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MacX DVD Ripper Pro Features

If you are a Mac user who also happens to be a movie lover, then it is safe to say that you might have a collection of DVDs that you can no longer play on your Mac because of the lack of an optical drive, or for some other reason. This is when MacX DVD Ripper Pro comes in; this is one of the fastest tools that allows you to rip DVD movies and convert them in the MP4 format, something is great to be played on every device.

In this MacX DVD Ripper Pro Review, we are going to explore some of the reasons why converting dvd to MP4 is such a great idea, and in addition to that, we are also going to look at the software in detail to find out just why it is the best choice for those who want to Rip DVD to MP4. You should keep in mind that the software is exclusive to Mac OS, so the level of detail you get from this software is much better than any other multi-platform software available for ripping DVDs.

How Summertime is Perfect for Watching Movies

Many people get summer vacations and they last until the hottest month of summer goes away. This means there is no work and people can finally pay attention to their hobbies and passions that are otherwise compromised by their work and other obligations. Summertime is usually great for watching movies, and if you have a plethora of DVDs in your library, then the best thing you can do is convert them and start watching them on your Mac without any issue whatsoever.

Adults can finally catch up to the long list of Hollywood movies they never really got the chance to watch, and kids can watch all sorts of cartoons and their favourite animated movies as they please.

The reason why I have mentioned this in the review is because people would normally want to enjoy the comfort of their bed on a hot summer day with air conditioning turned on, and in a situation like that, watching a movie on your laptop is a much more comfortable alternative than anything else. To successfully achieve that, you can simply rip the DVD to an mp4 file, transfer it onto your device, and be done with in no time.

Why You Should Rip DVDs to MP4

This is something that gets asked a lot when it comes to ripping DVDs to MP4, and while it might sound like something completely unnecessary, it is important because it can help make your experience much better in various ways. Let’s find out why you should rip DVDs to MP4.

Does Not Take Up a Lot of Space

One of the biggest reasons that you should Rip and Convert DVD to MP4 is that it does not take up a lot of space at all. As a matter of fact, the MP4 files are relatively smaller in size, and that helps you keep most of the storage to yourself even when you are done converting the files. If you are conscious about the storage as I am, then you must love this fact about MP4 files.

There is No Loss of Audio or Video Quality

Normally when it comes to the conversion of files, people are normally concerned that converted or ripped file might not have the same quality as the original. While this used to be true with most formats, using MacX DVD Ripper Pro with the right preset will ensure that you never run into any issue like that. This ripper ensures that once the DVD is ripped, it retains its original video and audio quality so the users do not have anything to worry about.

They Are Easy to Store

Another reason why you should convert dvd to mp4 files is that the MP4 files are actually a lot easier to store than you might think. They do not require any protective lock on them, they are small in size, and you can easily transfer them to any device of USB storage that you see fit. They will easily fit in without any issue. Plus, they do not require proprietary codec to work either, so you can literally use them with whatever device or media player you wish to use them with. Another benefit here is that these files are not susceptible to being corrupted.

Can Easily be Streamed

You may have heard about some methods that allow you to stream your content over to your television or other devices. One great thing about MP4 files is that they are so easy to stream via the internet over to the other devices that you do not have to spend hours just trying to figure out what goes where. I really love how MacX DVD Ripper Pro has made this so much easier for all the Mac users who have been looking for a way out of the situation for some time now.

Why MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the Best Tool to Rip DVD to MP4

At this point, you might be wondering why MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the ebst tool to rip dvd on mac and I understand your concern, because as someone who might be interested in these things, I too, would stress on these things. Well, the good news is that there is a handful of features that make this the best tool to rip DVD to MP4.

