibility and take your own life more seriously now.

Never Miss Classes

Having no one to control you, the temptation to stay in bed in the morning instead of going to lectures is huge. However, this is a test for your character, determination, and perseverance.

If you choose to sleep, you’ll earn lots of problems and even lose some money because every lecture costs something. When you choose to attend college day by day, you bring up a better version of yourself. You don’t deprive yourself of a chance to get organized and learn something useful, which is good for you in the long run.

Do Not Attend All Parties

You are not under any obligation to attend all freshers’ events. There will be many, each of them equally interesting and tempting. However, you should remember that your health and studies matter the most.

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Do not rush to attend all parties expecting to build a perfect image for yourself. Also, do not think that it is parties that make you a great friend. Try to find the right balance, taking care of your social life but having in mind your studies and other obligations.

Do Not Join Too Many Student Clubs

As an active student at high school, you may decide to join all student clubs you see fit at college. The concept is good but wrong. Yes, you do get extra credit for student involvement and volunteer service. However, studying at college is difficult and requires time.

If you want to meet your deadlines, make sure you have enough time for each of your involvements. Do not burden yourself with too many obligations. It’s better to take one step at a time and join one club at a time.

Do Not Leave Anything Until the Night Before

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to write your essays the night before the deadline. Whatever your assignment is, it is always better to start writing it beforehand. Having a sleepless night trying to catch the deadline is the worst strategy ever.

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You’ll see how many projects you’ll have due one day. If you miss a chance to start working on time, you risk losing this battle. That is why you’d better be ahead of time than late.

Plan Your Budget

To have money on everything, including urgent academic help and other emergencies, you need to start planning your resources. You are on your own right now, so it is better you start budgeting. Do not look at other people and their finances. Count your own money and plan what you can spend it on.

Budgeting is essential for students, especially freshers. There are so many things you’d like to buy that it’s pretty difficult to steer clear from spending. Yet, you’d better make sure your income exceeds your costs and the things you buy are really worth it.


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