iSkysoft Toolbox Switch – The Phone Transfer Software For Android & iOS

If you have just purchased a new phone and you have to make sure that you transfer all the data from one phone to another, the process can be really simple, or really difficult depending on the phone that you have purchased. You see, this process is relatively easy on iPhones, as well as Samsung phones because they have the right software solutions available.

However, for the other phones, the process can be a bit difficult. This is where the iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch comes into play. This is one of the few software solutions that support the iPhone to Android, iPhone to iPhone, Android to iPhone, and Android to Android data transferring ability.

That is why in today’s iSkysoft Toolbox Switch Review, we are going to be exploring some of the highlighted features of the iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch. If you are looking for a software solution that allows the phone to phone transfer without a hassle, it does not get better than this.

iSkysoft Toolbox Switch Features

Before we get to the actual review, let’s take a few minutes and go through some of the main features of the software. The reason why features are an important part for software is that without the proper features, many people would not even use the software let alone buy it.

1-Click Transfer

One of the best features about the software is that it allows 1-click transfer regardless of the devices you have. It does not matter if it is Android to iPhone data transfer, or on the same phones from a different company, the software allows you to transfer your data with just one click.

Supports Pretty Much Every Device

Another great thing is that the software supports pretty much any device from any manufacturer that you could think of. Additionally, a great advantage of this feature is that even if your phone is on a carrier, the software would still support it, and without any issues.

Transfer Everything

For Android users, the benefit is that they can transfer pretty much anything, even the apps. However, for iPhone users, everything minus the apps can be transferred to the other phone. This limitation is for obvious reasons. But keeping the granularity in mind, it certainly is a great feature to have.

If you are looking for the perfect software for phone transfer, I don’t think you are going to get more intuitiveness from something else in the market.

No Data Loss

A common issue with most data transfer software solutions is that they suffer from the infamous data loss. Believe it or not, this issue is extremely problematic, and many people go through this issue on a regular basis. Thankfully, the iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch is free of such issues, and you will not go through the awful feeling of losing important data.

Completely Secure

There are many software solutions that have issues with security. The reason why people do not trust many third-party software solutions is mainly that of the history of data loss. However, with the iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch, you do not have to worry about it.

The software itself does not access any of the phone’s data. As a matter of fact, even during the transferring of data that user allows themselves, it only accesses it for the sake of transferring it from one source to another.

This means that your data, whether it is on the source device or the destination device, is going to remain secure throughout the entirety of the data transferring process.

How to Use iSkysoft Toolbox to Transfer Data

Now that we have gone over the features that come with the software, the next step is to take a walk through the tutorial. So, if you are looking forward to going with the iPhone to Android data transfer, or another way around, this tutorial is going to help you with the process.

Although the process itself is fairly simple and straightforward, the good news is that it should not create many issues for you in the first place.

Step 1: The first step would be to download and install the software from

Step 2: Run the software once it is installed. Once the software is up and running, the next step would be to choose the “Switch” option. Doing so will take you to the following screen and you would be presented by a great, clean interface with all the options in front of you. At this point, make sure that both of your devices are connected to the PC.

transfer data from phone to phone

Below, you will see that we are transferring data between two devices. In the screenshot below, the data is being transferred from an iPhone to an Android phone. However, if you wish to, you can just click on the Flip button and make the Android phone the source file.

transfer data from iphone to samsung

Step 3: Now that both devices are connected, you have to select the type of data that you want to copy. This should not take a long time, you will have all the available options listed in front of you, and you can easily transfer the data from one device to another. Once you have selected the right data, you can simply click Start Transfer.

switch data from iphone to android

Step 4: Clicking the Start Transfer button would start the process of transferring the data, just make sure that during the data transfer both devices have enough battery life in them, and they do not lose connection because that can be an issue and if the connection is lost, you might have to restart the process all over again.

transfer messages from iphone to samsung

Once the transfer is done, you will see a popup window telling you that the transfer is successful. At that point, you can unplug your phone and start using it like you normally would, making your entire experience a lot easier, and smoother as well.


I have used countless software solutions that claim to transfer your data from phone to another without running into any issues whatsoever. While I have had success with a lot of software solutions, not all of them work in the same way. Even those that work have some issues that can make them an absolute nuisance to use.

With that out of the way, as far as iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch for Android and iOS is concerned, I do not think there could have been a perfect option to successfully switch your phone’s data from one source to another. Everything about this software speaks perfection and the best part is that it works without any issues whatsoever.

The interface is simple to understand, there are great features that make the software a lot more intuitive, and most importantly, the best part is that regardless of the phone you have, and regardless of the carrier it is on, you get to have a great experience regardless.

As far as any downsides are concerned, I highly doubt that. During my time with the software, there were no crashes whatsoever, and I was easily able to transfer my data from an iPhone over to an Android.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • Great set of features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports pretty much every phone, and every career.
  • Allows for 1-click transfer, making everything super easy.


  • None.


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