iSunshare BitLocker Genius Review – Open BitLocker Encrypted Drive on Mac

No matter you are using the Windows 7 or Windows 10 to encrypt the USB drive or external hard drive with a password for data protection, there is no direct way to open BitLocker encrypted drive on macOS and Mac OSX. When you connect the BitLocker-protected drive with a Mac computer, you will find the drive cannot be readable by the computer. However, with iSunshare BitLocker Genius, you are able to open, read and write the BitLocker drive on Mac in minutes.

When it comes to iSunshare BitLocker Genius, the small but useful tool that makes the BitLocker drive available on Mac, it has grabbed the attention of Mac users since it is released in the market. And most importantly, it serves as the bridge between the BitLocker drive and Mac.

This BitLocker opener for Mac has been around for some time, but now it is gaining traction in the market. In this review, we will go deep into iSunshare BitLocker Genius with details, including why this software is the best choice, its outstanding features and how to open an encrypted drive on Mac.

Why iSunshare BitLocker Genius is Your Best Choice?

To be honest, I never use the BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac as I know it is impossible without any third-party tool. At this time, iSunshare BitLocker Genius do not let me down. If you are wondering why this software is the best option, you should read some of the reasons below.

It is Extremely Easy to Use

One of the biggest reasons for anyone to use this software is that it is easy to understand and handle. This is important because the intuitive user interface will let users know what to do at first sight. iSunshare BitLocker Genius can help users to unlock BitLocker drive in simple clicks, isn’t it an easy tool?

It is Affordable for Everyone

The best software is the one that everyone desires to own one and have the ability to enjoy the service. Some people might think that such software will be a cost-effective solution. However, that is not all. iSunshare BitLocker Genius is affordable for everyone and it allows you to use it for a lifetime with one-time purchase.

100% Safe and No Data at Risk

The reason why we use BitLocker to encrypt the drive is for the security of the data. Therefore, even we want to access the BitLocker drive on Mac, we will not do that at the cost of data. The great advantage of this software is that it thinks highly of your data so that it only allows you to use the normal way to open the drive without any data damage.

Professional Customer Service

Another reason for using iSunshare BitLocker Genius is that it is actually great when it comes to customer service. Even the software is super easy to use, when you run into an issue, you can also ask for the professional customer service for help immediately.

Features of iSunshare BitLocker Genius

What makes iSunshare BitLocker Genius the best solution for Mac users to open BitLocker drive on Mac? Here are some features that make the software outstanding.

Open/Read/Access/Unlock BitLocker Encrypted Drive in Minutes

With iSunshare BitLocker Genius, it is no need to worry whether it is a tedious process to open BitLocker drive on Mac or not. As a matter of fact, the process is surprisingly simple and only takes a few minutes for you to open and read the drive data.

Two Ways to Decrypt the BitLocker Drive

There are two ways in the software for you to decrypt the BitLocker drive on Mac: using the password or the recovery key file. If you have none of them, it is a pity that you are unable to access the drive which is the same as on Windows.

Open .dmg Files with Attach Function

Here comes another feature of this software: open .dmg files on Mac. Now with iSunshare BitLocker Genius, you are able to open, read and write .dmg files with simple click to Attach button.

Supports Multiple Devices

The software supports to unlock external hard drive, SD card, MicroSD memory stick and CF card etc. on macOS 10.14(Mojave), macOS 10.13(High Sierra), macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and Mac OSX 10.11 (EI Captian), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9(Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and 10.7 (Lion).

How to Use iSunshare BitLocker Genius

Now that we have known the reasons to choose iSunshare BitLocker Genius and its essential features, the next thing that we have to check is how you can use the software to open BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac. In the following, you can get the step-by-step tutorial along with the necessary screenshots that will guide you the whole simple process.

Step 1: You need to download the software from here on your Mac.

Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, you should finish the installation and run the software. Register with the code you get on the purchase confirmation email.

Step 3: Connect the BitLocker drive with Mac computer and you will be presented the following screen. As you can see, your drive is detected with the BitLocker mark.

Step 4: Simply choose your drive and you will be offered the Unlock button on the head of the software interface. Click it to unlock the drive.

Step 5: Once you click the Unlock button, the software will ask you to choose a way to unlock the drive: enter the password or use the recovery key file.

Situation 1: If you remember the password, simply enter the password and click the Mount button.

Situation 2: If you forgot the password and have a recovery key file backed up on the cloud, you can download the recovery key file and then click Open. After importing the recovery file, you need to click Mount button to unlock the drive.

Step 6: Once you are done unlocking the drive, you will find the drive is on your desktop now! You can then open it or transfer documents between the drive and the Mac.

If you want to move away from the drive, you need to click the Eject button on the software interface. That is all for you to make use of the BitLocker drive on Mac.

Getting Started with iSunshare BitLocker Genius—Video Tutorial

Final Words

For anyone who is looking for a great helper to open BitLocker encrypted drive on Mac, iSunshare BitLocker Genius is no wonder the best option. The only downside of the software is that the Unlock feature is only for the paid users. Other than that, there are no issues that can hinder your experience to reach the BitLocker password-protected drive on Mac with this software.

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