Is Microsoft AZ-104 Exam for You? Will Practice Tests Help You? Why Do You Even Need to Pass It?Let’s Find Out!

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You are probably wondering why IT professionals apply to take the Microsoft exams. Are they even special in any way? How are they helpful for your career? Besides the curiosity with the latest technologies for Azure and the desire to learn about them, there are also other reasons that exist for wanting to do so. ExamTopics MS-900 VCE In this article, we will take a closer look at this situation via the details of the Microsoft AZ-104 test. We will explain why you need to pass it and cover all the important information about it. Thus, you will be able to decide whether it is the right option for you or not.

First of all, please note that Microsoft AZ-104 is a prerequisite test that you need to pass to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential. This 150-minute exam with 60 multiple-choice questions is perfect for those Azure administrators who want to amass the right skills for their role. Their responsibilities cover matters, such as implementation, management, and monitoring of Azure environments for the organizations.

So, why should you pass Microsoft AZ-104? Let’s find out below!

You earn the sought-after certification

As we said earlier, there is the badge that you will receive after dealing with the AZ-104 test. And this will help you stand out among others who have not taken this vital step. Author: Adam V The certificate indicates your abilities and expertise in specific areas of networking. Therefore, it will show your level of knowledge to the world.

It shows your grasp of the latest Cloud skills

When preparing for your exam through training or using practice tests, you will be updated with the latest knowledge of the Azure field. Passing the AZ-104 examshows your mastery of Cloud skills. Author: Christopher Y The technology appears among the trendiest and the companies all over the world are adopting it. When learning, ensure you understand how to implement any of the required aspects of this technology. This will grant you benefits from the enormous opportunities present today and those that are still coming up.

You distinguish yourself as a leader in your industry

The Microsoft AZ-104 exam distinguishes you in your area of specialization and ensures the employers notice you. This can unlock your employment potential, thereby rendering you a chance to execute your responsibilities. Author: Hannah B Diligence in your work will put you in front of everyone else and makes them respect you more.

Your pay will get increased

When you work hard and study for your Microsoft AZ-104 exam using various prep tools, such as practice tests, exam dumps, training courses, and guides, you will attract jobs with good pay. The certification helps you get noticed and promotes your image to those who have employed you. ExamSnap Click Here to Visit Now As long as you can prove your potential to them, the employers do not usually find it hard to part with good compensation for their employees who deliver good service. Thus, ZipRecruiter offers the average yearly pay for Microsoft administrators as $107,683.


Managing to pass the Microsoft AZ-104 exam and becoming a certified Azure administrator places you among the few individuals who have taken the step. And since this test may not be so easy, you should get ready using the best means possible. ExamSnap MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Exam Dumps The benefits of passing it should encourage you to do all that is possible to capture its requirements. It is your goal to pass the exam that should give you the push to do your best!


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