Level 3 Hardware Acceleration

The biggest feature that make the MacX DVD Ripper Pro the best is that it supports level 3 hardware acceleration when it comes to ripping your DVDs. Which means that it uses your PC’s CPU, and GPU to handle all the tasks. Level 3 hardware acceleration means that encoding, decoding, as well as processing using the hardware. This speeds up the process by a drastic measure, and is something that is not available in most of the rippers out in the market.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro vs HandBrake

Rip DVDs to Play on Any Device of Your Choice

Another great feature that I love about MacX DVD Ripper Pro is that it allows you to rip DVDs and allows you to play on any possible device of your choice. You can play it on your iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, and even if you do not wish to play on the Apple devices alone, the support is so extensive that you can play the files on other devices such as all Android devices, and even consoles, as well as Windows powered computers. There is no device that is not supported by this ripper.

Provides Basic Editing

Sometimes, when you are ripping a DVD, there are some parts that you might want to exclude like the opening sequence, or you might want to add subtitles to it. The good thing is that MacX DVD Ripper Provides you with the basic level editing which means you can trip, merge, crop the video, and in addition to that, you can even add subtitles for your convenience.

Easily Upload Videos to Your Favourite Platform

Another feature that I see myself using with MacX DVD Ripper Pro is that it lets you upload videos straight to YouTube, Metacafe, and other similar platforms. Every now and then, you come across a scene that is just to precious, funny, or well written/directed, and you want to share it with others as well. Well, now with the help of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, you can easily do that.

Adjust Encoder and Decoder Parameters

This is a feature that will solely be used by the advanced users but I thought it would be a good idea to just mention that when it comes to MacX DVD Ripper Pro, you can easily adjust the parameters of both the encoder and decoder to suit your needs. It might not be useful for someone who is just thinking about ripping the files, but for someone who knows what they are doing, this is a great feature.

How to Use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to Rip DVDs to MP4

Now comes the important part where we will be discussing how you can use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to rip DVDs to MP4. The good thing about this process is that it is fairly simple, so even if you have never ripped a DVD before, you are not going to face any glaring issues, and everything will be done in time. As always, I have attached the screenshots of the entire process below, so you have an easier time doing so.

Step 1: The first step that you have to do is to load your DVD onto to the drive, or you can alternatively load the DVD files onto the converter after you have run it. This is done by clicking the “Disc” button if you want to import files from a DVD, but if you want to import files from DVD’s Video_TS folder, then that is done by clicking on the “Path” button, and navigating to where the folder is placed. Once all the files have been listed, you can go ahead and select all of them, and they will be loaded.

Step 2: The next step is to choose the output video format, the good thing about MacX DVD Ripper Pro is that there are plenty of formats available that you can rip your DVD into. You can choose the format on this screen, and if you wish to, you can even adjust the parameters, but that is just for the the power users who know what they are doing.

Rip and Convert DVD to MP4 on Mac

Step 3: Now that you have selected the format, the next step is to select an output folder. Normally, I would suggest you to pick the folder in the drive that has the most available space because sometimes when you go for a higher quality output format, the size of the output dramatically increases as well. You can choose the output folder by simply clicking on “Browse” and navigating where you want the file to be put.

Step 4: Once everything is settled, simply go ahead and click the Run button and the ripping will start. Know that if the disc is physically being used, then the ripping process will take longer, but if you are using the Video_TS files, then it will be done quicker. It also depends on the hardware, and the size of the files, so don’t worry. However, thanks to the MacX DVD Ripper Pro’s amazing level 3 hardware acceleration, you should get the desired results rather quickly.

Once the ripping is done, you can simply head over to the output folder, and start playing your files or just transfer them over to whatever device you feel like.


I have to say that using this DVD ripper has been an absolute joy. It has been some time since I got a software this powerful, and using it was so easy. There are so many amazing features that you can use without any issue whatsoever, and whether you are a newcomer, or a veteran, you are going to love this software.

I did not encounter any issues while reviewing this software, and I did receive an update. While I forgot to check the chang elog, I can assure you that the update did not break the software in any way. If you are looking for a great DVD ripper, then MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the way to go.


  • The software is simple and easy to use.
  • There are so many features that cater to both intermediate, and advanced users.
  • You can rip or convert the files for literally any device.
  • The level 3 hardware acceleration works magic if you have a decent computer.
  • So many outputs to choose from.


  • None.


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