How to Transfer from iPhone to Android without iTunes

There is no doubt that transferring your data from iPhone to your new Android phone is something that is becoming a lot more essential. Now that Android is finally catching up, and actually going one step ahead, people finally have a reason to migrate over to the Android side of things. However, the whole process of transferring your data can be a nuisance. Especially when you want to do it without the help of iTunes.

Not everyone is a fan of iTunes, mainly because of the numerous features in the software. Sure, Apple is great at creating an amazing software, but for some reason, iTunes just feels incomplete. That is why people look for third party softwares, and that is why we are dign this review plus guide on dr.fone WonderShare. If you are interested in iphone to android transfer, this is the best software you can get your hands on and it. Let’s have a look.

dr.fone Features

Finding an iTunes alternative is not an easy task, especially when you are aware of the fact how Apple keeps a close check on their hardware and software. The good thing is that in my experience with WonderShare, I have realised that I have finally found the perfect alternative. Let’s look at the features before we can go ahead and have a look at the guide.

Recover Data

One of the biggest benefit here is that with the help of WonderShare, you can easily recover data as well. It happens to be really convenient for people who may have lost their data for some reason. Don’t worry as dr.fone WonderShare will be able to help you just fine.

Transfer Data

Imagine you have just got a new Android flagship phone, and you are ecstatic to use it, but the only hurdle is that all the data is still in the iPhone. Well, if you are like me, and you do not prefer using iTunes either, then the perfect alternative that will let you easily perform the iphone to android migration without causing any issues.


It would not be called dr.fone if it couldn’t fix your phone. The good thing about WonderShare is that aside from being a great software that allows you to freely transfer your data from an iPhone to an Android is that it can actually repair a lot of iOS related system issues that might be plaguing your phone, and making your experience a lot better.

1-Click Switch and iTunes

A great feature in the software is called Switch, it allows you to transfer nearly everything from your iPhone to your Android with a click of a button. i know it might not seem like a lot, but comparatively, it is much better than iTunes, which will take you through multiple steps before you can finally start transferring the same data. The biggest caveat with iTunes is that it is slow, and not as efficient as the 1-Click Switch that is available in dr.fone WonderShare.

Unlock Your Phone’s Lock Screen

One of the most common issues that I have seen many people facing is that they normally  forget the password or pattern. Although passwords and patterns have gone old because of fingerprint, but to have a fingerprint sensor, you still need to have a password or a pin in place, and if for some reasons, someone you know repeatedly inputs the wrong fingerprint, you will be locked out of the phone until you enter the password, which can be forgotten.

In a situation like that. dr.fone’s WonderShare works like a wonder, and allows you to unlock your phone’s lock screen without being intrusive, and from there, you can change whatever settings you wish to.

Transfer Data to Your Computer

Although the main purpose of this software is to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android phone, there are times when you just do not have an Android phone at hand, but you still want to make sure that all your data is safely transferred. In a situation like that, you can simply go ahead and use the Transfer feature which will proceed to transfer all the data from your iPhone to your PC, which you can then transfer over to the Android when you finally have it.

How to Use dr.fone WonderShare to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android

The good thing about using Dr.Fone WonderShare is that it happens to be extremely easy if you want to transfer data from iPhone to Android. You really don’t have to worry about having any issues transferring your files from one point to another. Still, some people are often shrouded under confusion and they are not really sure what to do and how to do the transfer, and that is why I am going to write down this tutorial so the people who need guidance have something to use. The process is extremely easy, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do is download the dr.fone Wonder Share from here, and install it.

Step 2: Once the software is installed, simply go ahead and run it, and you will be welcomed by the following screen:

iphone to android contacts transfer

Step 3: Since we are talking about transferring your data from your iPhone to your Android phone, you have to click on Switch.

Step 4: The next step will ask you to connect both your iPhone from which you want to transfer data, to your Android phone to which you want the data to be transferred to. Don’t worry if you do not have the Android phone at hand, you can always go back and choose the Transfer option which will put all your phone’s data onto your computer, which you can manually transfer to your Android phone once you have it with you.

iphone to android contacts transfer

Step 5: Select everything you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Android phone, and click on Start Transfer. Just keep in mind that it might not be possible to transfer the apps, or the app data because both iPhones, and Android use a slightly different architecture of the apps than each and other, but the good thing is that you can just take a screenshot of the apps list, and download those apps on to your Android as soon as it is setup.

Step 6: The transfer normally does not take much time, but you must know that it largely depends on just how many files you have to transfer over to the other phone. Once the transfer is done, you will get a message that all the files have been successfully transferred, and you will be able to disconnect your phones.

transfer contacts from iphone to android

That is all, folks!. I know it may sound a painfully complicated process at first, but the thing about dr.fone WonderShare is that it happens to be an extremely easy to use and efficient software when it comes to migrate data from iphone to android. Now I know that the biggest downside to this is that you have to pay for it in order to use it, if you are skeptical whether this software is as efficient as it claims to be and better than the iTunes, then you can use the free version for a trial period, and if it manages to convince you, you can go ahead and buy the full version.


When it came to using dr.fone WonderShare, I had my concerns, because I was really not sure whether this software is going to do much or not. The good thing is that I was wrong. Right from the moment when I installed this software, I was under the impression that there is going to be a good experience because finding a software like that is not something that is easily possible, and that too when it comes to Apple.

There is absolutely nothing I hate about this software; generally, there are is a learning curve associated with such softwares but even that is not present in this case, making it the perfect software for those who are looking for a great experience. Sure, it might be a bit difficult for some people to understand in the first place, but if you do follow this tutorial, I can assure you that your experience will be relatively easy.

The only concern I have is that the software is paid, and while I completely endorse that, I must trudge over the fact that it completely defeats the purpose for those who just want to have a good iTunes alternative, because now they will have to pay to be able to use this software. The bright side to this entire situation is that you can try out the free software to see whether it works or not, and if it is sufficient for what you want, then you can go ahead and buy the full version.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Super simple to use.
  • Can be setup in less than a minute.
  • So many more options than just data transfer.


  • The paid factor might irk some users.

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